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Watch "Blue Light Blocking Glasses - How They Help You Sleep"

Sleep is probably the most important thing for our health because this is the best time where our body can fully recover. The immune system strengthens, our muscles grow and we overcome sickness. 205 kata lagi

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Burning leaves and the stillness of November. They came and went; those nights when the fireplace turned the whole house into a sauna. The kind of heat that wakes you from your nightmare, makes you second guess where you are. 69 kata lagi


Going Toward Darkness

Nothing going toward darkness

stops that early, though it moves

haltingly, loitering half-shadowed

between moonbeams, alternately

lobbing fears at your window

and slinking back behind… 47 kata lagi

Saturday 21st October, 2017


I was lying there last night
and I didn’t even notice my eyes were open.
On my side, staring blankly at where you used to sleep. 44 kata lagi


The Freedom to Be Myself

It’s been a fantastic week in terms of elevated mood, six days and counting of feeling like I can accomplish anything and nothing will go wrong! 702 kata lagi

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Stay out

Insomnia is a very harmful illness that is becoming very common these days.

Recent studies are reaffirming what Chinese medicine said centuries ago: Sleeping after midnight is not as beneficial as going to bed earlier.  403 kata lagi


What Rhymes with Zzz’s

What rhymes with zzzz’s?
Please, thoughts leave me be?
Or this racing heart that just won’t ease?
A stomach roiling like the choppy seas?
Oh please, thoughts just leave me be! 229 kata lagi