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Sharing intranet experiences with peers

The intranet is something employees expect just to work, but doesn’t give much thought to. They have work to do. On the contrary Kester Seibert… 316 kata lagi


Intranet managers: it's time to get above ourselves

To get above yourself: to start to think that you are more important than you really are.

That’s Macmillan Dictionary’s definition.  It strikes me as a particularly British expression, combining just the right amount of disapproval, inverted snobbery and judgement, along with an ingrained sense that everyone should know. 744 kata lagi

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Google's redesigned Google Sites goes live

For the longest time, Google Sites felt like the forgotten app in Google’s productivity suite. Earlier this year, though, the company announced that it would finally give Sites a full overhaul. 320 kata lagi


300! (intranet promotion videos)

After some additions and, sadly, some weeding of videos that were deleted or put behind a password, I have finally crossed the 300-line!!!

Some things that have happened since… 213 kata lagi


Introducing the Intranet cart

Our users told us: ‘I wish I could choose my content on the Intranet and download it in one go’. We delivered them an Intranet cart and this generated some interest when I presented our new Intranet during the… 365 kata lagi


Making sense of SharePoint with out-of-the-box intranets

It’s reckoned that 70% of intranets run on Microsoft SharePoint. It’s been the lead in the Gartner quadrants for enterprise content management and enterprise social… 662 kata lagi