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“You know how people go on talking about how hard their life was? And how humongous miracles had happened to them and everything was ok? Well, that’s definitely something. 70 kata lagi

Would that I could

I believe what you said…would that I could rest and rely on it all.

My fate, my future in your hands…would that I could let go and trust. 88 kata lagi

It's ok

As exam season looms for many, I can’t help but think about some of my exams – and trust me I try my best not to. 650 kata lagi


Am I OK?

Really…am I OK?

Because I can feel it.

Something is wrong

I’m sleeping too much

Or not at all…

I lose my appetite… 141 kata lagi



Pensacola Beach Florida, beautifully nestled in the Gulf of Mexico

White firey sand that barefoot children broke into dead sprint

Towards cooling but savory water filled with countless specimens of awe… 307 kata lagi

The perfect girlfriend.

So the other day my boyfriend and I were messing around while cleaning the bedroom. I was throwing laundry at him and he was snapping me with towels. 190 kata lagi

It's Ok

Half-asleep irrational panic

I woke up a few minutes after 1am to the older cat howling. In my half- sleep state, I asked him what was wrong and simultaneously told him everything was ok & go back to sleep. 222 kata lagi