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Bruce Jenner comes out as transgender, says 'I am a woman'

NEW YORK (AP) – In the 1970s, Bruce Jenner was a symbol of American masculinity as an Olympic champion. Nearly 40 years later, in an extraordinary television interview, Jenner told the world that he identifies as a woman and has felt gender confusion since he was a little boy growing up in the New York suburbs. 870 more words


An Interview with Myself

The other day someone asked me what I would do if this “writing thing took off” and I “got famous” . . .I blanched, of course.

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Interview: Sookie Shuen, Social Media Executive of The Hotel Collection

Not too long ago I caught up Sookie Shuen, the social media executive of The Hotel Collection. Sookie talked about her job, her duties and gave advice on how to make it into the marketing and PR industry. 628 more words


Congrats To Sam Wiebe

The Crime Writers of Canada announced the 2015 Arthur Ellis Awards Shortlists for Crime Writing this week. Among the finalists for “Best First Novel” was Sam Wiebe for… 346 more words

Out of all the videos I have watched on YouTube and off the Vogue channel, although it is quite old, I have to say this is one of favorite. 159 more words


Interview: Andy Allo, On Her New EP, Cameroon, And Prince

If you take the subway or have a TV, you’ve likely seen Andy Allo. Her face shows up frequently on train ads, and her… 1.083 more words


Bruce Jenner is a HERO

I know that Jenner spoke about helping the LGBTQ community during the interview last night. I am so glad Jenner did! the interview was done so amazingly well and my heart bursts with joy for Jenner and every other Trans* woma, man and child who will benefit from how eloquent and genuine Jenner was. 183 more words