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Today I get lucky to catch Sir Geoffrey Owen, the former editor of The Financial Times, Senior Fellow of London School of Economics… 625 kata lagi

By Carl

An Alumni at Campus

This week in the Renyi Hour (RH), we had an interesting speaker – Jordan McIver, a BGSE Data Science alumni. He tried to show the class of 2016 what is actually like to be a data scientist in the real world. 639 kata lagi

Master Activities

Interview - Cocoa by L

Morning beauties. How have you been? Sorry I only posted once last week but I’ve been suffering with insomnia (more on that at a later date) and the post I was working on, didn’t get finalised in time. 681 kata lagi


Yr 13 Final CAS Interviews by 18 March

This is the summative interview for CAS. You cannot receive an IB Diploma without completing CAS.  So, this interview is quite important.

As the CAS deadline is… 394 kata lagi

PACE trial and other clinical data sharing: patient privacy concerns and parasite paranoia

Data sharing is all over academic news now. We had Research Parasites, a noxious species of scientists who want to analyse others’ published data without granting its “owners” co-authorships and a certain control over the interpretations. 2.181 kata lagi

Bonnie Lythgoe x From L.A to SYD

Bonnie Lythgoe, does the name sound familiar? Most probably if you’re a passionate dancer, musical theatre lover or an aspiring artist. Bonnie Lythgoe has gone from co-creating one of the decade’s most popular and loved dance reality shows to producing and directing some of the biggest musical theatre productions under her own established banner of “ 127 kata lagi