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5 things to do in jeju island

Jeju Island is a small volcanic island in Korea, which I describe as the “Hawaii of South Korea.” The similarities are limitless: Popular honeymoon destination, dormant volcano, surrounded by beautiful beaches, tropical climate, beautiful natural wonders such as waterfalls etc.. 501 kata lagi


Volcano Islands and Fish Markets

If you ever have to use a “low cost” airline in Korea remember… it’s not necessary to pay for the extra luggage (at least if it’s less than 15 kg)! 943 kata lagi


My Top 3 Jeju Spots

In early May last year, there was an unusual long 4 day weekend. The date for Buddha’s birthday that year (May 6th) and Children’s Day (May 5th) happened to be right next to each other. 1.044 kata lagi


Jeju Island Adventures

오렌만이요! 미안해요. 저는 바빠서 못써요. 근데 지금 있어요!  제주도 이야기 할 거에요!

At the end of May, I found out that my work didn’t need me until the end of July like I originally thought. 1.500 kata lagi

South Korea

#Take6Trips in Korea: Jeju Island in Pictures

Way back at the beginning of 2015, we challenged ourselves to travel more within the country we live, by creating a “Take 6 Trips in Korea” 523 kata lagi