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A dogs' disappointment

A warm breeze flowed through the patio of the local book store.  A pleasant day to relax and watch the array of people walk and jog through the street.  169 kata lagi

Couch to 5k - Week 6, Day 3

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit, I managed to run for 25 minutes.

Who’d have thought? On to week 7!

An Inner Monologue with my Jogging Playlist

I went for a run in preparation for my upcoming 5k race yesterday. I call it a run because that is common parlance. In reality, what I do is more of a jog or if you ask my husband, a “slow jog”, so slow in fact, that he considers it akin to his “fast walk”. 1.456 kata lagi


Running 083 - Altweiber-Sommer-Feeling im Frühherbst

Holzklopfen – nach einer guten Woche wieder ein Versuch – meine Bandscheibe macht nach intensivem Krafttraining wieder mit :-)

Und Evita war “mega-gut” drauf!!! Wir hatten auch allen Grund bei diesem herrlichen Wetter. 61 kata lagi


September 27th (Part 2) - "motivation zooms" for your workout

If you’re waking up to the sound of the garbage truck, you know that it’s early! I let myself sleep in for another 5 minutes before I hopped out of bed, brushed my teeth, put on my shoes, and bolted out the door. 283 kata lagi


First Morning Jog

I’ve had a few insomnia episodes lately. This Sunday and Monday for example, I was tossing and turning at 4am and 5am respectively.

Yesterday I crashed early. 139 kata lagi


On Reading

In the past I’ve written about my struggle with writing. Reading is writing’s little brother and I also struggled with it. I’ve never read for fun. 166 kata lagi