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How Iran is leading the fight against Wahhabi-radicalism

While many world nations remain under the impression that Washington and its regional allies in the Middle East – Saudi Arabia in the lead, are indeed conducting just wars in the region, fighting and opposing the rise of Wahhabi radicalism, it is really East they should be looking, as it is Iran which has risen a barrier and a bulwark against the cancer of this black plague. 843 kata lagi


Bosnia i Hercegovina, Ozren: Мass grave containing cropses of massacred Serbs discovered

One smaller of 11 mass graves located on Ozren mountain area was exhumed,   it conatns 140 bodies of missing persons of Serbian nationality, reports SRNA. 1.461 kata lagi


Jihad in America-The Muslim Brotherhood Deception, Uploaded to YouTube By Kingdom Warfare Ministries

This is a must see video that exposes the goals of Islam, please share with your friends and family.This deception HAS BEGUN HERE IN AMERICA, SOUTH CENTRAL IDAHO AND HERE IN TWIN FALLS.

ISIS Fighters Hoist Iraqi Prisoners Over Flames and Burn Them Alive in Barbaric New Video *Graphic*

The Islamic State terrorist organization has released a heinous execution video purporting to show another one of the group’s sick new execution methods in which four Iraqi prisoners were burned to death by being suspended by their hands and feet over roaring flames. 24 kata lagi


The Legend of Mullah Omar

Touting the title Commander of the Faithful and ruling Afghanistan from 1996–2001, Omar commanded more authority and legitimacy in the Taliban than any other leader. Notoriously reclusive and unhurried in his deliberations, his style played to his image as a pious man who reluctantly rose to the occasion to combat post-Soviet instability. 21 kata lagi

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Peter Dutton Launches New Attack on Australian Media!


Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has escalated his criticism of media outlets he says are waging a “jihad” against the government, describing the response to an aborted Australian Border Force operation in Melbourne as “hysterical” and “ideologically driven.” 329 kata lagi

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