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14th Star Tribute IPA

Tribute = Heady’s cousin?

Tribute – Double IPA
14th Star Brewing Co – Saint Albans, Vermont
ABV: 8.4%
IBU: 65

Beer Advocate: 93


Beer - #608 - 8 Wired - HopWired IPA (a redux)

Back to the future, with a beer that made me smile first time around, and since. This is the standard version of  Hopwired. From the keg. 740 more words


Flanders Red and Wild & Sour Yosemite: Perfect Pour Craft Beer Podcast #98

We’re just sitting around wondering when somebody is going to do a macro beer podcast. We wonder this while we hang out with our buddy Dave R. 105 more words

Craft Beer

SH2.03: Ticket to ride! Surplus heroes shill for fugees!

The Surplus Heroes

The Bad’n’Ruin: a double-hop Kitty (Keiten) class starship. Sports a good mix of cargo space and cabins, and generally no need to use iceboxes (Low Passage). 2.821 more words


Brewmaster Jack Ambrewsia

This beer review is blog post #300 on Hoppy Boston. I am proud to be almost two years into writing this blog and going strong. I am still having a blast tasting beer, writing reviews and trying to mix in other types of posts to keep things fresh. 413 more words

Beer Review

Brewdog - Jack Hammer West Coast IPA 7.2 ABV

Brewdog – Jack Hammer West Coast IPA

When I started started getting into craft beer several years ago, I remember distinctly coming across Jack Hammer and being slightly scared of its 7.2% ABV, I remember saying to my friend “isn’t that close to super tennents?!?” I always have a chuckle thinking of that moment. 271 more words



Brewer: Lagunitas

Served: 22 ox bottle

Style: IPA

ABV: 8

Review: The brew pours a clear bright orange with a white head.

Aroma off this brew is of sweet herbal floral pine with an orange marmalade candy and some sweet flowers. 86 more words