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Intergrated Services Digital Network

Signaling Methods:

  • Signaling in the Telephony world provides functions such as supervising and advertising line status, alerting devices when a call is trying to connect, and routing and addressing information.
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Threat Control Strategies for IT Systems

Telephony System has been around for a long period. Financial supervisors run best phone service for small business for nearly all business models, and the idea of provides nearly as many explanations as the Internet. 592 kata lagi

Broadband Deals

8-bit Audio Companding

Computationally inexpensive sound compression is always difficult, at least if you want some quality. One could think, for example, that taking the 8 most significant bits of 16 bits will give us 2:1 (lossy) compression but without too much loss. 1.037 kata lagi


Stocks to watch: GLP, ISDN Holdings

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

THE following companies made announcements before the market opened on Thursday that could affect the trading of their shares:

GLP, the mainboard-listed logistics company said to be in talks on the possible sale of the firm, announced on Thursday that it has extended 3.6 million sq ft of leases with a customer in the US. 158 kata lagi

Money Matters

Fritz!Box 7490 with fiber connection, routing anonymous/withheld ISDN calls to a new answering machine

I got a bit fed-up with truckloads of anonymous calls. 95% of these are from sales persons. The others from organisations shielding their phone numbers. Too bad for the latter: if they want to stay anonymous, they’re not worth dealing with. 657 kata lagi

Power User

ISDN2/ISDN30 Telephone lines

ISDN or ISDN30 is going to be a big question when growing your business.

You are probably wondering what ISDN stands for right? The good news is, it’s not very complicated;  289 kata lagi