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Best of luck in the big LC & JC!!

Hey peoples,

We here at Outcast just wanted to wish anyone diving into exams tomorrow the best of luck. You may be crapping your pants or having a nervous breakdown in the corner but it’s ok, you’ll be fine. 98 kata lagi



i’m telling myself this after a few major blunders this past week.

because the reality of it is that i am human and i screw up. 183 kata lagi

Tahsin The Good

It's OK to be not OK

While reading another blog post, a beautiful  soul named Kelly made this comment “It’s ok to be not ok”. I wanted to talk about that for a minute. 367 kata lagi

Rheumatoid Arthritis


I know you’re scared,

You don’t know what to think.

What to do.

I don’t either.

I do know it will be okay.

You are strong. 54 kata lagi

Witty Humor


Gloworm, you can blow it

low worm, you can show it

oh worm, go and hoe it

woe worm, you can grow shit


its ok to feel high

a switch,
min max,
turned high.

icy veins,
boozy flow,
blood won’t freeze.

escape misery,
three fingers high,
at a time.

its ok,
to feel, 52 kata lagi


#BlackLivesMatter: catt_doctor

It’s ok,you can judge me..I’m still not over #Trayvon
#facts #nochill #blacklivesmatter

by catt_doctor