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Counting sheep

I can’t sleep tonight!
I’m tossing and turning,
And bending and yearning.
But dreams elude me
And snooze betrays me!
But I can’t sleep tonight! 100 more words

30 Days of Obedience: Day 8

Since I’m on a roll talking about the many ways that Satan tries to get us off track with God: mega thunderstorms rolled through Oklahoma City last night. 293 more words



Saffron (Crocus sativus), a member of the Iris family, has a 3,000 year history. The name originates from Arabic, zafaren (1500 B.C.) meaning yellow. It is native to Asia Minor, now mainly produced in Iran and exported by Spain. 225 more words

Diary Entry - 23rd March

A few months ago a guy a year below me at school went missing. He was found dead two weeks ago. Today I heard an old school friend has gone missing. 50 more words


Diary Entry - 20th March

It was confirmed today that the girl I’m in love with s in a relationship. I’ve been expecting it for months but I can’t deny that I’m heartbroken. 295 more words


Click -

Echoes through the ether,
Into the airwaves,
Penetrates my door
And perforates my sleeping pattern.
Click. Hiss.
It’s bothers me
To distraction
Click. Hiss. 65 more words

The Phantom

Through a gateless gate, through a narrowness, a victim of an unless succession of thefts, through a thousand thresholds he cannot possess, the phantom rides in a land of rare rocks and high cliffs into the wind. 76 more words