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Not Giving Up

So there’s this site called singsnap that’s a karaoke site – let’s you record yourself singing songs to the site’s backup music. My friend, Kathi, introduced me to this site back in 2013, and I made some recordings on there over that summer and then pretty much forgot about it and moved on to other diversions. 118 kata lagi

Christian Science

Today is a Great Day!

I love Mondays. For me, it’s like a clean slate— a fresh new start.
So I try to set my mind to all possible good things that could happen. 149 kata lagi

Positive Thinking

Olivia Farabaugh at Funk E-town

Olivia Farabaugh  is the most recent winner in Harrisburg with Next NASH Star. She performed at a local bar in my area called Funk Brewing. She performed numerous songs from 8-11 including a few of her own originals. 197 kata lagi


Music Monday! Best Friend

You know those times when you’re letting your iTunes run on shuffle and you hear a song you haven’t heard in a long time and you get REAL excited about it?!? 282 kata lagi

Finding The Happy

#OnTheList with Xtine: 11 Songs Dedicated To Your Best Friends

#OnTheList with Xtine is a weekly feature from Fresh 102.7’s Christine Richie that will be highlighting all things music and more, from her favorite emerging artists, top female vocalists, and much, much more! 622 kata lagi


Love Someone by Jason Mraz

“Love Someone”

Love is a funny thing
Whenever I give it, it comes back to me
And it’s wonderful to be
Giving with my whole heart… 296 kata lagi

November Notes Challenge Day 2 (Details in the fabric. - Jason Mraz)

We spend our teenage years crafting what we believe to be our own personal identity.  We are oblivious to the fact that we are, in fact, stealing what we admire in others.  455 kata lagi