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The Scarlett Belly

Pregnancy is a miracle and a glorious gift. YOU get to bring new life into this world. A lot of couples struggle with this very process, so we must be happy that we are able to. 526 kata lagi


Chronic Pain Awareness: It's Ok to Not Be Ok.

September is chronic pain awareness month, and since I suffer from a few chronic conditions myself, I wanted to take the time to talk about it a bit. 418 kata lagi


It's Ok To Not Be Ok

Life can be tough.  You got turned down for something you REALLY wanted, you got a bad grade, drama is taking over your life…pretty much life isn’t going the way you wanted it to and it just sucks.   484 kata lagi


over the midnight moon

someone once told me that it’s ok to feel bad. she said, to dwell, to obsess, or to think about difficult things and to stew is something i… 178 kata lagi


It’s ok if people don’t get you,

there’s something unique about you

It’s ok if you made a mistake,

It’s part of the process to hit a big break… 105 kata lagi

Poems And Songs

No Title

Are there actually people out there who are able to spend a nice day off completely at peace? I can’t remember what that would even feel like. 472 kata lagi


Texas State Student Drives Barbie Jeep After DWI

20-year-old Texas State University student, Tara Monroe isn’t letting a DWI stop her from getting around campus on her own wheels.

Monroe says her license was automatically suspended after a Wacka Flocka concert when she refused to take a breathalyzer test. 152 kata lagi