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A rodent was spotted in the garden. Earlier this summer a few plots lost some melons. While the evidence is only circumstantial … accusations were made. 503 kata lagi


IPM Leader receives Excellence in Extension Award

At their national meeting in August, the American Phytopathological Society recognized Center for Integrated Pest Management Director Frank Louws with the Excellence in Extension award for his outstanding Extension activities. 476 kata lagi


Cooperative Extension professional hosts pesticide drop-off event

by Catherine Clabby, NC Health News

For most people in farming with a bulging to-do list, rain is a disruptor. Not for Walter Adams this week in Lenoir County, where he hosted a pesticide drop-off event. 615 kata lagi


IPM Market Exploration

Exploration seeks to find markets with a current or developing need for your technology or solution. It is an efficient, focused process for innovation.

Strategic Marketing

IPM Market Validation

Once a new opportunity appears to be worthwhile or an existing solution is cresting, it should be validated by market thought leaders before you make a substantial commitment to pursue further investments in it.

Strategic Marketing

IPM Positioning and Branding

Addressing important unmet needs and providing customers with differential advantages in their markets is critical to building brand equity. If done correctly the market will embrace the value offered, resulting in your company achieving its true potential.

Strategic Marketing

IPM Adoption Strategy

Not all sales are equal. IPM delivers the critical path for rapid acceleration of awareness and adoption of your innovation, with the primary objectives of shortening time-to-money and reaching the early market as quickly as possible.

Strategic Marketing