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From point A to point B

We are always traveling from point A to point B.

We were born: point A.

We will die: point B.

This is the most important vector we travel. 255 kata lagi


Just do it.

Close your eyes, envision what you want, and just do whatever it takes to get there. Everybody can talk, give reasons why they’re not doing something, why their dream can only remain a dream. 264 kata lagi


A Barren Furrow

The phone has stopped ringing,

nobody bothers to call,

you can’t really blame them

since it was you who built the wall.

Unable to concentrate… 82 kata lagi



there is a building in the United Arab Emirates, a building so magnificent at sight it compelled admiration. with glass walls that reflected the beautiful the sunrises and sunsets. 163 kata lagi

That's Right! I Did That!

Write a satirical poem based on rumors people have said about you. Remember, it’s hard to enjoy life when you take things too seriously.


Art Sale

When I was 6 or 7, I decided to hold an art sale. I loved coloring. I was good at it. Why not make some money at it? 775 kata lagi