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I love the feeling I get when I am at a live show. Watching talented people play inspires me to capture not just an image, but the energy of the moment. 57 kata lagi


Reflecting On: Jason Mraz - Mr. A-Z

The thing about Jason Mraz, aside from being one of the biggest pop stars in the word, is that he can be surprisingly easy to overlook. 1.273 kata lagi


The Daily Prompt: Always Something There To Remind Me

A few years back I made a life changing decision. That decision was to ‘love myself’. I’m sure some of you are going ‘huh’. What I mean is that I wasn’t going to ignore myself anymore. 810 kata lagi


Music Monday: Best Friend


I don’t even know where to start or what to say. Blogging is difficult. How much of your personal life do you really want to tell strangers? 812 kata lagi

Last Year At This Time

I find it funny how a year ago today, this very minute, I was getting ready to go to a concert with a guy I really liked. 355 kata lagi


[Music] Jason Mraz - Prettiest Friend

An Old song, but old doesn’t mean it has lost its  magic ^^

A song from one of my favourite singer – my inspiration: Jason Mraz. 391 kata lagi

Sunday Slow-Jams #2

Hello, everyone!

Been really into this song lately. Not sure why, but maybe it has to do with the laid-back, folksy guitar kind of melody, or the fact that it’s tuned to G major (I believe), a major scale to which I’m quite partial; songs in this particular key tend to give off a happy, positive vibe, so perhaps that is why. 118 kata lagi