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My Internets was Super slow

After finding my old blog last week and going through a ‘was I just more creative and funnier back then? What happened to me? Did I break? 251 kata lagi


Gaia Retreat's Signature Detox & Yoga Program|Ubud, Bali

If you really need to change your life and give yourself a gift of personal growth, energy and reboot for your system, then our personalized… 373 kata lagi

Bali Detox Retreat

JAMU, Warisan Budaya Indonesia

Indonesia, negeri yang kaya akan rempah-rempah. Banyak rempah-rempah yang dapat tumbuh subur di negeri ini. Pantas saja dahulu Belanda tidak berhenti menjajah kekayaan kita karena hasil rempah-rempahnya yang memukau. 791 kata lagi


All The Things To Do

After the last post, I thought it was a bit difficult to update this shit every day. So, I thought I’d at least do it once a week… Then totally forgot to do that too. 366 kata lagi


popularity of jamu massage

Jamu massage is very popular in Hong Kong nowadays.

DIY Jamu

Jamu Kampung Cik Anis Lawa

Dapatkan stok Jamu Kampung Cik Anis Lawa yang mengeluarkan pelbagai jenis jamu untuk seisi keluarga. Setiap khasiat Jamu Kampung Cik Anis Lawa ada terdapat dilabel Jamu. 16 kata lagi

Lovely Of Seni Tea

Just Another Miscellaneous Update

It’s a JAMU day today.

I “forgot” to update yesterday because I was busy painting. It’s finished now, or near enough to –

An old sketch turn digital drawing of octopus tentacles now a large 90×90 painting. 180 kata lagi