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i still keep wondering why am here. they are totally tired of me. i know. i feel it. and i hate it.

i still keep thinking why should i be here. 40 kata lagi

Does 5 GHz Disrupt Sleep?

I don’t have a lot of research to back this up. I did find a few links that claimed 5 GHz (or any GHz) WiFi would do various bad things from lowering your IQ to mutating your mitochondria; but nothing I’d call definitive, and a lot of it was whacko prattle. 2.366 kata lagi

Human Interest


I’m lying in bed

many ideas pop around in my head


999 tired sleepy pirates

998 tired sleepy pirates

997 tired sleepy pirates

hours pass by… 22 kata lagi

Human Condition

Off-Label Prescribing for Insomnia: What to Expect

Several drugs approved for insomnia are in the doghouse these days, and physicians are doing a fair amount of off-label prescribing. What medications should we expect to be prescribed in lieu of zolpidem (Ambien) and temazepam (Restoril)? 1.047 kata lagi


Lavender Essential Oil

Diffusing Lavender makes nights a little less restless, when I’m feeling stressed out about things I cannot control. Insomnia is something I’ve dealt with on and off since I was 12 years old. 76 kata lagi

Yoga Nidra for Sleep

Sleep is essential for nearly all animals – and that includes us. It’s a time when the body and mind can restore and renew, process experiences, and consolidate memories. 1.340 kata lagi

Thursday 24th December

3.45am – today’s side effects, brought to you by Infliximab

Good news – I’m free! Bad news – I feel like shit.

Well, when I first woke up (at 1.15am) I didn’t feel bad; rather, my mind was racing – I felt as though I had slept a lot longer than three hours thanks to that viscerally wired feeling you get as a steroid side-effect. 1.216 kata lagi

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