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Plant Disease: Fungus for your Thoughts

Brian Aldiss’s novel Hothouse takes place in a world that’s stopped spinning, with one side of planet Earth forever facing the Sun, and in which the existing life forms have either been wiped out by the world’s climate extremes or have adapted in monstrous ways to compete for survival. 561 kata lagi


Federal inspections report rodents, unsanitary worker practices behind egg recall

A report from the Food and Drug Administration reports rodents and unsanitary conditions at a North Carolina egg distributor linked to a major salmonella contamination. It’s a case where lack of integrated pest management had serious health consequences and created food safety issues. 269 kata lagi


Webinar: Considerations for Dissemination and Adoption of School-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs

Dr. Leslie Cunningham-Sabo will present a webinar titled “Considerations for Dissemination and Adoption of School-Based Childhood Obesity Prevention Programs” from 3- 4 pm Eastern on April 23, 2018. 229 kata lagi


Kunci Sukses Dunia Akhirat

ADIWERNA – Sebagai tunas muda bangsa harus dibimbing dan diberikan pembelajaran yang benar dan rutin, tentunya pengajian adalah pilihan yang sangat tepat. Disamping sebagai media mencari ilmu, pengajian juga sebagai media untuk mengisi rohani anak-anak muda kita dari hal-hal yang kadang kurang tepat mengerjakannya. 184 kata lagi


IPM For The Herb Garden

Designed as an alternative to the rampant use of insecticides in agriculture, Integrated Pest Management has proven to be an effective means of promoting healthy growth in the backyard garden as well.

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Herb Garden

But Baby, It's Cold Outside

Remember this?  This is what apple scab did to many of our older, susceptible crabapple cultivars in 2017.  Which means there is likely a lot of disease inoculum hanging around on overwintered foliage, waiting. 486 kata lagi

Jen Llewellyn

Wapres Jusuf Kalla Buka Rakornas Perpustakaan 2018: Penguatan Literasi Masuk Dalam Prioritas Pembangunan Nasional

Sebagai ‘mantan’ anak perpustakaan zaman old, setelah sekian lama diresmikan akhirnya saya baru bisa berkunjung perdana ke gedung Perpusnas baru, hari Senin lalu (26 Maret). Sekaligus mendapat kesempatan meliput langsung pembukaan… 537 kata lagi

My Journey