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Tom Brady clutches up to beat Japanese child in football throwing contest

Tom Brady may have had trouble on the sumo mat during a promotional trip for Under Armour in Japan, but that was not the case when he finally stepped on the field and got a football in his hands. 102 kata lagi


JAPAN 2016 - Osaka & Himeji (Part 6/??)

After Kawaguchiko we headed to Osaka. It was fastest with our rail cards to first do the trip back up to Tokyo and from there take a Shinkansen, instead of multiple local trains to various directions from Kawaguchiko. 622 kata lagi


Les Rallizes Dénudés: Mystery, Noise and Psychedelic Rock

The psychedelic/noise/folk formation Les Rallizes Dénudés (Hadaka no Rallizes) are a Japanese band formed by frontman Takashi Mizutani in the late ’60s. You can find a lot of info/rumours and speculations about Les Rallizes Dénudés on the Internet. 47 kata lagi

Playful House

Quando la missione dell’Architetto è quella di rendere “divertente” una casa, nascono progetti creativi ed unici che fanno sorridere anche gli adulti più seriosi.

E’ il caso del progetto per la… 488 kata lagi

Interior Design

Robot Restaurant Show in Tokyo

If your first thought was “This sounds like a place to go for a refined dinner served by animatronic robots” you’re wrong on two counts: it’s not a restaurant, and you’ll be walking out of there 90 minutes later wondering what the hell just happened, what parallel universe you’ve just returned from, and whether your senses will ever recover. 925 kata lagi


Pizzeria Q

My husbands friend open a pizza place.

The name is Pizzeria Q.

It is located on Nishioji street just south of Oike street.

Today I went there. 22 kata lagi


Kyoto in my mind

I’ve been procrastinating for a long time in doing this blog entry. Fortunately, one of my officemates stumbled into this site and told me that he liked my entries and that I should continue to post more. 1.059 kata lagi