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Note to self: it's ok to need

Met with Dr C today… some things to remember:
-it’s ok to have needs.
-even if that need is simply to check that she is still there (it doesn’t bother her or significantly impact her time away from the office). 169 kata lagi


26 July 2015

abandoned race horse,
found in ice cream van, goes on
to become doctor.

Cat and bird meeting - about an unexpected love fling

Right, birds can fly so high
And they can shit on your head
And they can almost fly into your eye
And make you feel so scared…

186 kata lagi

My 1 year old doesn't sleep through the night, and its OK

My little one hasn’t slept through the night but for a few blissful rare nights. But that’s ok.

First, we have good sleep habits and bedtime routine. 1.065 kata lagi

Small Town Life

Scattered Leaves

God knows me;

I am dirty,

And He loves me,

When I feel broken;

I run, I dodge, I hide, I flee.

In the wind, I am like scattered leaves.

xo Jennifer Mae


Be Refreshed And Find Healing

So when it’s all said and done, sometimes you just can’t undo it and sometimes you don’t have to! It’s really ok because sometimes it just needs to be said and done. 277 kata lagi


Life Stories: Tuesday Blues

Hello hello hello. Well notoriously
Tuesday’s are my worst days. It’s not quite mid week and I didn’t have my weekend that long ago. It’s a long ass day! 568 kata lagi