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It's ok.

Words that spark a desire of knowing you are truly good. We go through so much in life. No one truly gave us a book and told us, here this is how you will survive “your” life. 487 kata lagi


Things Don't Always 'Work Out'..

Hello :)

Bit of a different theme of post today, I’ve been wanting to type something more personal recently. With exam results and a feeling of change / moving on in the air, this time of year sparks some awkward feelings for me. 817 kata lagi


Ya Know?

There isn’t a lot of quit in me, but sometimes you have to know when you are licked.

No, this isn’t about my interview, Thank God. 77 kata lagi


3 Things I Learned From "Bad Moms"

Last night, my husband took me to see the movie Bad Moms for my birthday. He didn’t have a clue what it was about, but once he saw the theater full of women, he knew he was in for it! 843 kata lagi


You get me

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On a dark and stormy night, in 1991.

Alone and afraid,

The wind blew the roof shingles across the yard,

The fence went a mile away.

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Have you ever wondered what the world would be without you? Would it still be the same? Without your touch in it, will it still be as beautiful? 336 kata lagi


Fear, the way I see it...

Fear, the way I see it…

The emotion that almost dictates every walk of our lives! It isn’t easy to handle. It isn’t very good, they say. 711 kata lagi