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Hackers are Attempting To Exploit HTTP Transports Through Oracle WebLogic

Last night and on through this morning, my site has started coming under heavy attack from all over the world – but mostly out of the Asia Pacific region. 492 kata lagi


Ads By Google Susceptible To XSS Attacks

Perhaps my mind is a bit scarred from all that I know and have experience, but the other day a friend of mine informed me how he had installed Ads by Google to start generating new revenue for his website, and the first thought that popped into my mind was how wide open to attack Google ads made his security headers and website in general. 506 kata lagi


Getting Intellisense from JavaScript File

Let’s say you have main.js and you want intellisense from objects defined in BankAccount.js. You would have to do the following in main.js:

/// <reference path="BankAccount.js" />
function run() {
  var ba = new BankAccount();
… 56 kata lagi

Javascript: Feedreader

In this project, I implemented the Jasmine testing framework to incorporate multiple tests on a web-based application that reads RSS feeds, provided by Udacity. These will test the underlying business logic of the application as well as the event handling and DOM manipulation. 73 kata lagi


Javascript: Arcade Game

This is a variation of the classic Frogger arcade game. You are welcome to play it!

Website Link:  Arcade Game

Github Link: Arcade Game

How To Play: 60 kata lagi


Javascript: Memory Game

This project is a memory game where you need to match the cards. There are total of 16 cards and your score will depend on your total star (corresponding to number of moves) and your time to finish the game. 94 kata lagi


"We know you watch porn" (and here's fake proof...) [PODCAST]

Here’s Episode 6 of the Naked Security podcast.

This week, Naked Security editor-in-chief Anna Brading talks to Sophos experts Paul Ducklin, Mark Stockley and Matthew Boddy about a… 76 kata lagi