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7/3/15: Daily Post

Yesterday, I took JoAnna to the airport for a conference. Now it’s just the kid and I, and so far, things have been going well. So much for the stereotype of men not being able to hold down the fort… 172 kata lagi


For the Record, I Am Also Pretty Tired of Hearing About My Ankle

I’d like to believe that, were I trapped in a truly terrifying scenario straight out of a horror film, I would survive. Or at second-best, perhaps I’d be one of the last people to die. 1.300 kata lagi


Friday Evening Run

I’ve just got back from my Friday evening run which was Day 2 Week 2 of the C25K programme. I’m really happy to say I found it much easier today and felt like I could have ran for longer then the app specified. 159 kata lagi


Slightly worried but determined!

If there’s something I do too much of in life, it’s worrying! I can’t help it- it’s who I am and I take after my mother for it. 574 kata lagi


Kembali Menyapamu,,

Ganteeeng :) ;) .

Lama tak menyapa. Rindu kah kau padaku? Jika kau tanya aku, jawabanku tentu aku sangat sangat merindukanmu, bahkan sebelum aku tau siapa dirimu. 689 kata lagi

For My Husband

Run Long Distance in the Morning, Harder in the Evening

Seasoned runners know that long runs, tempo runs, and speedwork are all critical to improving performance. What’s more challenging, perhaps, is scheduling these sessions so you get the most out of each effort.

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