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Apple’s Revolutionary iPhone: Then and Now

Apple’s Revolutionary iPhone

by Hannah Oakland

We have all heard of the iPhone: it’s a household name now in 2017. But how did we get where we are today with the iPhone 7? 1.010 kata lagi

IPhone 3G

iCloud: an iPhone 3G Advantage (Revisited)

Previously, I wrote this post about using iCloud functionality on an iPhone 3G.  The short version was that it could be done, but you had to turn off two-factor authentication on your iCloud account to make it work.   428 kata lagi

IPhone 3G

A story: charging older iOS devices

Now, this is an odd tale.  So odd in fact that I was originally sure I must be doing something wrong, or that my phone’s hardware must have been faulty.   840 kata lagi

IPhone 3G

Photography - Close-up of a cat

Here’s iPhone 3G:

And here’s iPad Pro:

This is another one that makes it pretty clear just how far Apple’s mobile cameras have come.  I tried as best as I could to make the distance and position in each shot identical, and you can really see a crystal-clear difference in quality here. 84 kata lagi

IPhone 3G

iCloud: an iPhone 3G advantage

There is a way to connect up an iPhone 3G running iOS 4 to an existing iCloud account, giving it access to all your contacts, calendars and icloud.com e-mail.   897 kata lagi

IPhone 3G

Tethering: an iPhone 3G advantage

Another advantage that’s come to light where the iPhone 3G is concerned is tethering.  Tethering is the ability to use your phone’s Internet connection to provide connectivity for another device.   243 kata lagi

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Apps: an iPhone 3G advantage

In my experience of using the iPhone 3G as my day-to-day phone, I’ve found one distinct advantage that iOS 4 has over 2 and 3.  Specifically, the App Store has a feature for iOS 4 and up that allows you to download old versions of apps. 560 kata lagi

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