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Day Twenty-nine

I’m having mixed emotions about the fact that I’m almost done treatment. Some of me is so relieved that it is nearing an end because of the time commitment and travel it requires five days a week for so many weeks. 547 kata lagi


Can't sleep... but can't figure out why not?

Let me tell you how I used to sleep. Like a baby. Like an angel. Like the dead. Like all of the similes that describe really really good sleep. 583 kata lagi

Naturopathic Medicine

I took down the pope

Apparently ex-pope Benedict must have done something to me which involved breaking into my apartment and probably my car as well. What did he do? 99 kata lagi


This Insomnia

The weight
Of one thousand unknowns
On paper a perfect life
Or close
The weight
Of the way my heart beats
Scares the hell out of me… 93 kata lagi


Teensy-Weensy story#5

“1 sheep…2 sheep…3 sheep….                         14 sheep…;”

The shepherd trembled in worry when insomnia ridiculed his sleep.

What the hell is going on here?

Did I miss a memo? Am I absolutely short sighted? Am I 2 bricks short of a pile?


Completely lost.

How did I go from having a big loving family and relationships to having no family and panic attacks when a man shows any feelings at all? 146 kata lagi


DepressionDiaries: Medication Evaluation

I have an appointment with my psychiatrist tomorrow. We’re probably going to review my medication. So I thought I would write down my thoughts on it here so I’d know what to say tomorrow. 376 kata lagi

Depression Diaries