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Living in AbsurdiSTAN

Listen closely to how life in Sweden has changed dramatically.  The only issues that ‘Dorothy’ listed are multiculturalism and massive immigration.  With that, ‘Dorothy’s’ Kansas changed drastically.


Our Catastrophic Failure of Jihad Denial

Front Page Magazine, by Daniel Greenfield, Aug. 23, 2016:

An outraged nation watched on September 11 as a handful of Muslim terrorists managed to kill thousands of Americans in one of the worst attacks in our history. 1.115 kata lagi

Counter Jihad Report

Is “Mental Illness” The New Cover for Jihadist Attacks on the West?

It certainly seems that way, says a noted expert on jihad.

The recent “mentally unstable” young man to launch a seemingly random attack on unarmed civilians was Zakaria Bulhan, a 19-year-old Somali Muslim who had been resettled in Norway at the age of 5. 2.343 kata lagi

Radical Islam

Analysis: Unification of Islamic Groups in Sham

One of the biggest divergence we have in the Syria conflict is its huge number of groups, although the number of fighters is relatively big, they are divided under different flags, not always sharing the same ideology, what makes it difficult to reach agreements and find common solutions. 1.174 kata lagi


Brief Review of Sam Harris Podcast

Harris recently posted a podcast, “What Do Jihadists Really Want”.[1] His message is extreme Muslims, like soldiers of ISIS, ruthlessly kill people because of their religion. 388 kata lagi

'..You've Got 5 Minutes to Give Me a Call..' (Video of the Day)

Meet Salim Mehajer, the Deputy Mayor of Auburn, Australia.

– This is a video message he sent to his wife, Aysha…

Video courtesy of: Is Islam even a religion? and Warren Knot