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I Actually Did Something Today!

I did a lot of things for myself today.

When I woke up, my mother asked me to decorate some gift bags for a baby shower (I don’t have any pictures of them, ooops). 281 kata lagi


Drawn In

I’ve never tried to draw a girlfriend before. The results really surprised me. I mean, she’s gorgeous! Her perfect, spherical head. Her transparent hair color. The nose and mouth you can’t see because this is strictly a no-talent visual cartoon. Yeah, I draw hot girlfriends.


8/23/16 - 800m Intervals

Another amazing run.  Went out with the group tonight and it was only 80 degrees with low humidity and a nice breeze.

I averaged a 12’50” pace over four 800m intervals, which I was really happy with.   98 kata lagi


Inquiry!? Jogging Strollers.

Back in January, we celebrated the addition into our family of a baby girl. She is now seven months old…oh my gosh! Time flies! As it turns out, she is like her father and mother, already drawn to the outdoors. 490 kata lagi


Why I Run

It’s one of things I find the hardest, running. Well, jogging. I’m not exactly light, and suffer terrible sore shins if I try and jog on tarmac/ concrete. 755 kata lagi

On The Bike

Sweating is awesome

For the first time in years and years I signed up for a group exercise class. The last time I exercised in a group setting was in CEGEP (2-3 years of schooling between high school and university in the province of Quebec) for my mandatory gym classes and I intentionally took classes that were not too cardio centered. 650 kata lagi