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Unexpected Life Lesson

Most of you have probably noticed an apparent ‘sudden change’ in my blog posts recently. I’m talking less about ‘inner’ work, and more about ‘outer work’. 659 kata lagi


Morning entry #25

Ran at 8 AM again. :D Oh the joys of being able to sleep in! So it’s midweek, and I’m two days away from my month-goals of quitting my addictions. 21 kata lagi


Game on!

Well, what hasn’t been going on around these parts…

Spurred on by my latest penchant for shuffling in the evenings, there is a new household competition in town. 569 kata lagi


15 Minutes or Less!

Proud of myself! Broke a 15 minute mile today, twice!

I remember in gym class, struggling for the ‘Presidential Physical Fitness Award’… seemed so hard to make it in under 16 minutes, even with jogging. 64 kata lagi

Minute Musing

Hey y’all.

This post is long overdue. Went and accidentally got a job.

With that said, like all good things in life, one must pivot when changes present themselves. 834 kata lagi


Morning entry #24

Ran at 8 AM today, after sleeping in for an extra hour or two after having to get up and wake up the lady. (Yes, I am her alarm.. 181 kata lagi