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Intranets - A Powerful Solution For Small Business Owners

Because I am a small business owner and part of my job entails working closely with co workers, contractors and clients, I have to frequently share documents with all parties involved. 367 kata lagi

Information Architecture

When I say the big, technical term “information architecture,” most people stop listening¬†or think I’m making the subject up. Nope. It’s a thing! A visual, logical, intentional thing. 294 kata lagi

Information Architecture


The SharePoint home page in Office 365 is where you can easily find and access SharePoint sites and portals within your organization. If enabled by your administrator, you can also quickly create new team sites from the SharePoint home page. 1.033 kata lagi


Firewall is a program or hardware device that is used for filter the information through coming from internet connection into your private network and computer system. 105 kata lagi

Networks And Clouds

4 ways to measure intranet benefits

It is not enough to set up a governance framework to underpin your strategy. They are prerequisites for a well-managed intranet.¬† You also need to measure and demonstrate the benefits the intranet provides for your organisation, especially if your… 438 kata lagi