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The meaning of al-Jihād

By ash-Shaykh al-‘Allāmah ‘Abdullāh ‘Azzām rahimahullāh

Al-Jihād Linguistically:

It is taken from Juhud – Yajhadu – Juhdan. So initially al-Juhd is with dammah or fathhah which is al-was’ (strength) or at-tāqah (power), and it is said: al-Juhd (with dammah) is al-was’ (strength) or at-Taaqah (power), and al-jahd (with fathhah) is al-mushaqqah (hardship). 463 kata lagi


We can defeat today's jihadists, as we did anarchist terrorists a century ago

Summary:  Today’s violence from Islamic extremists has many similarities to the anarchists of the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  Using standard police and intelligence methods, Western governments defeated the anarchists — without massive restrictions on civil liberties, without military operations. 2.048 kata lagi


Stratfor: we can learn to fight jihadists by studying the anarchists

Summary: We have difficulty dealing with present problems because we have forgotten so much of our past. Here Stratfor seeks lessons for our long war with jihadists by examining our long struggle with anarchists during the 19th and early 20th centuries. 1.898 kata lagi


Terrorism Is A Talent

Mustafa Setmariam Nasar (Abu Mus’ab Suri), in his book “The Global Islamic Resistance Call” states;

“I remember that I held a lecture at a training course for some young cadres in the al Qaida organization. 140 kata lagi


Hurry To The Fields Of Jihad

“It is a must to hurry to the fields of Jihad for two reasons:

1. To defeat the enemies of the Ummah and repel the Zionist Crusade. 29 kata lagi


After the failure

Let us assume that rather than being an indicator of the future, the Trump presidency is a huge blip on the charts we keep of global development(s). 389 kata lagi