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It's Ok To Be Cold

A letter to my younger self
You were one tough cookie
Unassailably happy
With skin thicker than a wookie

Except I know thats not true… 129 kata lagi

Original Words

Its Okay to Let Go

It’s okay to let go

You have been holding on for so long

Been trying to be strong

But your heart has grown weak

After holding on for love’s sake every week… 150 kata lagi

Life Issues


And I guess that’s the most courageous thing a person can ever do, dare to love.
To bring yourself to the possibilities of pain and discomfort. 143 kata lagi


We usually make conclusion, or more precisely, assumption about our life in one sentence. “It’s a mess!”, or “It sucks!”, or “It’s OK.”, or for the optimists “It’s wonderful!”.

324 kata lagi
I'm Just Another Writer

Relationships with Mental Illnesses

I was with some friends tonight and as the sunlight waned and eyes started to droop we got serious. Tbh circle. For those of you who don’t quite know what that is, tbh=to be honest. 731 kata lagi

My Life

Scaredy Cat

It’s normal to feel afraid of the unfamiliar.

I compare it to my cat’s (Lila) perception of the world. A small sound I make with a spoon may startle her because she doesn’t understand that it’s just a spoon and nothing else. 40 kata lagi