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And love is a funny thing
It’s making my blood flow with energy
And it’s like an awakened dream
As what I’ve been wishing for, is happening…

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All Night Long: the melody of sisterhood

Last modified: 2011/11/24 – bahahaha!

This post has been sitting in draft for more than FIVE YEARS! And I think today is perfect timing to publish it to celebrate the beauty of sisterhood – enjoy! 33 kata lagi

Bahasa Inggris | English


Love is a four letter word,

But so is girl, male, name, gaze, lips, sane,

Vain, tale, vein, lane;

Gone, pain, hate, ache, cold, hope, done, came, 11 kata lagi


Music Mondays #29

One of the perks of having a Premium Account in Spotify is the unlimited times I can skip and go through songs without those pesky ads. 271 kata lagi


Day 12 - L is for Lexicon


(noun) the vocabulary of a person, language, or branch of knowledge

I am especially pleased to include this word in my monthly “word-a-day” challenge because it is so deliciously relevant. 242 kata lagi


Mood Music

I mentioned in a previous blog entry, that music has always played a big role in my life.  Music is more than just a “role” for me – it is a passion. 437 kata lagi