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Dodge Charger and Grand Cherokee Alternator

An article on a 2012 Dodge Charger Police car with a blower motor problem lead me to the solution on an old Grand Cherokee that I have been scratching my head over for 2 years. 333 kata lagi

AC Voltage

Uber Hires Hackers to Secure Its Vehicles

They’ll work in the company’s self-driving car and robotics research lab

Remember those hackers whoremotely took over a Jeep Cherokee from miles away last month? 146 kata lagi


More news on the next Wrangler!

There’s great news this week about the next-generation Jeep Wrangler that’s sure to have Wrangler lovers breathing a collective sigh of relief. Allpar reports a lot of the design features we’ve feared were disappearing are, in fact, remaining part of the upcoming Jeep JL. 15 kata lagi


No Parts Available for R27 & Other Jeep Saftey News

Jeep #4 Report:  Safety Recall R27

About two weeks ago I received a safety recall notice from FCA Chrysler. It’s for R27—the water leak in the power liftgate module that could cause a fire. 276 kata lagi

005 Question

Day 30

With the hang over from hell I roll out of bed, straight into my shorts and I’m working, it’s 7.50am (I start at 8am). It’s not very busy, I spend most of the morning at work lay on a table with my t-shirt off, smoking and a litre of water to get down me, it’s not a bad way to work. 1.358 kata lagi