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This is a music video by Jason Mraz. The music is basically saying that wherever he is, he is hers. That he is always with her.This song is very catchy.

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I've been waiting 8 years for this!

About eight years ago I laid my eyes on a very talented man. His voice had this magical way of waking up emotions in me and I knew that his voice had somewhat changed my life. 381 kata lagi

12 Album yang Mantap Jiwa (Bagi Saya)

Bagi kalian yang pakai facebook (it STILL exists, yo), kalian mungkin pernah liat postingan tentang tantangan post 12 album/single musik yang memberi pengaruh besar pada diri kalian dengan aturan kamu hanya boleh memasukkan satu penyanyi/band per album ke dalam daftar. 435 kata lagi


Hello You Beautiful Thing! Jason Mraz

I have always enjoyed Jason Mraz’ songs but today for some reason I felt like
listening to him while I was writing in my other “more inspirational” blog where… 106 kata lagi


Contradiction's Promise

Looking deeper through the telescope… You can see that your home’s inside of you

Contradiction. Just when you feel grounded, anywhere, in anything, it’s always there to keep you honest.

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Not Giving Up

So there’s this site called singsnap that’s a karaoke site – let’s you record yourself singing songs to the site’s backup music. My friend, Kathi, introduced me to this site back in 2013, and I made some recordings on there over that summer and then pretty much forgot about it and moved on to other diversions. 118 kata lagi

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