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Twilight Zone

Oh my gosh! Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real and then you wake up only to realize it was just a dream? 236 more words


(ix of swords)

(ix of swords)
sorrow & insomnia
my mind won’t shut up
like a dog barking relentlessly
a hunting dog on a chain
trying trying trying to get free… 84 more words

000. || Insomnia Rambles

street lamps are dark
and the neighbors have finally
collapsed into
their drunken slumber
and the clear sky
is still 43 more words


She’s like a Band-Aid. She sticks with him and heals him. And then he throws her away.


A little thing called Anxiety

So I have to come clean with you. Last blog post I said I was on new medication. Thats because I have crippling anxiety where some days just waking up and getting out of bed is an achievement. 946 more words


Mastications on the Validity of my Sleepless Nights

It would be inaccurate to describe myself as a morning person.

When I say “inaccurate,” let the curves and slopes of the letters of that word tower over you, as artificial and gargantuan a construction as Mount Rushmore, as much a folly as a half-buried statue of Rameses. 516 more words

Metaphysics At Midnight

Night Owl Nice

How Alice felt when she fell down the rabbit hole is how I feel when I wade in to the meaningful Hip-Hop sound. On nights like this I can’t help but wander deep into the musical realm, passing hours of lyrical appreciation. 22 more words