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Mango People In Banana Republic

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2 Stages to Boosting Your Emotional Intelligence

You have probably heard the clichéd term Emotional Intelligence or Emotional Quotient and that Emotional Intelligence or EQ skills are more important than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). 634 kata lagi

Intelligence Quotient

Writing Fantasy

Hello to all the Archer’s Aim readers! Today, I thought I would address some questions which I received on Goodreads where someone asked me about my approach is to writing fantasy. 15 kata lagi


The Impact of Advanced Social Intelligence on Marketing

With the vast amount of information available online today, there is a huge amount of intelligence available as well. This intelligence allows you to improve upon what you are already doing in your business and it also allows you to keep your edge against the competition. 713 kata lagi

Intelligence Quotient

No High IQ Here

I often see the question on a question/answer website:

Are people with Aspergers always higher intelligence? Can they be average too?

Those with Asperger’s Syndrome (AS) must by definition have suffered no cognitive delay during their first 3 years of life.  548 kata lagi

Mental Might

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.

-Stephen Hawking

On the road to becoming healthier and more efficient, I have developed a new diet, self-care regimen, exercise schedule, and even gotten a hobby to network and socialize.

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Foreign Languages

Teaching Philosophy: Test scores, labels, and what actually matters


If there’s one thing we can bet on as teachers, it’s that the tests and curriculum you’re using one year will be completely out and swapped for the new latest and greatest thing by next fall.  890 kata lagi