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Late blight update - July 28

To date, I know of no confirmed cases of late blight in Ontario, but there have been a couple of reports out of Michigan (on potatoes). 745 kata lagi

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Pepper weevil in field peppers

Pepper weevil is not usually given much thought in field peppers in Ontario, but from time to time it might be found in a localized area. 360 kata lagi

Pest Management

How to tell if you have chinch bug damage

Georgia FACES is the source of the following post. Original recommendations are for Georgians, but the information contained in the article is useful for homeowners throughout the Southeast. 610 kata lagi


The Thursday Report - July 21

Environment Canada is calling for very hot and humid weather to continue into this weekend and early next week.  There is a 40-50% chance of precipitation in southern Ontario for tomorrow, with a greater chance of showers on Monday.   1.929 kata lagi

Jen Llewellyn

New Insect Pests in Vegetable Crops: Leek Moth and Swede Midge

We have a couple of new pests in New England. Neither have yet been documented in New Hampshire, but they are both present in Vermont and we expect that they will arrive here soon, if they are not already here. 529 kata lagi


Multiple tactics necessary for kudzu eradication

In ARS News

By Sandra Avant, Agricultural Research Service

According to a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) study, the use of combined management programs can control kudzu more quickly than individual methods in use today. 244 kata lagi


Milkweed Menagerie

By now we all know Monarch butterflies flock to Milkweed. And if you have been caring for Milkweeds planted for the Monarchs you have noticed that a lot of other insects find these plants appealing as well. 731 kata lagi