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Everything is relative

Hello everyone, and welcome to today’s (very philosophical) post

This is probably going to be very short as I’ll confuse myself, but in my head I know what I mean and I’m going to try and convey that to you. 204 kata lagi


It's OK to Cry <3

A lot of people grow up thinking that crying is a sign of weakness and vulnerability, but that isn’t so!

Crying is a cleansing process and shows that you’re human! 48 kata lagi


Loving You

Smile big

Smile hard

“Just be happy!”

They say


You’ve gotta feel

The other feelings

The other parts of you


Let us integrate the many aspects of ourselves. 19 kata lagi


Jen interviews Kerry from Atomic Kitten about performing and their Australian Tour.

Atomic Kitten  first entered the Australian charts in 2001 with their #2 smash hit Whole Again. They followed up Whole Again with a serious of poptastic singles including The Tide is Highwhich reached #3 on the Australian Charts, Be With You gave them another Australian Top 10 and Right Now, Eternal Flame, It’s OK, Ladies Night were all Top 40 hits here.

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The Election 2016

Peace, Love & the Mouse: It’ll be ok in the end
I’ve thought about this for a few days now and have considered what to say about this year’s presidential election.  591 kata lagi


Baby steps

Since my last post, God has been actively moving. I feel ashamed to say that I underestimated Him. To put it simply, I didn’t believe that my crummy state would recover so quickly. 381 kata lagi


It's OK To Have A Bad Day

Not everyday is going to be a great one but not every day is going to be a bad one either. You have to take the bad with the good and it is perfectly normal. 367 kata lagi