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Time Bomb.

I was never understood the meaning of “time bomb” in life until I found myself to be so angry for unknown reasons. I have my reasons when I stay silent, and I enjoy every seconds of it. 498 kata lagi

Isi Hati

Getting annoyed.

For those who knows me well, would understand why I do what I do. And that doesn’t mean they should known me for a long time, nor get close to me. 921 kata lagi

Langkah Hidup

Dia pasti kembali

Hai … selamat malam alam raya. Sudah lama saya ingin menulis ini, menulis tentang sebuah hubungan, yaks.. dalam bahasa inggris nya about a relationship. Hubungan dengan siapa ? 765 kata lagi


When I saw your face for the last time

Tepat ketika bunyi alarm pagi ini berbunyi, adalah ketika aku melihat wajahnya untuk terakhir kalinya.

Ketika aku di masa kesendirianku, aku tertunduk dalam kegelapan. Memandang langkah kakiku menembus angin malam. 469 kata lagi

Isi Hati


Love sacrifices anything
Out of what we can think
Even I can sink
In the depth of your feeling
Just wanna see you smiling
~H~ 71 kata lagi

For Students


It was our first film, created for our assignment. I think it’s worthy to watch, this is the video

For Students

I wonder..

Sometimes i wonder if God is joking with me.

When i thought He finally introduced me to “the potential” future husband,

he likes another girl, 185 kata lagi

Isi Hati