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Deadlines and the dishwasher

Deadlines. They’re a double-edged sword, aren’t they? They focus the mind – but also put us under pressure. What I do like about them, though, is they challenge our instinct to procrastinate. 107 more words

ACCA’s intranet Arthur, two years after launch

ACCA, the Association for Chartered Certified Accountants, is a global professional body offering a leading qualification for accountants. It launched its ThoughtFarmer-based social intranet called Arthur in 2013. 1.082 more words


From Dan Holme at IT Unity: Painful Intranet & Portal Problems? Solved.

Almost every customer with which I’ve worked has suffered at least one of two common problems with their SharePoint/Office 365 intranet and portal environment. The first is trying build a high-value, effective intranet – particularly when an organization doesn’t understand SharePoint’s capabilities well enough, yet, to tease out good requirements from the business, or when architect and developer resources are scarce. 211 more words


Measuring the unmeasurable benefits

Having a good governance framework supporting your strategy helps you to manage your intranet better.  The benefits people using the intranet will experience include:

  • Consistently good experience whenever they access it…
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SharePoint – The obvious choice for AXCOM, our Intranet product

Intranets are part of most organizations. Most employees use the intranet only for basic functions such as viewing organization information, reading up company policies, payroll information and finding other corporate content. 262 more words