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「Ubuntu」のCanonical、IPOを検討中--創業者M・シャトルワース氏インタビュー [ #cbajp ]

OpenStack Summitで行われたインタビューで、「Ubuntu Linux」を開発しているCanonicalの創業者Mark Shuttleworth氏は、同社の新規株式公開(IPO)を検討していることを明らかにした。Canonicalは、同氏が個人的に出資して2004年に設立した非公開企業だ。まだ最終的な決断を下したわけではないものの、Shuttleworth氏は「株式公開を真剣に検討している」と発言した。



An Interview with Author Hanya Yanagihara

If you’ve spoken to me in the past couple months, you’ve heard me going on (and on) about “A Little Life.” Well, I fangirled enthusiastically enough that author Hanya Yanagihara agreed to discuss the book with me. 1.620 more words

Book Review

Cloud 9

Before I talk about today I want to tell you guys how last night went! My little sister Stephanie and I ended up going from Bakerstreet Pub to Buffalo Wild Wings to watch the Rockets play! 302 more words


Ghost face Killah - I've Confused Action Bronson's Voice w/ My Own

Ghostface Killah addressed comments that Action Bronson sounds a lot like him, and the Wu-Tang emcee admitted that there have been times when even he’s confused Bronsolino’s voice with his own. 52 more words


Life Lessons With Kris: Botched Interviews

I’ve gone on a lot of interviews lately. It hits me how much of a lottery it really is when I go, rock their socks off and then get a call back saying they’ve gone with someone else. 1.550 more words


Smoke, Mirrors, and Rage: What to Avoid on the Job Hunt

Rage might be a strong word, but today it was how I felt after I was duped.  I moved to Nashville with high hopes, hopes that are still intact.  907 more words