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Fleeing the Battlefield (Hadith No. 2511)


Volume 4, Book 52, Number 116 :
Narrated by Abu Ishaq
Somebody asked Al-Bara bin ‘Azib (radiallaahu `anhu), “Did you flee deserting Allah’s Apostle ( 787 more words


SNL Parodies ISIS - People At NBC Actually Thought This Was A Good Idea....

The SNL “skit” is a takeoff on a mainstream commercial for Toyota Camry. Named “My Bold Dad” the Toyota commercial features a father driving his daughter to the airport so she can join the U.S. 120 more words

Jihadists: They Are Not Underprivledged, They Are Obedient To Islam

Dear Readers,

Jihadists do what they are told according to Mohammad, the Koran, the Hadith, Islam, and they are not poor.

Did you ever ask the questions I ask? 10 more words


Secretary Kerry: Trust Only Us "Nobody Should Count on What They've Read, or What They've Seen" About Our Fight Against ISIS...

Yes, Secretary Kerry actually said that in response to ABC’s Martha Raddatz challenging Kerry on the administration talking points vs. the reality of what is actually taking place in Iraq. 91 more words

True Martyrdom / Heroism

Student: I know they’re our enemy, but don’t you consider there’s something noble about being a martyr?

Bartlett: A martyr would rather suffer death at the hands of an oppressor than renounce his beliefs.  

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Rehumanisation (in war) revisited: Society's need to find blame for Jihadi John and Jihadi brides

Coming soon

It seems fitting to now revisit my earlier blog on the Islamic State phenomenon and the issue of rehumanisation in war, due to recent developments and headlines. 208 more words


Religion 101: Revenge is not sweet, not like turning the other cheek....

“An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth,” is probably the most misunderstood phrase in all human history, its modern implications suggesting—no, NECESSITATING—revenge, at any and all costs. 760 more words