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Happy Summer Solstice (Yesterday) Eh?

Many of you have noticed yellowing leaves and leaf drop on our beloved river birch (Betula nigra). They seem to do this every year after 2-3 weeks of high temperatures.  1.480 kata lagi

Jen Llewellyn

During one of his first tasks as a Teaching Museum Trainee at Lynn Museum, Andrew Tullett discovers a surprising fact…

Not all visitors are welcome in our museums. Some manage to gain access behind the scenes without permission and, if left unchallenged, can cause permanent damage to the objects on display or in storage. 454 kata lagi

Northeast IPM Center announces recipients of 2018 Partnership Grants

To see this on the Northeast IPM Center website, go to:   http://neipmc.org/go/aBae

In 2018, the Northeastern IPM Center awarded more than $300,000 for research and outreach through its IPM Partnership Grants, a competitive funding program. 434 kata lagi


Other Bugs.

Confession: Before Master Gardener training I was, despite being a Biologist by trade, firmly on the squeamish side regarding anything bug related. I mean, butterflies and ladybugs were A-OK, but anything else? 558 kata lagi


IPM dan Ketimpangan Sosial

Oleh : Bagong Suyanto,
Guru Besar Departemen Sosiologi FISIP Universitas Airlangga
Kompas, 8 Mei 2018

IPM dan Ketimpangan Sosial

Meskipun Indeks Pembangunan Manusia Indonesia 2017 meningkat, bahkan melebihi target APBN Perubahan 2017, angka kenaikan- nya tidak terlalu menggembirakan. 819 kata lagi

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The Enemy Returns: Rose Chafer Beetles

Alas, Rose Chafer beetle season is upon us here at the Gardens of Box and Bay. A three to six week onslaught of mating, flying, wriggling masses of bland beetles with a voracious appetite and no known predators. 756 kata lagi


Upcoming IPM Workshops for Landscape, Arboriculture and Garden Centre Professionals!

Looking for a fun, educational workshop to brush up on your plant health knowledge and skills?  Looking to network with other professionals? Have I got the workshop for you! 150 kata lagi

Jen Llewellyn