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“…merekapun merencanakan makar dengan sungguh-sungguh dan Kami merencanakan makar (pula), sedang mereka tidak menyadari. Maka perhatikanlah betapa sesungguhnya akibat makar mereka itu, bahwasanya Kami membinasakan mereka dan kaum mereka semuanya…”

27. 50 – 51


Islamic Quotes Responding to Poverty

The following are quotes taken from:

  • The Qur’an (using the translation by Abdullah Yusuf Ali)
  • The ahadith (sayings) of Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him…
  • 967 kata lagi

Ahadun Ahad

The One, The One

This was uttered by Bilal ibn Rabah (RA)
as he was tortured for believing in Allah and His Final Messenger Muhammad ﷺ. 604 kata lagi


Muslim Appointed As Freedom Expert

Last week a new post holder was announced for the role of PM’s Special Envoy on Freedom of Religion or Belief. Rehman Chishti MP, a little-known Muslim Member of Parliament, became the second person to be appointed to it after his predecessor Lord Ahmed, also a Muslim. 166 kata lagi


আলেক্সান্দ্রিয়ার লাইব্রেরি কে ধ্বংস করেছিলো?[Who Burnt The Alexandria Library]

“৬৪০ খ্রিস্টাব্দে মুসলমানরা আলেকজান্দ্রিয়া জয় করে; তাদেরও জ্ঞানের আগ্রহ ছিলো না; রাজ্য, জয় আর ক্ষমতার উল্লাসে তারা পুড়িয়ে দেয় আলেকজান্দ্রিয়ার মহাগ্রন্থাগার, নষ্ট হয়ে যায় অনেক মূল্যবান গ্রিক বই ও জ্ঞান । …”

1.153 kata lagi

The Humble are not Weak

There is much that surrounds us that we know very little to nothing of. Due to our own love for this world, we may not notice the one whom Allah loves even though that person passes right by us. 346 kata lagi


Astaghfirullah! Pope says God looses his memory when he forgives sins. 

The U.K.’s leading Roman Catholic newspaper reports today the Pope saying “God looses his memory” when he forgives sins. Divine dementia?

In contrast the Qur’an surah 49:16 teaches: 58 kata lagi