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Over-Sharing: Birth Photography

Saya pernah menulis mengenai fenomena over-sharing tahun lalu. Hingga saat ini, sepertinya tulisan itu masih relevan. Bahkan, sekarang saya ingin menulis kembali mengenai fenomena over-sharing… 1.531 kata lagi



Hi, I’m Sharayia (Shah-Rae-uhh)

I’m 23, like most 23 year olds or anyone in their 20s I’m a bit of a hot mess. Steve Harvey says, “The two most important days in your life are the day your born & the day you figure out why.” The day you were born, is obviously your birthday but “the day you figure out why” is otherwise known as your purpose. 387 kata lagi


Why I Think Volunteering Is Awesome

You might or might not believe, many people have asked me “why would you volunteer? You are essentially working for free and giving your time and skills away – for free!?” in one variation or another and I’m always baffled by the question. 605 kata lagi



I was a part of stampede
Except that I was running with danger

Using special words for disasters

I was sending out invites

When I saw them as people… 6 kata lagi


Some People

Some places
Where you dont belong

Some faces

You used to know

Some people

They leave without a noise

Some fool

Were you to trust blindly… 15 kata lagi



Some goodbyes

Wave down your heart

Beats dance

You try to clean

The tainted glass

Which has been cracked

All your left with are goodbyes… 10 kata lagi