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Berry Bulletin May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017

Crop development: Day- neutral strawberries are being harvested! The earliest areas have begun to harvest day-neutrals, and the rest of the province is close behind. 376 kata lagi

Insects And Diseases

Now, where'd I put that soapbox??

Ah, I found it… and now I’m standing on it. It’s about pesticides. Our association sprayed (“EPA approved lower risk”) pesticides again yesterday. They made a wide berth around me, the crazy lady in the driveway holding the pitchfork.  373 kata lagi

New Hampshire

Welcome May 24 Weekend!

May 24 long weekend is here!  Although it may not be our provincial bird, the common loon has a signature call that is well known and often tied to fond memories of camping and cottaging (Photo: Radio Canada).   2.668 kata lagi

Jen Llewellyn

Berry Bulletin May 19, 2017

May 19, 2017

Crop development: crops have slowly been advancing with the cool weather last week. Growers have been protecting against frost after a couple cold nights last week- a bit of damage has been seen on strawberries where irrigation or row covers were not used. 387 kata lagi

Insects And Diseases

Bumper Crop Of Mosquitoes And Other Pests Expected

This year’s April showers left plenty of puddles in their wake. Perhaps puddle is an understatement. Rather, we had extensive flooding, which left a lot of standing water, and standing water is mosquitoes’ favorite breeding grounds. 380 kata lagi

Tree Care

Kenya gets new production facility to control crop pest

By Sam Otieno. Reblogged from SciDevNet

A facility has been launched in Kenya to aid commercial production of a protein bait to control fruit flies in Sub-Saharan Africa. 671 kata lagi


Welcome LO Nursery Scout and OMAFRA Students!

Welcome to our new 2017 LO Nursery Scout and OMAFRA Summer Student!           Melissa Huntley (left) and Andrea Badder (right) have been working diligently to scout for pests and abiotic issues in nursery crops.   321 kata lagi

Jen Llewellyn