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March Jogging Madness Starts a Day Early

I’ve been planning on getting really back into my jogging groove starting in March.  I started a day early, ran 2 miles at ~10:30 pace.  I also drank my last two diet cokes and consumed my last two peanut butter eggs–at least that’s what I keep telling myself.  295 more words

Bluegrass 10000

keep pushing on

I am jogging along the road – this dirt road that I live on. It’s not smooth and clear; it’s rocky and sandy and uneven. It winds its way around hillsides and offers few straight stretches to view oncoming traffic. 432 more words

Your Body The Smart Car , The Cardio or Weight Training First Debate

No I am not calling you a small environmentally conscious clown car :)
The debate, which to do first, cardio or weight training . It has been long standing one , going way back to the pre historic days , where cavemen & women would lift boulders first and some would run through the tar pits first with their pet mammoths . 448 more words


The Beginning of the Longest Road

Staying healthy. Why is this such a hard concept for me to grasp? 25 years old, 5’5, 120 lbs. You’re probably thinking “how is that not healthy?” Let me show you how. 715 more words

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Springtime? Not quite.

It’s almost March, almost my birthday, and ALMOST SPRING. My awesome friend and I went on a nice jog today for 49 minutes. We made up our route on the go and we created an idea for an award-winning screenplay that we need to write. 54 more words

First Post

Chasing the Son


Yes that is the call I heard on one of my very first Parkruns. It is not the first one I attended, I had been going for weeks, as a marshal, doing my part. 657 more words