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Rehabilitating Reagan, Bush and Other GOP Chuckleheads

Why should we find it at all surprising?

George W. Bush, our 43rd president, once written off by the pundits and comedic agit/prop of the ruling class as the biggest presidential cipher since Warren Gamaliel Harding, is now… 877 kata lagi

Jim Langcuster

HuffPost Morning Email: October 19th, 2017

HuffPost Morning Email: October 19th, 2017, Trump turned a call for a fallen soldier into another Gold Star firestorm.

By Lauren Weber

Thursday, October 19…

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The President's I.Q. vs. the Late Night Comics

The topic of all the late night comedy show monologues on Tuesday night was all too predictable. In an interview with Forbes Magazines published Tuesday morning President Donald Trump boasted of his scores on intelligence quotient tests, and that’s like catnip to all the catty and Trump-hating comics on late night television. 426 kata lagi


Big Think's list of world's smartest people

Ten bests lists, and the like, should not be taken too seriously. Generally, a question such as “who was the greatest musician,” is really just a chance to talk about talent and accomplishment. 136 kata lagi

Don’t Ever Forget Wisdom

Indonesia has a peculiar obsession with IQ tests. The populace believes that the series of exams are capable of accurately judging one’s intellect, be it in the sphere of academics or otherwise, and that those with high IQ scores are hence guaranteed to succeed in whatever field they choose to pursue. 1.550 kata lagi

IQ vs. EQ- Weighing in What's Important

This article seeks to investigate the two terms of IQ (Intelligence quotient) and EQ (Emotional quotient) and see how both of them can contribute to the benefit of an individual. 668 kata lagi

University Of The Philippines

When you realize all the praise and testimony is about a single-Daddy Freeze takes another swipe at the Hallelujah challenge

Media personality Daddy Freeze has taken another swipe at the popular Hallelujah challenge organised by gospel musican Nathaniel Bassey.
He wrote alongside the image above… 298 kata lagi