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I'm rippin' up a rag doll. Like throwin' away an old toy.

The last few days of jiu jitsu have been interesting. And by interesting I mean totally frustrating and substantially uncomfortable.

On Sunday my boyfriend and I went to the gym. 1.507 more words


Training once again has gone stagnant.

I enjoy all aspects of training, the warm up drills, drilling techniques over and over, sparring is great! So why do I feel my training has gone stagnant? 444 more words

New moves!

It’s¬†been a really exciting month on the mat at Pride Fitness Center / SAS Team Dubai!¬†Learning new things with my teammates is awesome. 253 more words


The WhiteBelt Journey....

Receiving my BlueBelt in Brazilian Jiujitsu was incredible. That was my long term goal that I set years before I started training. It was a lot more difficult then I ever imagined. 852 more words


Team Training and The Ice is melting

So the ice is finally melting in most places so I am free to roam about the streets again. I think this has to be the coldest birthday weekend of record for me. 351 more words


My first Double Gold!

4 tough fights at the Abu Dhabi Jiujitsu tournament! I’ve never been more nervous in a competition, but the result was sweet: my first double GOLD. 373 more words