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Sunnysides and Radlers

This week one of our sites favourite breweries, Great Lakes Brewing wrapped up a photo contest for one of their beers. Since I decided to enter the contest I figured I might as well review the beer while I was at it. 283 kata lagi

David Campion-Smith

Redline Brewhouse - 454 High Output IPA

Every brewery has a story to tell, and I think that’s one of the best things about the craft beer industry. Each one is unique, and each one was formed from very specific circumstances. 272 kata lagi

Beer Review

Maine Brews

During our brief visit to Maine, for nearly everyone involved, trying the local brews became a daily ritual. Whether it meant sipping from small glasses off a pub flight or downing a full bottle at the house while playing boardgames, sighting “Maine” on the label was a prerequisite. 440 kata lagi

Kitchen | Bar

Belgian IPA Tasting (29/06/16)

For anyone who didn’t read my previous blog on why I’m giving up on making IPA’s for a while, I currently have a lot of IPA to work my way through, including a Belgian, a British and a 9.5% Double. 518 kata lagi


Russian River: Pliny the Elder

There’s some perks to working at a liquor store. One is knowing when Pliny the Elder comes in. For those not in the know, Pliny the Elder is a super rare offering from the Russian River Brewing Company. 217 kata lagi


Brew Day #38 - Melon IPA

With the success of our Peach Wheat Ale and the hot summer days of August quickly approaching, we wanted to create something easy to drink that we’ve never seen or tasted before.   118 kata lagi

Home Brewing

Weird Beard, Howling Hops and Mother Kelly's

Wait a second. Hold up, Yoda. Mother Kelly’s? This is new. I’m up and down Church Street three or four times a week, and today, there’s an exciting new addition. 391 kata lagi