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Ebb and Flow

I apologize for the lack of posts but my lack of activity in the blog has been corresponding with my lack of activity in jiu-jitsu. Life has been crazy hectic lately with injuries and preparing a condo for sale (if you are reading this and might be interested in a 1br condo outside of Philadelphia, hit me up) and all sorts of other things that you probably don’t want to hear about. 942 kata lagi


Jiu Jitsu Cake 

Yesterday I had a road trip to Newcastle to train with my jiu jitsu instructor 2nd degree black belt Dave ‘Speedy’ Elliott. Joining me on the road were Baz, Euan & Paul or as Speedy calls us ‘The Die Hards’. 678 kata lagi


A long time coming...

Hey there guys,

It has been a while. That must be a very common way to start a blog, eh? Nonetheless, it has been. When you are trying to save your immortal soul through the art of party and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, there is little time for anything else. 1.110 kata lagi


Armbar To Back Take

Armbar to back take with @ghaliasmith thanks to coach @gz_vigilante 🏆July was absolutely amazing @pridefcdubai #sasteamdubai I learned so much & now I have so many cool things to drill! 51 kata lagi


White Belt Problems

That moment when we learn two cool techniques with coach @ramseye4 @pridefcdubai then I end up mixing them both into one – leaving out all the beautiful details! 59 kata lagi


State BJJ Tournament - Part 1

Since I haven’t updated in so long, I don’t think I can do it in one go. Its been a busy few months with little access to internet or time to write, so its gotten away from me. 534 kata lagi


Guerilla Jiujitsu

This is one of my favorite books. Dave Camarillo shows a lot of techniques, but more importantly he gives you a way of thinking about your Jiujitsu game.