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Setting Up a Dev Machine for Node.js

It seems every few months setup of whatever tech stack is always tweaked a bit. This is a collection of information I used to setup my box recently. 314 kata lagi


Brief - Javascript Variable Scope

In this article I would be summarizing important points to keep in mind when thinking of javascript variable with respect to their scope.

For a long time object oriented programmer coding in languages like C# (such as me), the concept of JS variable scope was somewhat surprising at first. 913 kata lagi


Coding Bootcamp For Deaf Learners

Code College is delivering a Coding Bootcamp for 24 Deaf learners via the Deaf Empowerment Firm and the National Council for Persons with Disabilities.

The Bootcamp runs over 12 months and the students started off with the icebreaker of  56 kata lagi



JavaScript is an interpreted language used primarily to enhance he look of your website. It is a primarily client side scripting language. Instead of storing itself, a separate file is  created which is included as part of the standard HTML document. 63 kata lagi

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Is Javascript Object Literal same as JSON?

There are lot of people still confused about Javascript Object versus and JSON.

both are same?

Answer is No . There is a difference between two… 134 kata lagi


JavaScript check null or undefined - Best Practice

Let’s assume I have a variable called ‘a’ , which looks for some value.
var a;
if (a !== undefined && a!== null && a!=='') {
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