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Bird Brains

The crow flies to Europe to see
The dove, and they make their decree:
‘We’re in this together,
All birds of a feather,
And pluck you, should you disagree!’

Obama and Merkel meet


RAPE: Part of Islamic Conquest?


Brutal rapes being committed by Muslims in Sweden, Germany, France, and now Austria demonstrate to the sane world that these acts can only be attributed to intentional decisions driven by  specific beliefs. 51 kata lagi


"The Sword Verse": Surah 9:13 - 24


Continuing from previously where we explained Quran 9:5 (‘sword verse’) in its historical context. Now we move on to the remaining verses which are related to the same event. 1.729 kata lagi


Tet, Take Two: Islam’s 2016 European Offensive | Gates of Vienna

Matthew Bracken is the author of Enemies Foreign and Domestic, and a well-known advocate for Second Amendment rights. The following guest-essay by Mr. Bracken is also being published at… 569 kata lagi


11 Quotes From “Answering Jihad”

Answering Jihad by Nabeel Qureshi is an excellent resource to get clarity on all of the terms floating around about Islam, Muslims, and the use of jihad. 688 kata lagi

What the West Must Understand About Islam

For the purposes of understanding how Muslim immigrants behave in western nations there are a few key points everyone should be familiar with.


1- Islam has Not been Hijacked. 739 kata lagi


Hamas Distance Themselves From Corbyn

After Jeremy Corbyn refused to withdraw his comments describing Hamas as “friends“, the terror group have praised the Labour leader for deciding to maintain ties. 122 kata lagi

Guido Fawkes