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On Being Of Only Average Intelligence

Around the time that my teen years were to commence, I took an IQ test. My brother had stumbled upon one of HJ Eysenck‘s famous IQ books–it would have been either Know Your Own I.Q. 484 kata lagi


Menjadi Genius dengan Bermain Catur

Cukup banyak orang yang mengetahui catur, tapi sedikit yang mahir memainkannya. Simpulan itu saya dapat kala mengikuti sebuah perlombaan catur anak-anak tingkat RT pada awal 1990-an. 1.138 kata lagi

Bobby Fischer

Writing while taking a dump — No. 54

The end result of modernity is a glossary of human stupidity that taints the human sunkhole with the brown tinge of verbal acquiescence to the shittiness of everything and everyone. 20 kata lagi

Writing While Taking A Dump

Writing while taking a dump — No. 51

The struggle to ‘make time for things’ arises from a fear of time, its haunting efficiency, the oppression of its seemingly universal power. Society tends to amplify these feelings, while personal isolation allows them to be ignored, at least temporarily.

Writing While Taking A Dump

tDCS, reason to reserve judgement

Many of the articles I read on transcranial direct current stimulation follow a similar pattern. The intrepid reporter is strapped with electrodes to the skull and, after reporting a tingling feeling, describes some cognitive benefit from the procedure. 78 kata lagi



When I decided to take this course, I imagined a computer related class where I would learn how to get the best use out of the internet. 787 kata lagi