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Jaringan komputer (jaringan) adalah jaringan telekomunikasi yang memungkinkan antar komputer untuk saling bertukar data. Tujuan dari jaringan komputer adalah agar dapat mencapai tujuannya, setiap bagian dari jaringan komputer dapat meminta dan memberikan layanan (service). 1.034 kata lagi


And the new Intranet is called . .

Intranets today are place to do things a tool that supports collaborative work practices allowing employees to achieve outcomes.

They can truly engage your employees and connect them with company’s information and various systems. 575 kata lagi


Week 1: Internet 101

Hi world, I’m finally back to blogging and I never thought it would be for a school assignment or project. I use to own some rather embarrassing blogs and I’m still a proud owner of a… 818 kata lagi

Is your intranet a campaigning tool?

Have you been asked to support a campaign or issue that you feel strongly about?  I don’t mean someone asking you in the same room.  I am talking about finding out using social media like Facebook posts or tweets on Twitter. 452 kata lagi


Getting Into Intranet

Everyone has their morning routine:  drive intowork, fire up your laptop (which is likely outdated making this a twenty-minute activity), and settle in to enjoy your second K-cup of the morning. 1.316 kata lagi

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