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Stand-up comedians like to say that the ability to deal with heckling outweighs the best material. If you can’t talk back at the speed of light, you’re lost. 221 kata lagi


My hardest time... 

My first blog post is about a difficult life experience for me. I’ve been contemplating posting for a while and I’ve finally decided it was time to take the plunge, so here we go.

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Life Experiences

Self Doubt and Dealing with Imposter Syndrome

***The writing of this blog was disrupted by 3 hours of me trying to figure out what the hell one of my assignments was asking. That’s basically my grad school experience so far in a nutshell. 930 kata lagi

Graduate School

Battle Ground

Danger takes many forms. Sometimes it’s truly perilous. Sometimes it’s emotional. Sometimes it’s relational. Sometimes it’s undefinable.

When I was a child, when I saw danger, it scared me. 341 kata lagi

end of an era

At the age of 17, i felt like everything had gone wrong. I had dropped out of college, discovering the course that i believed i was destined to do was not for me. 488 kata lagi


It's ok.

Words that spark a desire of knowing you are truly good. We go through so much in life. No one truly gave us a book and told us, here this is how you will survive “your” life. 487 kata lagi


Things Don't Always ''Work Out'' // Career Confessions

‘Hello :)

Bit of a different theme of post today, I’ve been wanting to type something more personal recently. With exam results and a feeling of change / moving on in the air, this time of year sparks some awkward feelings for me. 817 kata lagi