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I'ts all about the "likes"

I wanted to write something that’s been on my mind lately, something that’s been bothering me, and it’s something that I just realized: Everything nowadays revolves around the “likes”, and I mean EVERYTHING. 538 kata lagi


“It's OK to Waste Time...

…while you’re in a rush to fit in.

By Leanne Do

Lying face down on my bed, watching movies non-stop, making DIY crafts, crying my eyes out, thinking negative thoughts, blaming myself for everything, drawing up a plan how to escape, or even learning to make a trap—I have finally come up with a list of time-wasting activities that I used to do when I first moved to a new school. 242 kata lagi

Living In Poland

“It’s OK…”

By Leanne Do

Now You Realize Maybe “It’s OK…”

…to snore while sleeping, sometimes tell lies, stay unplugged, ignore your faults, work your backside off, play hard, and die hard. 123 kata lagi

Living In Poland

Repost: Is it OK?

In light of mental health awareness week I wanted to share this post again.

I was inspired by my friends. It’s still true to this day. 325 kata lagi


The Other Day I Met A Bear

Book Name : The Other Day I Met a Bear

Author: Michael Rosen

Illustrator: Russell Ayto

Publisher: Walker Publishers

Theme/Topic: A boy meets a bear.There is a thrilling chase and lucky escape… 45 kata lagi

Picture Books

No Man Left Behind- Or are they?

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Feminism is described as the “advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of the equality of the sexes.” Yet, on our rise for equality are we forgetting about male rights? 660 kata lagi


Baby Fever: It's Okay!

I have a SERIOUS case of baby fever!! And I really can’t knock it! And you know what? That is A’Okay and I’m going to enjoy it and you should too! 323 kata lagi

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