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"Have a baby, it will be fun" they said

Then I went and had three, and this should be triple fun, applying elementary arithmetics.


Disclaimer: This is not a rant

It’s 2.45am, and I am being subjected to insomnia under duress. 389 kata lagi

Mommy Diaries


Salah satu kisah pendek dari WMD series yang kuposting di wattpad. Kebetulan lagi males posting di lapakku yang berdebu ini. Kapan-kapan kuposting di sini kalau ada koneksi dan kesempatan *plus niat, tentunya*. 16 kata lagi

Cha's Corner

Creative Insomnia

Insomnia. Apparently, it is quite common. Defined as “habitual sleeplessness or inability to sleep,” this is a frustrating part of life for millions of people. Some struggle with getting to sleep. 794 kata lagi


Case of the Missing Energy.

via Daily Prompt: Missing

Every now and then, it happens.

That absent minded sleep fairy forgets to stop by our house, leaving me with a rough night of ‘sleep’ … 674 kata lagi

Thoughts And More....

Genetics, Eugenics, Getting to Sleep, Siddhartha Mukherjee

Dear Diary,

I keep a book on my bed stand to read myself to sleep. This works as long as the book is at least a little difficult to read, but not so difficult that I never want to pick it up. 262 kata lagi

You used me against me

The secrets I keep,
In the silence,
When it’s dark,
While I can’t sleep,
With words echoing in my ears,
These things I bear,
Not a peep, 130 kata lagi


Stars in the sky

​But sleep was an unseen island

in this great expanse of ocean.

He got up and opened the window.

Light fell in with cries of insects. 38 kata lagi