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No Man Left Behind- Or are they?

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Feminism is described as the “advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes.” Yet, on our rise for equality are we forgetting about male rights? 660 kata lagi


Baby Fever: It's Okay!

I have a SERIOUS case of baby fever!! And I really can’t knock it! And you know what? That is A’Okay and I’m going to enjoy it and you should too! 323 kata lagi

Pep Talk

Jeg dømmer meg, åsså dømmer jeg deg...


I lang lang tid egentlig helt siden jeg var i Hellas har jeg hatt litt sånne utavmegsjæl-opplevelser som jeg ikke helt klarer å shake. 1.024 kata lagi


Things I Have Learnt In The Past 5 Years

I decided to write a post about things I have learnt about life and myself in the past 5 years. I hope someone reads it and is able to get something positive from this post. 603 kata lagi


It's OK: To Trust Your Parenting Decisions

Psst, know what? You are not obligated to defend your parenting decisions.

I’ll explain parenting decisions to my children, sometimes, because I believe that rationality begets rationality. 551 kata lagi

It's OK


What matters at the end is if its ok or notLessons learnt, smiles got, moments stayed

Times felt,

After an end to year of togetherness… 44 kata lagi


Failure Leads To Success?

Failure doesn’t mean the GAME IS OVER, it means try again with EXPERIENCE.

-Len Schlesinger

Today I participated in an english conversational competition, and let me tell you the emotions afterwards were very mixted.

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