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I'm back!

Last night I returned to the mats after a 3 week hiatus caused by work, family and a silly injury that really pissed me off as it was my own doing but hey who cares! 408 more words


Injured - Again.

Not sure I should update since, hell – I don’t have firm answers yet – but it looks likely that I re-injured my knee. As in, tore my ACL. 636 more words


Man With A Mission On The Mat

I had figured out some major holes in my game. It was time to fix them. It was time to take my training more serious. I was ready to leave it all on the mat. 536 more words



I jinxed myself, talking out loud about how awful I feel about the idea of teaching folks when I feel like an idiot myself.

My coach wants me to teach an introductory women’s-only BJJ seminar. 317 more words


BlueBelt Blues....

I felt horrible after my performance at NAGA. It was an ego crush. So demoralizing. I had so many things running through my mind. How good am I? 696 more words


The heel hook

There are many attacks in the art of Jiujitsu.none has sparked more attention then the heel hook. The heel hook affects multiple joints, the force and leverage of the hold puts severe torque on the ankle, which in turn transfers torque to the knee. 268 more words

First NAGA At Blue, How Do you Do...

I had been training hard. I was ready to test myself again. NAGA was in Glens Falls, New York on August 16,2014. It was my first competition at blue. 1.703 more words