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ISIS Drug Jihad as they take control of the drug industry.

Intelligence officials are warning that Islamic “extremism” or as we call it fundamentalism is taking hold of Europe and is funded by exploiting the drug trade. 384 kata lagi

The End Of An Error

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said President Barack Obama’s departure from the White House is “the end of an error.” Let us hope that it is not the beginning of another. 40 kata lagi


Melbournessa islamilainen terrori-isku, valtamediat sensuroivat taas allahu akbarit

Australian Melbournessa on tänään tapahtunut islamilainen uskontunnustus.  Harras muslimi ajoi autolla väkijoukkoon murhaten ainakin neljä vääräuskoista ja vahingoittaen kymmeniä. Valtamediat ovat vaijenneet tapahtuman islamilaisesta motiivista, vaikkakin silminnäkijät kuulivat ratissa istuneen allahin lähettilään ulvovan allahu akbaria. 103 kata lagi


Muslim Prisoners Of War

Ibn Hajar Al-Haythami said:

“If the enemy captures a single Muslim, it becomes wajib (obligatory) on everyone who has the ability to rush to their rescue (even without seeking anyone’s permission). 44 kata lagi

Brothers Base


*So a friend put up this quote and I saw it. And so what follows the quote is was what God put on my heart* 290 kata lagi


Trump Protesters Do Violence to “Peaceful”

The inauguration will be a learning experience for President Trump in more ways than one. To begin with, he’ll see first hand just how hard it will be to re–establish the rule of law in the United States and he will learn just how deep the “resistance” to his administration extends into government. 261 kata lagi