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North Korea: 28 Websites

North Korea only has 28 websites! (source) At first my mind was quite blown. Even in a heavily censored country where few have access to the internet, how is permitted information stored and distributed? 255 kata lagi


Company Intranet - Office 365 Sites using Terms Store Management and Taxonomy

Using the Term Store Management tool and Taxonomy for navigation and a quick links section for documents and links that staff request frequently.

First create a document library to load documents… 87 kata lagi


The Value of Digital Signage Content Automation

Content Marketing and Marketing Automation are today’s hot topics. This is due to the fact that there are several business benefits in automating and streamlining marketing processes over multiple channels. 500 kata lagi

Content Strategy

How Social and Community intranets die

Silver bullets and Unicorns

Well it’s doing the rounds so it must be a “Cool” thing to do – we can build a new intranet and make it ‘Social’ 818 kata lagi


Iran is giving its citizens fast internet, but cutting them off from the rest of the online world

Iranian officials aren’t explicitly banning internet access, but they are doing everything they can to wean residents off the world wide web and steer them toward a local, walled alternative. 429 kata lagi