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I see alot of adds that say “eat this or drink that” even though there is no particular thing to eat or drink that will make you into cyborg abreu you do want to eat and drink like you care about your body and your performance this doesn’t mean you have to eat like a rabbit or turn down drinking with your buds cuz i love a cold beer just like anyone else…..in moderation we all take in different amounts of stuff threw out the day and we’re all built differently so its hard to say how much of something i, you or someone else should have maybe that guy that gets the proper amount of water each day can have a extra beer or two maybe the guy that slacks on hydration may wanna cut it to one beer a week same goes with food a home cooked burger and fries for a guy that works out everyday wont have the same effect on the guy thats been laying around all day but one thing remains the same when getting ready for a competition or anything assuming weight doesn’t matter a month out you definitely wanna cut out all the crap like bread ,pasta, alcohol, all the things that slow you down so u can run like the well tuned machine you are



The Growing Styles of Jiu Jitsu

One of the fastest growing sports in the world is MMA, or Mixed Martial Arts. One of the core arts every Mixed Martial Artist learns is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 691 more words

A Wandering Mind's Non-fiction

Rolling with a female

With the art growing and gaining popularity women are not afraid to join in on the action usually the majority of there sparring partners will be men and it is up to those men to make sure that woman is getting a good session #1 dont crush them. 182 more words


You Ain't Got No Legs Lieutenant Dan ...

Yup, I just quoted Forrest Gump. It may sound crazy but I have a reason behind it. I realized and was also told by Sensei Connie, that I don’t use my legs enough. 1.267 more words


that thing called BJJ*

*or what happens when a crafter goes (way) out of her comfort zone

i have always had issues with commitment. the kind that makes me start a project and not finish it. 235 more words


Buyers Guide for Jiu Jitsu Kimonos / Gi

So you started training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and don’t know what Kimono to buy. You searched and searched and saw so many different brands, styles, weaves, and prices and are overwhelmed with information and don’t know where to start.  903 more words


Acupuncture and Brazilian jiu Jitsu 巴西柔术

Brazilian jiu jitsu and Acupuncture are two things that I really love practicing.  One involves sticking pins in people and other involves learning how to choke them. 281 more words