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More on peri-menopause

I’ve had a request for an update on my peri-menopause.  Apologies to my younger, and male, readers to whom this doesn’t apply – be thankful cos it sucks. 1.391 kata lagi


An Introduction to Levinas (Part Five-B)


Note: This is the second half of the fifth part in an ongoing commentary on Emmanuel Levinas’s essay “God and Philosophy” (1974). It’s longer than usual. 3.852 kata lagi


10 Best Grandma Home Remedies For Better Sleep

Thanks to some old grandmother’s home remedies – some in use for more than 100 years, some for a longer time – many continue to recover health in certain cases quickly and homemade.  678 kata lagi

Insomnia thoughts

I am up again in the middle of the night. Right now with a feeling I don’t like – paranoia.

Am I just one of the women you seduce just because you can? 231 kata lagi

22. The Guilt Game

At 2am last night I took a moment to ponder this latest role of mine. Once upon a time I would be unlocking the front door about now, my ears still ringing with music and my heart still skipping with joys of the night just passed. 793 kata lagi

Shiatsu at work

A lot of us spend a lot of our time at work, it can be tiring, stressful & highly-pressured. A lot of employers have recognised the importance of supporting their staff, providing perks & taking care of the well-being of their workforce. 233 kata lagi

Alternative Health

Weeks Twenty-Five and Twenty-Six: Lose/Find

“Find patience enough in yourself to endure, and single-heartedness enough to believe, that you might win increasing trust in what is difficult, and in your solitude amongst other people. 505 kata lagi