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보통 새로운 - New normal

The dust of our move has long been settled by now. We’ve found ourselves quite comfortable in our daily routine and our new normal. However, today is a special day because it marks Nik’s first birthday in a foreign country. 1.054 kata lagi


In accordance with Korean Tourist Law Number 18, Section 82, when one visits South Korea, one must stop by Jeju-Do, which btw should be romanized as Jeju-Dough. 347 kata lagi


Day VI - First day on the new farm.

Day six, First day on the new farm.

Today is my first full day at the new farm, following their strict schedule I wake up at 6 am to be sure I will be ready to go to the cafeteria to eat my breakfast. 698 kata lagi

Day V - Traveling on

Day five, traveling on.

Today is my last day with my first farm host. We wake up early again and Jiwon and me have our last breakfast together, still remembering last nights craziness. 508 kata lagi

Day IV - An unexpected turn.

Day four, an unexpected turn.

I wake up early knowing I will have to head out to work at 9am. Jiwon is free today and she still wakes up early and makes me breakfast. 848 kata lagi

Day III - Some time for me

Day tree, some time for me.

After two days of hard work I have a little time for myself. Waking up at 7:30am, Jiwon 8am, from that time on I have the house for myself. 411 kata lagi