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Snowballing ourselves into happiness, and heath

You may or may not have heard about a molecule called serotonin. If you haven’t, now’s your chance to learn some very relevant information about one of the most interesting molecules in your body. 777 kata lagi


Until the end starts ...

Once upon a time, people began stories like this. And then, in a different time, fireplaces became microwaves, and the days of our lives became twenty-four hours long. 3.063 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Amateur insomniacs

I met an amazing artist when I couldn’t sleep. Back when the yuppie lifestyle of privilege was already starting to look like a cage, back when I didn’t know what was wrong, before there was surgical intervention and major life reveals to come. 491 kata lagi

Assignment 2: Vice Versa

As I said in the assignment preparation post, I decided to photograph a single subject in an environment that they are completely comfortable in and familiar with. 1.257 kata lagi

Gail Albert Halaban

Haiku of the Day, 2/18/2015


My breath long and slow,
Waiting for sleep to take me,
The night never ends.


Busy Days

I have been so crazy busy lately.  Getting even a few hours to relax has been almost impossible.  Sometimes we do need to take a break from life.  93 kata lagi

Weekly Blog February 18th, 2018: Falling Asleep

Hello Internet!

I come to you at the late hours of the night…or early hours of the morning depending on how you look at this. Before I get too far into the subject of this week’s Weekly Blog, I first want to thank you all for all your support this week. 1.511 kata lagi

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