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January 17 - A Series of Unremarkable Events

It was a dark and stormy night. Nope, sorry. Let me try that again. Call me Ishmael. OK, again, sorry. That’s not it either.┬áLolita, light of my life, fire of my loins. 320 kata lagi


Funky Winkerbean: The Anchor, Man


All that time he spent defusing bombs and dodging death over in Afghanistan didn’t do a whole lot for Cory’s cognitive thinking abilities, as he appears to be considering including Funky in some sort of relay race deal, which is a bit like entering an obese donkey in the Kentucky Derby. 40 kata lagi

Son Of Stuck Funky

17 Jan

Today we will be running 1 mile in rememberance of Acting Corporal Richard Robinson, aged 21, 1st Battalion, The Rifles. Who lost his life while on operations in Afghanistan.


*Puff* The Tragic Fat Man

Click Here If You Dare

Poor, poor Funky. A decade of steady exercise and he’s more decrepit than ever. Whiner too. One wonders why he keeps it up given how it produces no results whatsoever, but in the Funkyverse logic is kind of…uh…”fluid” like that. 52 kata lagi

Son Of Stuck Funky

January 16 - ML5K Day

A nice, warm MLK Day is quite rare here, so I’m glad that the parade participants and attendees enjoyed a non-freezing, non-precipitating weather day. I’ve seen MLK Day be far less than pleasant with sleet, cold rain, wind, and even snow. 409 kata lagi


Not reading enough. Or writing enough. Or anything else enough.

Up to this point the book reviews I’ve written for this blog have been (relatively) new releases that I’ve usually borrowed from the library. I took the month of January off from reviews with the intent on catching up on older material from my personal library. 427 kata lagi


A bit more on my running

I hate the treadmill. Hate it. And I find running on it so weird…

I am a good runner. I’m not going to be winning any races anytime soon, but I can comfortably complete a half marathon under 2 hours, and a 5k in 25 minutes. 203 kata lagi