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There’s a new buzzword in town and it’s “Digital Workspace”.

There’s a new buzzword in town and it’s “Digital Workspace”.

I’m not a great fan of buzzwords and often they serve the needs of marketing hype without any substance, with a tendency to create more confusion and uncertainty than clarity and understanding; at their worst they provide a new bandwagon to people who like to think that they are ready adopters to jump aboard, regardless of the direction the horses are heading or the robustness of their chosen means of conveyance! 801 kata lagi


What do YOU call Home(page)?

The first page I see when I open a browser on my work laptop is the intranet. That was the case in my previous job and in my current one. 379 kata lagi

Do More With SharePoint

Intranets - A Powerful Solution For Small Business Owners

Because I am a small business owner and part of my job entails working closely with co workers, contractors and clients, I have to frequently share documents with all parties involved. 367 kata lagi

Executive blogging? Hmm...

Blogging by senior management appears to be an ongoing struggle. I wrote about it earlier and remarked that it is not for everyone.
In my opinion, key success factors are: 392 kata lagi

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