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As the summer sun was setting
and the shadows ate the clouds
I heard a voice from the valley
A familiar voice from the soils… 76 kata lagi


Menopause and sleepless nights may make women age faster

A pair of studies published by UCLA researchers reports that menopause accelerates biological aging and that insomnia, which often accompanies menopause, also has a clear association with age acceleration. 907 kata lagi



I want to talk about something that has really been weighing on me for some time, and that I think is a big part of some of my struggles. 889 kata lagi


Insomnia - Sleepless Nights

If you read my previous article, you would know that I mentioned that my insomnia is making a return.

I have not been able to sleep at all, and when I do it is very disturbed and intermittent, often leaving me feeling even more tired when I wake up. 454 kata lagi


For All Bad Sleepers.......

There’s a little gang of us on Twitter whom I think of as the Early Risers. You could find us saying the Namaste (hello) to each other at any time from 3.30 in the morning. 493 kata lagi

Health And Well-Being

Sleep is as elusive as hell

I’ve had to resort to sleeping pills again.

After 3 or 4 nights of really unsettled sleep, I resorted to the pills.

I don’t like needing them, but at the same time it’s such a relief to know I’ll actually sleep through the whole night when I take one. 177 kata lagi


Who needs sleep anyway?! Umm..I do!!

Ya’ll know that we have been struggling with getting Jana to sleep.  Last week we had one special “unicorn night” (It was a magical night where she slept a full 7 hours! 445 kata lagi