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Sleep Skills - Sleep hygiene

By David Joel Miller.

Do you have good sleep skills?

How did you learn to get a good night sleep? If you are like many of us, the sleep skills you learned taught you how to have insomnia, bad dreams and a host of other sleep issues. 1.384 kata lagi

Self Help Skills

pink scarf

It’s 3am and my mind is alive with activity. I fell asleep shortly after midnight and here I am wide awake. My thoughts are divided tonight: flea infestation 2015 and my pink scarf…. 175 kata lagi


47 - Run

July 24th

47 – Run

I run for the hills in my head. All the time. I tried to run last night but I was leashed to the floor watching him sleep. 735 kata lagi


SOS: I can’t get to sleep!

I’ve started this SOS series because people tend to need help most when they’re in a crisis. That’s only reasonable. However I want to start out by saying this – wellness works best when it’s integrated into your life as a whole, not if it’s only applied when it’s most needed. 938 kata lagi


Some days ... yet again.

Why is it that my anxiety fills my mind with thoughts of hurt, of hurting, hatred, and wanting to be as far from humanity as possible? 62 kata lagi

Chain-smoking on the Balcony: "The Sooner You Let Go, The Sooner You Will Feel Better"

It’s 11:06 PM and I’m sitting on my new balcony.

I have so many things I’m supposed to write up but I can’t think of anything else except my own inner thoughts. 639 kata lagi


Not too late for worms...

       It’s been a sleepless while. I take impromptu naps these days thanks to a muse. A muse that ideally, i can’t get around. A morbid muse. 766 kata lagi