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iCloud: an iPhone 3G Advantage (Revisited)

Previously, I wrote this post about using iCloud functionality on an iPhone 3G.  The short version was that it could be done, but you had to turn off two-factor authentication on your iCloud account to make it work.   428 kata lagi

IPhone 3G

A story: charging older iOS devices

Now, this is an odd tale.  So odd in fact that I was originally sure I must be doing something wrong, or that my phone’s hardware must have been faulty.   840 kata lagi

IPhone 3G

Photography - Close-up of a cat

Here’s iPhone 3G:

And here’s iPad Pro:

This is another one that makes it pretty clear just how far Apple’s mobile cameras have come.  I tried as best as I could to make the distance and position in each shot identical, and you can really see a crystal-clear difference in quality here. 84 kata lagi

IPhone 3G