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Jason Mraz, avocado farmer

When Jason Mraz bought a 5½-acre ranch northeast of San Diego in 2004, he thought it would be “a place to be isolated when you have a crazy life.” The densely packed property is planted mostly with avocados, along with Meyer lemons, pomegranates, guavas, and mangoes. 170 kata lagi

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There are nights like tonight....

…that make all the work you’ve put into creating something so worthwhile. Tonight I had the great fortune to spend the evening at the Mothlight… 779 kata lagi

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We sleep all, we sleep all day...

So, around 3 1/2 months ago baby went through a ‘sleep regression’ and stopped being able to sleep unless he is attached to me…!
Luckily around 2 1/2 months ago I mastered the art of feeding him while we lie in bed, phew! 462 kata lagi

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Song of the Day

Happy Romantic Tuesday, friends! Today I am sharing a song I loved from the first moment on. When it is love then you develop an inner power that makes you overcome everything even the hardest blocks within you. 394 kata lagi

Song Of The Day


“Trứng nở ra gà
Gà đẻ ra trứng
Câu chuyện cứ thế chẳng có hồi kết.Lời nói xuất phát từ ý nghĩ
Hành động kéo theo bởi lời đã nói ra… 514 kata lagi


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Mr A-Z – Jason Mraz (2002)
I was introduced to my favorite male artist listening to this album. Anyone who started tuning in after I’m Yours is not a real fan :D (unpopular opinion). 697 kata lagi