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Singing Happy Birthday to iphone!

Keep calm and wish iPhone a happy 10th birthday!

Nothing could match the joy of an article like this getting published at the exact same time (9:42 am) during the…

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Notre Dame Basilica✨

I am obsessed with Old Montreal. I feel a strong connection to this place that is beyond what I can explain. Before visiting this gorgeous area, I would look up pictures, Instagram pages and anything that was related to it. 546 kata lagi


Day 4

I wish I was to day 30 already! I am horrible at completing things. Maybe that’s why I need to stick to this daily challenge until I finish. 157 kata lagi


Just a Decade Ago

This has nothing in particular to do with the Outback, but I thought it was worth drawing attention to the fact that today marks exactly ten years since the first Apple iPhone was sold in 2007. 136 kata lagi

The iPhone Turns 10 Years Old This Month | Wordpress Obsessed

It is hard to believe, but the Apple iPhone turns 10 years old this week. After a rough start at birth, the device has changed the world in just 10 short years.

Hunting Space Aliens at the Library - with a Pistol

At a lecture on space aliens at the Tyler Public Library in the conference room.

Welcome to Texas.