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What kind of intelligence is best?

There are many types of Intelligence Quotient.

To name a few, Intelligence Quotient, Emotional Quotient,Social Quotient etc. The intelligence which I value the most is Functional Intelligence. 128 kata lagi


Do smart students read more? Or whatever they read understand it clearly what they do? How they are smart?


Smart students have these common points

  • They are persistent.
  • They are infinitely positive with limited self doubt. Why ? Because they believe that they are no special people and they have to learn things.
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Hemant Pandey's answer to What is the dark side of being intelligent (above average IQ), as in being different from others in some way, in terms of academic achievements, thinking, and feeling? - Quora

  1. Overthinking and overanalyzing : Intelligent people read too much between the lines. They are too creative for their own problems and their solutions.They always have double solutions for any answers.
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Motivation And Inspiration

What are characteristics of people with high emotional intelligence (EQ)? What distinguishes them from low EQ people? How could I become a high EQ person?

High EQ people have one disturbing quality which is both boon as well as bane.Before I explain further let me list a few qualities of high EQ people. 449 kata lagi


Big Think's list of world's smartest people

Ten bests lists, and the like, should not be taken too seriously. Generally, a question such as “who was the greatest musician,” is really just a chance to talk about talent and accomplishment. 136 kata lagi

Don’t Ever Forget Wisdom

Indonesia has a peculiar obsession with IQ tests. The populace believes that the series of exams are capable of accurately judging one’s intellect, be it in the sphere of academics or otherwise, and that those with high IQ scores are hence guaranteed to succeed in whatever field they choose to pursue. 1.550 kata lagi