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India – Pakistan: War or Peace?

Since the partition of India and Pakistan, the south east region of Asia has experienced a lot of instability. The 1965, 1971 and 1999 marked the culmination of this vulnerability. 304 kata lagi

IPSI Board

Been a while since I logged in to and IPSI board so just to remind myself.

From the shell command of you server

cm-server> ipsisession -c 3a… 158 kata lagi


EDITORIAL: S2 WENA IPSI - that’s tech for new wearables and mobile ticketing!

This post was first released on Monday 7th September. Contactless Intelligence Weekly News Review Editorial – Week 37, 2015:

Last week saw the annual consumer electronics and home appliance show – IFA – take place in Berlin. 1.011 kata lagi


[Event] Kongkow Pencak Silat Kota Bekasi 2015: Silaturahmi & Kopdar Budaya

“Miara buaya dipagerin kawat

Ngiat angsa tengah malem

Kalo budaya kagak pada dirawat

Alamat bangsa bakal tenggelem”

Sebuah pantun karya Engkong Guntur Elmogas, seorang maestro pantun yang telah memecahkan rekor MURI dengan berpantun selama kurang lebih 12 jam, sebuah pantun tentang pentingnya menjaga budaya daerah untuk memperkuat bangsa. 420 kata lagi


Understanding Avaya Media Gateway Survivability

Writing this blog serves two purposes. First, I love having the opportunity to play unified communications professor. I have been in this industry for a long time and I truly enjoy sharing what I’ve learned about telephony, SIP, WebRTC, and VoIP in general. 1.193 kata lagi


WATERCON2014 - Day 1

As usual the first day at WATERCON was full of activities throughout the entire day.  Sessions started at 9 am – I attended the Pipe Seminar which lasted throughout the morning. 728 kata lagi


IPSI Sanity Errors Gotcha

Had bit of a gotcha moment which caught me out and took a little longer than I would have liked to resolve.

The customer was experiencing the whole port network reset but from the logs we were seeing sanity errors, they investigated the network and found nothing. 171 kata lagi