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The pool is deep

Girlie runs to me and says
“owside.” She wants to play
outside in the yard. I gather
courage, presentable clothing
two pairs of shoes and we… 389 kata lagi

It Came Out Of My Head

Musings #106

“I love you. But you are on your own now.”

These words could invoke loneliness at a whole new level. You have someone but only as empathetic as the wall in your room. 77 kata lagi


7 Strange and Annoying Things You'll Hear Outside When You Can't Sleep at 3AM in an East London Suburb

You live in East London, just on the outskirts of the city. You’re lying awake in bed at 3am. You’ve got your alarm set for 6am but you haven’t even had a second of sleep yet. 435 kata lagi

Can't Sleep

Mental Health is not Glamorous.

Hello Beautiful,

I’m Rule. Welcome to my blog. Before we go to far, I want to set the record straight on what this and my future ramblings will pertain to. 394 kata lagi


How to beat insomnia with the lucky seven cure

If you’re a busy person (Who of us is not busy?) you may often receive an unbidden wake-up call at two a.m. On some nights you roll over and fall back to sleep in a few minutes, but more often than not you wind up staring at the dark . 326 kata lagi

Most intense nuance overwhelms the ashes (of) undeniable regret

This is all there is to know. Those in powerful positions had taken the role of god in my life, and I retaliated fiercely. I took my life into my own hands however destructive the results. 137 kata lagi


DepressionDiaries: Way too tired

I hope this works. I’m typing this out on my phone. I’ve just left my grandparents’ house and I am exhausted. I didn’t sleep until 3-4 am last night. 132 kata lagi

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