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The perfect girlfriend.

So the other day my boyfriend and I were messing around while cleaning the bedroom. I was throwing laundry at him and he was snapping me with towels. 190 kata lagi

It's Ok

Half-asleep irrational panic

I woke up a few minutes after 1am to the older cat howling. In my half- sleep state, I asked him what was wrong and simultaneously told him everything was ok & go back to sleep. 222 kata lagi

comes and goes

The exchange of life lessons to one another is a unacknowledged bonding moment that it happens often then one would realize. That exchange is  meant to help shed light or enrich key points what were over looked or over exaggerated. 352 kata lagi

A day with Misophonia

For more than a year I’ve been annoyed by different type of sounds specially chewing, nail bitting or else. Not on me but by listening on someone else. 371 kata lagi

spot a judgment

Judgments, they are inevitable, streaming into my mind in a reactionary diarrhoea whenever a thought or an emotion arises.

I dramatise: oh, I am so judgmental! 121 kata lagi

Thoughts And Actions

An effect!

“It’s ok.Every thing is gonna be fine”

Although they are very simple words, I don’t know why this whisper has its own special effect on me.


An "Active Member of Society" they say

A few months ago I just landed my first professional company job (thanks, thanks) while I’m still finishing my degree. Of course this has been occupying my whole week day, that is why on weekends I end up tired af. 180 kata lagi