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MSC: WEEK 2 of May

Schedule Noted. 📝

FYI. Marikina Sports Center schedule of activites for the 2nd Week of May

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Gym Update: Not There

Thanks so much to everyone who read, liked and commented on my last post, Gym Problems. Deep down I know that everyone is too busy doing their own thing at the Gym to worry about what I’m doing…so I just need to remember that next time someone is pumping away effortlessly on the Cross Trainer and I’m there next to them, a blithering sweaty mess on the floor! 216 kata lagi


Yogic Jogging - a quick fix

Yogic Jogging an effective way to energize and vitalize your whole body into action.

In this video Swami Ramdev shows how 10-12 minutes of Yogic Jogging consisting of 12 simple poses gives full exercise to the body, you’ll feel calm, relaxed and rejuvenated. 70 kata lagi


5 ways to revamp your run

(BPT) – Have you ever wished you could just snap your fingers and be able to run a marathon? If only it were that easy. Whether you’re training for a race, want to get in shape or simply enjoy the rhythm of your feet hitting the pavement, running takes consistency and practice. 532 kata lagi


May 3: Running Season

I know I am not alone because I have seen the roads and sidewalks blocked up with joggers since the end of February. I completed my first run of the season yesterday, a quick jog of under one kilometer that was not very long but was still strenuous. 7 kata lagi

Daily Posts

#1 Rotorua marathon

Date: 30 April 2016

Distance: 42.6km

Time: 5:05:07 (or as one friend suggested, our time was 4 hours and 65 minutes :-D)

Previous: 2014

At the start with lots and lots of participants all around. 1.409 kata lagi