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Indie Game Radar: Project Wingman

I believe there have been a few indie attempts in the past to emulate Namco’s Ace Combat series of jet fighter games, or at least indie aerial combat games that lift elements of the series, but  665 kata lagi


Airshows (3)

Hi folks!

Let me present you…BIAS2016!

For who is not familiar with this acronym, it stands for Bucharest International Airshow. It’s one of the most famous airshows in Romania. 268 kata lagi


We’re not sure why this Panavia Tornado ECR is wearing a tiger-stripe paint-job – if anything it’s more conspicuous – but we must admit that it looks ridiculously good. 20 kata lagi


What if...A Jet Fulmar

One of my favourite aircraft of World War II is the Fairey Fulmar carrier-borne heavy fighter of the Royal Navy’s Fleet Air Arm. A few years ago I made a quick pic of a Fairey Fulmar with two jet engines in pods under the wings instead of  its single propeller. 71 kata lagi


#210 Jet

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of the letter “J” and the 26 Weeks Letter Challenge run by Let there be Peace on Earth. Check it out and take part! 18 kata lagi

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