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At least I get what I wanted for my birthday finally

“The Grappler with better footwork and strength versus The Striker who is longer creative with unknown grappling”

Damn damn damn, the McGregor Aldo fight is off. 1.391 kata lagi


Welcome to my blog!

Hello everyone!

My name is Elizabeth and if you’re reading this, perhaps you are a college student like myself. This is a really interesting time in my life. 418 kata lagi


Advanced Concepts Training @ ZenQuest...

On Saturday May 16th, ZenQuest held an Advanced Concepts Training clinic. The clinic was for students ranked Bluebelt and above or by special invitation. I was very excited to be able to make this time. 826 kata lagi


Copa America Nashville

So yesterday I competed for the first time since the Atlanta Open back in January.  I spent most of the spring preparing for the half marathon so I backed down on the competitions that I did this spring. 311 kata lagi


Beware of the Dog!

Self-defence texts of the past were not just useful for techniques on how to fend off muggers and the unwanted advances of strangers but also gave practical advice on all manner of topics such as how to manage horses, write letters, swim, survive house fires, survive broken ice while skating and how not to get pick pocketed. 496 kata lagi