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How To Be A Charismatic Leader

We have such a laundry list of things we consider important to effective leadership that I often wonder if a leader could exist who met even half of the requirements. 956 kata lagi


What really makes a smart child? Can you boost your child’s intelligence? Why some kids are more intelligent than other kids? These are but just few of the many questions parents would most likely be asking concerning their children’s capacity to improve their own brains. 639 kata lagi

Brain Development


A good friend of mine who has been successful in both business and as a father and husband highly values what is commonly referred to as EQ or emotional quotient, which many experts agree is even more important for success than your IQ, or intelligence quotient. 798 kata lagi

Beyond The Triangle

Ravens are just as smart as chimps

A paper in Royal Society Open Science:

“Given birds’ small brain size—in absolute terms—yet flexible behaviour, their motor self-regulation calls for closer study. Corvids exhibit some of the largest relative avian brain sizes—although small in absolute measure—as well as the most flexible cognition in the animal kingdom.

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Emotionally Intelligent?

For a long time, employers have been talking about hiring intelligent people, people with a high IQ, or intelligence quotient. But in the past two decades, focus has shifted from IQ to EQ, or… 478 kata lagi


Why I talk to myself

I updated my blog recently. I don’t know that you noticed, so I am taking the logical way out and announcing it. So you know. Which you won’t if you don’t read my blog. 652 kata lagi

Last Word

Foreign Accents and IQs

I am trying to distract myself from the rolling disaster that is the Republican Party. (I am writing during the 2016 primary season.) Not that I was ever attached to the GOP. 1.825 kata lagi

Cultural Studies