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Hello Jeju!

“Ting tong”, bunyi penanda email masuk di siang hari yang panas menyengat. Jakarta beberapa minggu lalu seperti neraka bocor. Sungguh bikin tambah malas keluar rumah apalagi saya baru saja menjalani dua kali operasi untuk ginjal saya yang ternyata memproduksi batu. 502 kata lagi


Seogwipo Submarine (서귀포잠수함), Jeju island ♥

Are you Jejudo (Jeju island) lover?? ♥♥♥

Yes?!?! Then, OK!

There are more to discover in Jeju island!!

And who know.. there is a submarine tour  393 kata lagi


The beaches of Jejudo

We went to the beaches, but I only got pictures of two. One had black sand from the volcanic rock, and the other was white sand. 28 kata lagi



I’m finally taking the time to update everyone if you haven’t seen on Facebook. I went to Jejudo (the Hawaii of Korea) from September 25 to 29th. 95 kata lagi

5 things to do in jeju island

Jeju Island is a small volcanic island in Korea, which I describe as the “Hawaii of South Korea.” The similarities are limitless: Popular honeymoon destination, dormant volcano, surrounded by beautiful beaches, tropical climate, beautiful natural wonders such as waterfalls etc.. 501 kata lagi


Volcano Islands and Fish Markets

If you ever have to use a “low cost” airline in Korea remember… it’s not necessary to pay for the extra luggage (at least if it’s less than 15 kg)! 943 kata lagi