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Tiny Bugs with a BIG Bite!

I’m going to take a moment to vent too ….. I happen to be one of the folks who can’t enjoy the outdoors right now around my home because of all of these tiny, black bugs that bite like the dickens! 623 kata lagi

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Get Ready for Fall Dormant Oil Applications

Today marks the first day of Autumn.  And with it another interesting calendar event, the Autumn Equinox.  Like the Spring Equinox (March 21), the Autumn Equinox marks a unique period of time where the length of daylight and night time hours are pretty much equal.   723 kata lagi

Jen Llewellyn

New Statesman | Are we trying too hard to be liberal about gender?

When I was four, my role model was a small cartoon mongrel dog with a formidable talent for swordsmanship. Or swordswomanship, because I was convinced that Dogtanian (of… 173 kata lagi


Unwanted Herbivores in the Nursery and Landscape

Last fall and winter was one that I’ll always remember.  The rodent population went NUTS and we had a lot of feeding damage on nursery and landscape plants.   470 kata lagi

Jen Llewellyn

A Fresh Taste of Farming ... the 2016 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo

The 2016 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM) – Come enjoy A Fresh Taste of Farming at the 2016 International Plowing Match and Rural Expo (IPM). 483 kata lagi

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Tomato fruit rots

There are many potential causes of fruit rot in tomato. In processing crops, we often see them when crop maturity is getting ahead of harvest. 553 kata lagi

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Stink Bug Alert!

Hannah Fraser, Entomologist – Horticulture, OMAFRA – Guelph

Vegetable and fruit growers should be on the look-out for signs of stink bugs in their fields and orchards. 471 kata lagi

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