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Fear the Russian

At my club, and I’m sure at others, when the Instructor is away the highest belt present teaches class. It’s a good system and can provide an opportunity to learn some different techniques. 362 kata lagi

Sigh of relief...

His hands raised and i can finally breathe. It was a good camp. Far better than the ones we used to rush before. We had more time and all schedules matched accordingly. 240 kata lagi


Workout 08-11-17

Had to throw the finishing touch on the new platform. Just in time for football season. Go Noles!



Thrusters & Triangle Drills


Girls Who Grapple: Tips for women who want to train Brazilian jiu jitsu

     So, you want to learn Brazilian jiu jitsu (or BJJ), huh? Well… YAY!! You’re in for a great adventure. I’m still a beginner in my experience and skill set with BJJ, but it has taught me so much in a short time. 1.222 kata lagi


Training 08-09-17

Coached kids class tonight. I gues with school starting tomorrow all the faces we saw sporadically from the summer decided to get back into the BJJ routine. 45 kata lagi




I’m not going into the spiritual realm where many Yogi’s tend to reside. I just want to talk about the real benefits of Yoga. 238 kata lagi