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First fall run

What a great start. I woke up, grabbed my cup of joe, put on my new mulberry running tights, laced my kicks and set my intentions. 140 kata lagi


I just felt like running

In my younger days, I couldĀ do my bestĀ Forrest Gump impression and go for run. Unlike Forrest, there would not be older men looking out the window saying… 826 kata lagi


EQT10-mile training - Week 7 10/6/15

Fall in Western Pennsylvania. It brings to mind images like this:

Sure, pictures of fall foliage are pretty to look at, but, let’s face it, Western Pennsylvania weather doesn’t usually permit much time to enjoy the view. 474 kata lagi


My Morning Routine -How to stick to One (For those who strongly dislike mornings)

I live in Ireland but work for an American company so basically my working hours are 12:30 to 9pm Irish time ( 7:30am -4pm EST ) and so when I first started my job, things were quite difficult. 728 kata lagi

Health & Fitness

How to Become a Runner in 14 Easy Steps

One frozen January evening in 2010, I shoved a pair of pajama shorts, a decade-old sports bra, worn-down sneakers, and an 8-year-old tee shirt from a dorm dance into a backpack and trudged through the Chicago winter to the nearest gym.

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Small cat

Not the best run. Look at my sweaty sweaty face. I had to push myself to go on after 5km. Had a low day. It’s ok. 45 kata lagi


Runaway Pride

Three days ago I signed paperwork that disolved a ten year union. Do not cry for me, internet. The first three years were bliss but half a decade into our partnership and things began to unravel. 1.252 kata lagi