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Understanding VLANs and Trunks

Virtual LANs or VLANs are the first feature in switching that’s meant to enhance the network. The switch works just fine without any VLANs. However, the network performance would not be as efficient as it could be. 823 kata lagi


Toe-punts, temples and Tasmanian devils – A footballing travelogue through Asia and Australia

Part 5 – India

After an incredible four months, my traveling adventure was coming to an end, but first I had the small matter of India. 965 kata lagi


#RoamingRed part 11 – Goa, India

After four months of spreading the CTFC gospel around the globe it was time for me to head home, but first I had the small matter of India, the last leg of my adventure.  339 kata lagi


Trunking VLANS

As we know VLAN (Virtual LAN)s divide a switch into multiple logical switches. There by providing traffic separation and security. VLANs absolve the location constraint allowing the PCs at different locations to communicate without compromising the security and network isolation. 727 kata lagi

Indian Super League-2 : A Season In Review

Well, it’s FC Barcelona trending on twitter after winning FIFA club world cup 2015 but just after few hours something else accompanied them to make it a perfect day for football fans. 921 kata lagi


The Best Weekend Ever !!

Despite my repeated promises to my own self and boldly announcing in one of my previous posts that I am going to write/ blog more. Yes, you guessed it, I have failed myself yet again. 705 kata lagi


Who's Lyin' Now, Nazi?

Hillary Clinton called Donald Trump out for his bigoted hate speech being used by Terrorists to recruit new members.  Trump called Hillary a liar.

“She made it up.  119 kata lagi

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