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A leading sheikh’s strategy for dealing with ‘truthers’

During the recent Rihla 2016 Live Stream event, Sheikh Abdal Hakim Murad (aka Tim Winter) revealed his secret strategy for dealing with 9/11 ‘truthers’.   He stated that when he is not living a life of carefree 9/11 truth denial and… 847 kata lagi


Bastille Day Nice Massacre - French Police Officer Ordered To File False Report

In no way should any of this come as a surprise.  George Orwell’s fictional futuristic nightmare has grotesquely morphed into full-flowered reality.  The truth doesn’t mean anything.  79 kata lagi


Flash Terror and Emergent Leaderless Resistance

Pulse Nightclub, aftermath of Orlando Shooting.

I first heard the term “leaderless resistance” in an Edward Snowden tweet which was immediately disputed by a claim that leaderless resistance always failed.  604 kata lagi

Democrat Convention an orgy of America hate

Liberals are so ignorant of who the Nazis were that they believe it when they label Trump a Nazi and don’t realize it’s themselves.

Leftists are preparing for the coronation of Hillary with an orgy of anti-American hate, racism, extolling the virtues of Islamists, Mexicans, and black criminals, while at the same time declaring themselves to be patriots.  663 kata lagi

Election 2016

France, Turkey and human rights: is a state of emergency the new normal?

Written by Alan Greene

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has declared a state of emergency in the wake of the failed coup of July 15. It’s not yet clear how the President intends to interpret the powers awarded to him in this situation but there are ongoing concerns that his government will clamp down on human rights. 1.065 kata lagi


Germany vs.Jihadis

Word has it that a wannabe jihadi killed someone, and injured more, with a machete. He then went after a Polizei car. Some civvie saw that and hit the accelerator. 53 kata lagi

Suicide Bomber, Machete Man, and Other Incidents of Terrorism in Germany

If you keep finding yourself shocked by what is happening to Germany, stop. It is happening, and it is not Islamophobic to point out that there is a real problem with unassimilated Muslims in Europe. 383 kata lagi

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