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Enterprischool (Chapter 11)

Title : Enterprischool

Main Cast : Kim Taeyeon, Tiffany Hwang

Sub cast : find by yourself

Genre : GXG

Author : nxviaif 1.328 kata lagi

Big girls don't cry?

I’ve been called a cry baby countless times and it doesn’t change the fact that I cry whenever I want to. I don’t cry because I feel like crying, I cry because it takes a lot of energy to hold back tears. 452 kata lagi


This is Who I Am


I have 5 years of experience in software, mobile, UI/X and web development. My core values are that emphasize my standard of work and commitment. 487 kata lagi

About Me

My problem with Love as an emotion.

Over the past few months, I learnt that there is a difference between craving someone and obsessing over them. I mean, I used to be that girl that was just desperate, that girl that wanted love from any guy willing to give it. 472 kata lagi


If You Dream It, Believe It

Jessica Hayes talks about getting back to your dreams. Whatever it is you wanted as a kid, get that same determination back in you because nothing will motivate you more than knowing where you are going. 84 kata lagi

Watch Jessica Jones grapple with being a hero in Netflix’s Season 2 trailer

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Netflix’s Jessica Jones is coming back for its second streaming season very soon, and there’s a new trailer you can watch to whet your appetite for the Marvel superhero show. 186 kata lagi



the end of the f***ing world. don’t call me jessi.ca. or wait, please do!