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From “relevance” to the KPIs that measure communication quality & impact

Summary: In the long run the concept of “relevance” will undoubtedly replace the attempt to provide intranets that users can customise or personalise. Relevance targeting is driven by purposeful communications and clear objectives on the sender’s side. 845 kata lagi

Social Biz Strategy

Intranet governance book – print edition

When I first started as an intranet manager, many years ago, I didn’t know where to find good practices or guidance. Blogs came along that shared people’s experiences and, over time, accepted approaches used. 375 kata lagi


Social Media and the Intranet - Is it Enough?

Alexander Wolfe (The Wolfe’s Den) commented in a recent article entitled Enterprise 2.0: Confronting 2.0’s Dirty Little Secret:
“At the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston, there’s been frank discussion this week of the question average users have been whispering (so that…

Helppouden ansa

”Olisi tämä bisnes kaikkinensa paljon helpompaa, jos viesti menisi perille ja henkilöstömme työpanos olisi sen mukaista, että haluamamme muutokset toimeenpantaisiin. Tuntuu vain siltä, että on tolkuton viive ennen kuin oikeasti alkaa tapahtua ja silloin olla jo pahasti myöhässä”-totesi eräs toimitusjohtaja palaverissamme. 600 kata lagi

Back to school for the Emerald team...

…well not literally, but our latest school website launched on September 3rd this year, the day before the children at Chailey school went back after their summer break. 141 kata lagi


Music, art, IT and baby massage - all in a day's work at Oasis.

The new Oasis website www.oasis-venue.co.uk  is as colourful as the characters operating the venue – and the range of activities and learning available really do offer “something for everyone”. 123 kata lagi