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So i made this page thing, to make me feel much better, and maybe that will help me with life, and yes it does makes me feel better every time i finish writing up in here, even tho i get depressed, and i won’t to be alone like forever sometime’s, all i have is this computer and this blog thing, i will always write on and on by time, and i love it cause i could write about anything i won’t, an say anything i won’t, so that’s a good thing because i’m mostly the quite person in the room sometimes, an am basically waiting for the world to take my life away, i mean what ever life throws at me, an all i can say, is just deal with it because life is life, what helps me get though life, is thinking about other people, will i could say that i hate life an have the worst parent’s ever and on and on, but because someone out there is having it worst then i do, so that’s why i don’t complain, life is life, it’s rough, it’s wired, it’s confusing, and massy sometimes, and that’s OK, we all feel worthless and sick of everything, we all feel someway sometime’s, will i’m falling back in my dark place again, trying not but i am like depression and stuff like that, but that’s ok, where all humans, where not perfect, everyone has a purpose in this world, i don’t know why i wrote about this but i did, just kept on typing on and on, and so here it is, peace :)

It's OK to be OK

Ancient Stoic Philosopher, @Epictetus once said:

“Deliberate much before saying or doing anything, for you will not have the power of recalling what has been said or done.” – Epictetus…

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Okyeame Kwame – It's Ok ft Nero X (Prod By Peewezel)

​Okyeame Kwame – It’s Ok ft Nero X (Prod By Peewezel) Download and share to the fullest!!..


It's OK

It’s OK if I don’t go with friends to lunch-

I would rather be with you & just munch!

It’s OK if I don’t travel afar- 142 kata lagi

1 Year Ago Today - 9/28/16

September 25, 2015 A2 was officially gone. I felt free and it was amazing. A few days later, 9/28/15, I decided to make a dating profile on OK Cupid. 586 kata lagi



Stand-up comedians like to say that the ability to deal with heckling outweighs the best material. If you can’t talk back at the speed of light, you’re lost. 221 kata lagi


My hardest time... 

My first blog post is about a difficult life experience for me. I’ve been contemplating posting for a while and I’ve finally decided it was time to take the plunge, so here we go.

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Life Experiences