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The ultimate Marvel TV binge

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The ultimate Marvel TV binge

Unlike the many video game movies we’ve seen, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has won over fans and cinema-goers alike. 941 kata lagi


Love can't reach chapter 3

Love can’t reach chapter 3

Cast :

– Jessica Jung

– Tiffany Hwang

– Other cast find by your self

Enjoy this story, many typo… 1.364 kata lagi



“Ahh.. aku lapar sekali. Padahal tadi kita hanya berbelanja sebentar, tapi perutku sudah selapar ini.” Jessica dan Yoonan baru saja tiba di sebuah restoran bernuansa… 3.122 kata lagi


Round 1, Family 4- The Frost's

And now let’s meet our final family, the Frosts.  Jessica has always wanted to be a famous chef but then she became pregnant by a fellow co-worker and had to quit. 169 kata lagi

Sunnyside Prosperity

Tick Tock Tick Tock...

If you really, really know me. You would know where I want to go for university. The answer is ENGLAND! My dream school is University of Manchester. 91 kata lagi



Por: Jersey Amarillo

La fragilidad de la vida. Aquel instante en que una ilusión muere. El momento en que los ojos jamás vuelven a abrirse… Te fuiste. 494 kata lagi


Wicked Lovely (Part 4)

Wicked Lovely

“When you will be King of Summer she will be your queen. Of this your mother, Queen

Beira, has full knowledge, and it is her wish to keep you away from , so that her own… 1.749 kata lagi