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When men kill at their deities' behest

There are many reasons for men killing each other; accidents, passion,stupidity, insanity…but I’ve never understood how one can kill another at their deity’s behest.

Is it that the deity is too clean to bloody their hands? 218 kata lagi

Surat Syaikh Usamah Kepada Amir Al-Qaeda Wilayah Khurasan (1)

Surat Syaikh Usamah bin Ladin


Amir Al-Qaeda Wilayah Khurasan


بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Segala puji bagi Allah Rabb semesta alam. Shalawat dan salam semoga terlimpahkan kepada Nabi kita Muhammad, keluarga dan seluruh sahabatnya. 6.738 kata lagi


Brexit Polls Are Close: 51% Stay -vs- 46% Leave - Voting Begins In 23 Days...

With voting on the referendum only 23 days away the liberally minded UK Telegraph is reporting on a poll that shows 51% of Britain favoring they remain in the European Union, and 46% saying, no – get out. 144 kata lagi

Muslim Prayer Leader at Mosque Arrested for Raping a 5-Year-old Girl

Following in the way of the prophet…

by, Anisur Rahman Swapan | Dhaka Tribune | h/t Glen Roberts @ Trop

BARISAL, Bangladesh: Police arrested a muezzin of a mosque in Gournadi upazila, Barisal, in the early hours of yesterday for allegedly raping a five-year-old girl.

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Sleeping Cells

Frau Merkel has opened the gate.
Do you think you can stop them? – too late!
Once they are inside
They will patiently hide
Then divide at a logarithmic rate.


An Entire European Village Under 'Sharia Law'.

With the escalating wars and conflicts in the Middle East, and the flooding of refugees to Europe among other places, many anti-refugee and far-right voices are becoming louder, protesting any welcoming of refugees into Europe, banning of Hijab in official forums, and some as far as the closing of mosques, but somewhere in the country of Bosnia and Herzegovina, there is a whole village with Salafist citizens under Sharia Law. 165 kata lagi

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Memorial Day weekend and the anniversary of a great defeat

Memorial Day is a holiday set aside for Americans to honor our servicemen past and present and to remember, if even for a moment, those who gave what… 381 kata lagi