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Zahid Suleman Sadiq Gill : The Fight Against ISL Reaches Mississippi

When sheriff’s deputies caught a woman burglarizing students’ cars in a Jackson County, Mississippi, high school parking lot, she gave them one of the greatest and least plausible excuses of all time: She said she was looking for members of ISIS (the Islamic State). 77 more words

Zahid Suleman Sadiq Gill : Again and Again.....The Only Way to Stop it

When will the West realize that ISL is taking a sheet directly from its own pop culture history.  The posting and viewing of horrid despicable acts of beheading and threats of more beheadings is exactly what ISL seeks.   75 more words

Kisruh Kompetisi, PTUN Diminta Keluarkan Putusan Sela

SportJogja – Sidang perdana gugatan SK Pembekuan PSSI oleh Kementerian Pemuda dan Olah Raga (Kemenpora) di gelar di Pengadilan Tata Usaha Negara (PTUN) Jakarta Timur, Senin (4/5). 181 more words

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{Seahorse English} Barcelona facebook Group: Storytelling Stones: An online story project.

{Seahorse English} Barcelona is a developing project of mine dedicated to the arts and dynamic processes of all kinds, and is also an online hub of international language teachers dedicated to helping others improve their language learning etc. 792 more words



Cerita lama selalu berulang-ulang, sepakbola Indonesia tidak maju bahwa saat ini malah tidak berkembang alias Menurun(tanpa prestasi).
menpora tetap pada pendiriannya bahwa ia tetap membekukan PSSI.meskipun menpora telah bertemu dengan 18 klub peserta ISL 2015. 114 more words

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Orange Army : A Beginning of Footballing Culture in Pune

Hello to the readers,

I am here after a long break…

Today I am here to give an overview of something exciting, something that I am really excited to be part of… 1.224 more words


Incompetent TNFA fails to produce Chennai I-League team

Chennai: The Indian League commonly known as I-League is a national-level football tournament in India played by teams from various parts of the country. Among many states in India, Tamil Nadu which has had a rich history of producing national level players more often than not has failed to produce a club that can play in the national level tournament. 1.491 more words