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The Invention of Photography, the Netherlands, and the Dutch East Indies

In effort to keep developing my ideas for this new book I am preparing on Indonesia photography (if you refer back), I am posting another draft chapter here.  2.120 kata lagi


Quantity or Quality

Life presents options, good, bad or indifferent it’s how you translate and use the options.

I see operations and programming jobs in the same light. If you understand what is needed and can translate the input to output then you are of use. 122 kata lagi

Become A Web Doyen In Just Few Weeks!

This is the age of information and we survive only by virtue of fast paced efforts that are balanced and well calculated in advance. Employing experts to get a task done is one thing and learning and mastering the art of perfect culmination of any given task is entirely another, isn’t it? 253 kata lagi

Data Warehousing

Java: Vowels And Consonants

Kiran has been a given a problem by his brother Narik .The problem is related to strings.

Now he gives Kiran a long String S which consists of lowercase English Alphabets and wants him to tell the minimum size of substring such that all the substrings of that size in S have at least K Consonants(Non-vowels) in them. 309 kata lagi

Set-theoretic explanation of IEEE 754

The IEEE Standard for Floating-Point Arithmetic is confusing for beginners. Here I try to give an alternative explanation. It’s not my goal to make it easy. 1.803 kata lagi