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If I Could Have a Dialogue with My Soul:

Me: WHY????????????????

Soul: (calmly, almost despondently) You know why.

Me: For the sake of this post, just say it out loud! 363 kata lagi



Today I was browsing pictures of my old school mates, it stirred the memory pot with warmth and delicacy. I never thought stalking people’s posts on the internet could bring up something sweet and actually could be called positive. 129 kata lagi



It comes from inside out.

Own your shit.

And you decide how the story ends.

There will be external factors.

Own your parts.

Stop the denial. 33 kata lagi



Hey I just turned 35 last Friday. Ha, I thought being older would make me wiser than I was a year ago, but obviously there’s not much of a change. 233 kata lagi


In every location I visited there will be someone that I would meet in the soul level.

The types of the people varied. But most of them are not people commonly seen as charismatic ones. 133 kata lagi


5th Phase

The past 3 weeks there were unexpected unprecedented events took place during my road trip and linked directly to my life journey.

I met people I have never known before, I experienced things I have never done before, and I faced challenges and changes I never had before. 257 kata lagi


Balanced Life

The past few weeks I have spent myself doing road trip around Java Island in Indonesia.

Sometimes I felt very buoyant, sometimes very small and alone. 125 kata lagi