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My head is racing
My heart is pounding
These thoughts are hazy
My eyes are blinding
My hands are shaking
My mind is screaming… 67 more words


How To Perfect Your Sleep In 10 Steps

Sleep is generally underrated. I love sleep though, as I’m sure most of you do!

For some reason, it seems that sleep is the first thing that is “given up,” as if it were a luxury. 2.075 more words


Malicious Breeze.

I lay awake tonight
Thinking about the house of cards,
The abode of love.
A malicious breeze
is always on the
horizon it seems.

Recovering Sleep

I slept so well last night that I woke early and charged for my day. I generally sleep really well–although for about a decade in the worst years of being sick, I couldn’t sleep. 268 more words

Lyme Disease

The Restless Sleeper

A little bit of fluff I wrote while suffering serious jetlag I was trying to cure with Keats’poetry last year in Paris: it may or may not reflect both these things an embarrassing amount. 195 more words


Burning Letters, An Effigy to Obscurification

“[I]f you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”   Friedrich Neitzsche

Some bodies seethe tension, radiating worry as distorting heat waves from summer pavement.   186 more words


Team No Sleep

I asked Sleep
To lay with me
So we can embrace
Each other in our
But Insomnia slayed
Him in a jealous
Fit of rage and… 16 more words

Poetic Diction