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Crispy Qur'an Stuffed with Bacon Discovered Outside California Mosque

Sounds delicious…

by, Nicole Chavez and Joe Sutton | CNN | h/t Vlad Tepes

Two Islamic centers in Northern California were the sites of possible hate crimes during the last days of Ramadan, law enforcement officials said.

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Muslim Mayor refuses to protect London’s Jewish population — Whale Oil Beef Hooked | Whaleoil Media

London Mayor Sadiq Khan won’t protect Jews but he will protect Hezbollah Muslim terrorists. Khan has refused to do anything about the loophole that allows a terrorist organisation on Al Quds day to march through the streets of London every year spreading Jew-hatred and calling for jihad.

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Il 27 a Roma prima presentazione del libro Sahara, "deserto di mafie e jihad" con vice ministro Giro

Al Centro Studi americani di Roma sarà presentato il libro che svela i legami tra le mafie e il jihad nel Sahara


Italia Tua


‘Shariah mandates jihad until the entire planet is subjugated’

WASHINGTON – In the wake of Islamic-terror attack after Islamic-terror attack in Europe, and more recently a couple of attempts in the U.S., a former infiltrator of America’s leading Islamic organization reveals the frightening extent of the “civilizational jihad” America faces. 781 kata lagi


Gradualism: The Strategy of the Tortoise


…Islamic law unambiguously splits the world into two perpetually warring halves-the Islamic world versus the non-Islamic-and holds it to be God’s will for the former to subsume the latter. 400 kata lagi