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Indeks Pembangunan Manusia Kota Tebing Tinggi Tahun 2013

Menurut UNDP, definisi pembangunan manusia adalah sebagai suatu proses untuk memperluas pilihan-pilihan bagi penduduk. Penduduk ditempatkan sebagai tujuan akhir sedangkan upaya pembangunan dipandang sebagai sarana untuk mencapai tujuan. 349 kata lagi


Insect identification resources

Being able to identify common insects in your berry stand will help you understand the relationships between plants and insects to help you become a better manager. 339 kata lagi

Pollination, Pollinators

Quick note on Integrated Pest Management, what it's for, and why it's important (& a Globe theatre connection)

I know, not the most thrilling topic, but IPM is something vitally important to all museums and protection of their collections. Bug traps, one of the many forms of IPM, can be seen in any collections store I can think of, and you may even notice a few tucked into corners of larger displays. 318 kata lagi


Organic Management of Diamondback Moth and Similar Insects

The diamondback moth is one of several species of moths and butterflies whose larvae feed on cabbage and related crucifers in New York. Plans to test a genetically engineered diamondback moth at the NY Agriculture Experiment Station in Geneva NY have been in the news recently. 511 kata lagi

Staff Afield

The Good Grower: What's it All About?

Sustainable farming means different things to different people.

At a very basic level, sustainable means “the ability to continue a defined behavior indefinitely.”

At an agro-industrial level, “sustainable” means massive off-farm (and usually petroleum-based) inputs from chemical companies that keep profits high and accountability low. 301 kata lagi

There is no "I" in IPM; it's all about TEAM.

This article by Janet Hurley of Texas A&M AgriLife is about school IPM programs; I thought it was worth sharing region-wide.

Integrated pest management (IPM) is like football.  324 kata lagi


Rice pests are no longer winning: the Khmer Smile is back

Contributed by Heng Chunn Hy and Ho Chea, General Department of Agriculture, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Hy Broey, a farmer from Choeung Tik Khor village in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia, came with her problem to the… 411 kata lagi

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