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Learning modifications for all ...

In an attempt to create individual learning plans that are meaningful and useful, we have launched a mini inquiry. We are noticing that there is a myriad of accommodations that teachers make without even thinking about them. 416 kata lagi


Day 296 - At work

Quite a long day with lots of opportunities to practice at least a certain level of curiosity–working with a new colleague, on a new program, with several new exercises, and a fairly long section on Inquiry. 15 kata lagi

Things To Be Curious About

When Myth Knocks Three Times, Answer the Damn Door

I have been blessed and fortunate too, to spend much of my life in the company of myth, legend and story. In childhood I literally sat in the lap of story, the lap of a master teller, my own father, as he wove from his past, his learning and his mind, stories that delighted, haunted and taught me much. 1.671 kata lagi


What's Your Fave Wednesday - TV Series

Do you have a favorite TV series? What is it? What do you love about it?


Episode #62 - Pedagogy and Improvisation: Sara Villa, Susan Elliott, Stephanie Khoury


Sara Villa gives a moving and insightful account of her use of deep listening as a pedagogy of poetry for college students, Susan Elliott explains improvisation as a facet of the inquiry approach to high school teaching, and Stephanie Khoury revitalizes music education at the university level with her approachable and engaging interactive improvisation software. 24 kata lagi


Is the ‘right way’ always the best way?

Giving children opportunities to question, to be creative, and to problem solve are high on my priorities. Children need to be given the time and opportunity to figure out things for themselves. 611 kata lagi