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Good morning world, it's Tuesday

I saw this quote this morning on Pinterest. It really spoke to me.

I guess I realize how far I have come from being a consummate people pleaser. 61 kata lagi


Not Motivated?

We all get in those moods where we think we are failing at life and just drop everything and quit. Am I right? Been there, done that! 486 kata lagi

How do you say "you're welcome" in Japanese?

(photo by Freerange Stock)

Hey, guys!

Although the Japanese translation of “you’re welcome” is “どういたしまして ,” apparently native Japanese speakers don’t say it so much. 354 kata lagi


Mo'[ck]ing {(sole)*mnity*}

I realise most of the time – though not all,

and there’s the rub – I’ve been

fighting my

self.  As I fight my

self much less, however, the rub still exists. 56 kata lagi


The Devils Prayer - Book Review

I decided to try this book as I’m a lover of anything that involves religious conspiracy, sects, mystery and modern interpretation of the religion of centuries ago. 345 kata lagi


It's OKAY.....

It’s ok to just scream your hearts out,
It’s ok to shout from the rooftops.
Let that inner kid of yours be out of that cage. 518 kata lagi


It's ok not to be ok

Hey guys,

Do you ever just have one of those days where you feel really, really sad for no reason? Because I am having one of those days today. 350 kata lagi