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Introduction To Hibernate

Suppose there is a java application which has User class which asks for user data (objects) like-ID, Name, DOB, etc.

These data need to be stored in database for saving, retrieving or manipulating data in future (using SQL query). 194 kata lagi


Collections in Hybris ImpEx files

Collections in ImpEx files behave similar to normal properties. The difference lies in the multivalued nature of collections. The collection delimiter is used to separate multiple values. 384 kata lagi


I Wanted to Like C++

I really did. I programmed in C++ 20 plus years ago, first on a Sparc workstation and later on a Windows computer. At the time, it seemed to be a good language, and in fact about the only object oriented language for developing both server and client applications. 571 kata lagi

Have u tried Lagom Framework ?

The Lagom framework includes Java and Scala APIs to simplify development of microservices.

Lagom helps you build microservices as systems — Reactive systems, to be precise — so that your microservices are elastic and resilient from the start and don’t require extra plumbing around them.. 109 kata lagi


Regular expressions

Some handy regular expressions terms

If you want to remove only specific tags from the html, you can use following regular expression. I use it along with PHP storm. 99 kata lagi


Count of smaller elements

A Problem From ‘GEEKS FOR GEEKS’

Standard: Easy.

Problem Statement:

Given an sorted array of size n. Find number of elements which are less than or equal to given element. 151 kata lagi