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Stop telling me lies

I’m sick of hearing “oh you’ll be okay!”

“This is temporary!”

“Its okay to feel this way!”

Those are some bullshit terms if I’ve every heard some. 326 kata lagi

Depression is sometimes hard to see

We all know that we lost Chester Bennington to death by suicide. It has been a hard thing for many of his fans, including myself, to come to terms with. 326 kata lagi


Mental illness. It comes in so many forms. Too many forms. It affects more people than you probably realize. Guaranteed you know someone whose suffered from a mental illness, or still is suffering.

2.328 kata lagi

it’s ok.

“It’s ok to live a life others don’t understand.” -unknown

It’s been a whirlwind in my head like a selfish hurricane destroying whatever comes in it’s path. 520 kata lagi


Live the moment at the time,

because then time will answer itself for you.

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Jiggle for joy

Day 12 #Jiggleforjoy
I’m afraid this is one challenge I just can’t manage. I’ve been at work all day and it’s something I’m really struggling with so the last thing I’m feeling tonight is joyous. 81 kata lagi



Write. Write like no one cares. Likewise, sing, dance, paint, create and explore your abilities. Cherish the gift of being an artist freely.

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