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4th of July

first Happy 4th of July! I know that I’m a few days late but we have been pretty busy lately. Right now we are just waiting for paperwork to get to our case manager and hopefully by Monday we will have all the paperwork and it will be sent to us and the UVF Clinic. 47 kata lagi


Editing stem cell genes will "revolutionize" biomedical research (Phys.org & Cell Stem Cell)

Applying a dramatically improved method for “editing” genes to human stem cells, University of Wisconsin-Madison professor of neuroscience Su-Chun Zhang has shown a new way to silence genes in stem cells and their progeny at any stage of development. 9 kata lagi

Embryonic Stem Cells And Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Stem Cell Articles 04/07/15

A Long Non-coding RNA, LncMyoD, Regulates Skeletal Muscle Differentiation by Blocking IMP2-Mediated mRNA Translation (Dev Cell)

Allogenic iPSC-derived RPE cell transplants induce immune response in pigs: a pilot study ( 216 kata lagi

Embryonic Stem Cells And Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Quick Update - UPSC Civils Results Declared

We at UjwalAndhra are happy to announce that  Atul Kulkarni of our team successfully cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam, with All India Rank 180. 162 kata lagi

Atul Kulkarni

New measurements reveal differences between stem cells for treating retinal degeneration (EurekAlert & Cell Stem Cell)

By growing two types of stem cells in a “3-D culture” and measuring their ability to produce retinal cells, a team lead by St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital researchers has found one cell type to be better at producing retinal cells. 83 kata lagi

Embryonic Stem Cells And Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

Autonomy for Automatons 101

I have come to hate the word autonomy when it is used in the context of education.  Why?

Quite simply, because it is the most overplayed word in the world of “ed reformers”.   1.072 kata lagi

Gayle Cosby

Mission Possible: Corporate-Class Security for Home Networks

“The average zero-day attack lasts 10 months before detection.”
2014—University of Maryland

“Zero-day vulnerabilities are available for purchase on widely accessible sites and highly vetted marketplaces.”

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