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Time's Trickster Loops

It may be said with a degree of assurance that not everything that meets the eye is as it appears.
Rod Sterling

The day wears on and I’m now in a state of pseudo wakefulness.

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Chronic Pain

The little thingsĀ 

Trying to find the good in life is hard when everything feels so empty and so black.

Obviously, I’m alive, clothed, housed and fed. That’s four pretty damn good things, and I am grateful. 276 kata lagi


joy memories

When you’re struggling with motivation, but then deadlines are hammering down… and trying to prep for job interviews, while trying to stay social… the weather decides to give you non-stop rain, but you have to keep up tutoring, your pet snail won’t eat much, and you’re battling insomnia every night… … 329 kata lagi


She came into my life quite unexpectedly, and like a force that needed to be met head on. I cannot describe the relationship we have as it crosses all boundaries of any natural relationship. 618 kata lagi

Mental Health

Anomalies Amidst Mindfulness Meditation.

8/19/17, 1:15 AM:

I sat in my chair and decided to set the alarm on my old iPhone for 21 minutes his time. For the past two or three weeks, since I picked up mindfulness meditation as a daily practice again, I had been doing 11 minutes a day, and the last few days 16. 692 kata lagi

from 50mg to 100mg

Day three of increasing the dose of Sertraline from 50mg to 100.

I’ve had all the side effects of increasing the dose. Two days of nausea and loss of appetite but I’m glad to say that has gone now. 110 kata lagi

Mental Health


Hi all,
I’m having some trouble with depression. I don’t know when it started. It’s possible it started an hour ago. Or maybe a month ago. 364 kata lagi