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Cell transplant treats Parkinson's in mice under control of designer drug (ScienceDaily & Cell Stem Cell)

A neuroscientist has inserted a genetic switch into nerve cells so a patient can alter their activity by taking designer drugs that would not affect any other cell. 37 kata lagi

Stem And Progenitor Cells

Diversity in Europe Quilt Exhibition Opportunity

Do you want a chance to exhibit a fantastic quilt of yours at the Festival of Quilts in 2016?  The Irish Patchwork Society will be putting a quilt forward for the Diversity in Europe EQA Quilt Gallery at the Festival of Quilts. 258 kata lagi


Valuable Insights to Succeed in Life #AtoZChallenge

Very important lessons could be learnt from the successful. Five lessons are all that I shall talk about.

In my blogging journey I have come across many inspiring stories- of the disabled overcoming their handicap, of sportsmen fighting their way to the winning spot and of simple human beings etching their mark in careers of their choice. 454 kata lagi

Body And Mind

IPS National Exhibition

From July 12 to the 22nd, the Midwestern Branch is hosting the National Exhibition at the Limerick School of Art and Design in Limerick City. 344 kata lagi


Sophisticated 'mini-brains' add to evidence of Zika's toll on fetal cortex (ScienceDaily & Cell)

Studying a new type of pinhead-size, lab-grown brain made with technology first suggested by three high school students, researchers have confirmed a key way in which Zika virus causes microcephaly and other damage in fetal brains: by infecting specialized stem cells that build its outer layer, the cortex. 11 kata lagi

Stem And Progenitor Cells

Stem cells may help pinpoint patient-specific painkiller (MNT & Science TM)

Researchers have created patient-specific, in vitro models of an extreme pain disorder using neurons generated from the patients’ stem cells. The researchers used the induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived neurons to test an experimental drug, which relieved pain attacks in some patients. 56 kata lagi

Stem And Progenitor Cells