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Japan joins the stealth jet club

Japan joined the
exclusive stealth jet club Friday with the successful test flight of its first radar-evading aircraft — a
prototype called the

The test pilot described the flight as “extremely stable,” according to… 302 kata lagi

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UAE says fighter jet missing in Yemen combat mission


© WAM/AFP/File | Fighter jets of the UAE armed forces land at a Saudi air force base after raids in Yemen in 2015

DUBAI (AFP) – An Emirati fighter jet taking part in operations against Iran-backed rebels in Yemen has gone missing, the United Arab Emirates said on Monday. 36 kata lagi


The McDonnell Douglas CF-18 Hornet (official military designation CF-188) is a Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) (formerly Canadian Forces Air Command) fighter aircraft, based on the American… 36 kata lagi

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NEWS: Typhoon Phase 2Ea testing begins

Testing of the Eurofighter Typhoon “Phase 2Ea” by the Royal Air Force has begun at Warton in the UK. An aircraft upgraded to the new standard has been flown by pilots of No.  168 kata lagi


The Exponential Complexities of the Middle East

A Russian fighter jet was shot down Tuesday over Syrian air space by an American-armed Turkmen militia group on orders from the Turkish government, further complicating what was already the most confusing conflict in the history of war. 1.257 kata lagi