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because i need to get this off my chest...

But the people of Facebook are too critical.

You guys, it is my own belief that we were not all meant to spend our days fighting for other peoples rights. 465 kata lagi


Alcohol… a drink, an addiction, a depressant, a problem? A good night? A guaranteed hangover? An inability to drink in moderation? A method of losing all your inhibitions? 77 kata lagi


It's ok! 

Sometimes those suffering with mental health problems don’t want to hear that things will get better. Sometimes we don’t want to hear the ‘your going the right way’ chat. 249 kata lagi


It's OK to not fit in with fashion

It’s that time of the month again where I talk about some pressure we face in life and how it’s OK to just stick two fingers up and say “I don’t care”. 698 kata lagi


Back where I started, but IS OK!

You have to put on a brave face

when the crazy who help are crazier than

the you who, after all, after all, they think you [b]. 104 kata lagi


It's OK to not have a plan

Hello friends. I haven’t written an ‘It’s OK’ post in a while and I thought it was about time to get this one down on paper – well blog post. 554 kata lagi


Let's Talk About: Confidence

Whether you believe it or not you’re beautiful.

Confidence is pretty important all year around but in summer it’s in a whole new league. Whether you have it or not most people tend to feel slightly more insecure in summer although you probably can’t tell checking instagram 500 times a day and seeing bikini pics (I do that). 283 kata lagi