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New Jogging Study Shows Less May Be More

A Certified Public Accountant, Silford Warren currently heads an accounting firm in New York City. He received a master’s degree in accounting and business from Troy State University in Alabama. 151 more words

Silford Warren

Fitness: Race for Life

Training begins in earnest. In just over 10 weeks I’ll be taking part in the Race for Life, an annual fundraiser in aid of… 556 more words


Running # 22 – Much more Matsch!

So viel geregnet wie Anfang Mai und vor allem am 1. Mai, hat es schon lange nicht mehr! Nun wuchert das herrliche Grün und alles ist matschig ;-) 131 more words


Some thoughts on running

It is a cold, gray, dreary day, and I’ve just awakened in the sleeper berth of my truck. It is a quarter to seven in the evening. 245 more words


Runs #52 and #53 and a misfire

Apologies loyal readers, I’m a bit behind with updating my progress.

Okay, so where was I?

Last time writing I’d just done my 11km not in the rain. 325 more words


In the Rush to Become

Running to something
running to become something
it involves the entirety of who you are
past yoked to present
a full commitment
burning lungs
charged with oxygen-rich air… 33 more words


I RAN 10.28 MILES!

I did! I really did! In preparation for my half-marathon fundraiser I ran 10.28 miles… That’s 16.5km… 54,278 feet… 651,341 INCHES! Can you believe it?! 371 more words