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I medicine cabinet of habocath

To help deal with my illness from my week-long bout with insomnia (seems when this happens*, my immune system gets compromised; normally I never get sick!) 56 kata lagi


There's a name for it

I received an email yesterday:

We are worried about the future of your mortgage

What mortgage? I thought as I lay awake at 3am. Then I found out that there’s a name for the cause of my insomnia: housing poverty. 381 kata lagi

Single Motherhood

How does one go to sleep? 

Even when it’s dark, a dim light pierces in

Even when the mood in the room is still, breeze sweeps in, a strange breeze

When there is hope of the morning… 100 kata lagi


Nightmare On Blood Street

Do you like scary stories? I’m not talking about the stories about zombies and ghosts. I’m talking about true crime, real things happening to real people. 803 kata lagi


From One Insomniac To Another

Hi My Name is Sarah and I am an Insomniac,

There’s a good chance that if you are reading this blog you are one too. We should start a club! 593 kata lagi


Cry Fire

her voice is metallic-insistent-succinct

Fire! Fire! Fire!

Thank God she is there

10 dollar angel

suspended above us while we sleep

…when we sleep

You know it took me years to know You did that… 71 kata lagi

Child Advocacy