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Waiting for the future

I blame Flash Gordon, Dan Dare and Buck Rogers for the rocketplane’s allure. It’s a 1950s promise of the future. We believed we’d be zooming round in jetpacks and flying cars by now, and flying spaceships to planets around the solar system. 893 more words


A joint bid for a jet fighter

Despite appearences, France is not necessarily pushing for the Rafale to be sold everywhere as demonstrates the joint bid by Korean Air and Airbus to bid for a jet fighter project. 384 more words


CF-101: Aerospace mixed with Creole magic.

There was once a great all-weather interceptor called the Avro Arrow: CF-105.

It was killed.

Some say by Canada’s then Prime Minister, John Diefenbaker. 170 more words


The unique Fairey Rotodyne

Call me show-off. Now. Hurry up. One more time. Okay, that’s enough. Since you insulted me, I can say it freely: I flew a jet fighter ! 474 more words