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Star trek kepler " rissa"

Previously on star trek kepler
  The uss Kepler is a scientific reserch vessel. It is jointly operated by star fleet science division and the federation science council. 586 kata lagi

Star Trek

Cream Week ~ Day 3 ~ Shave of the Day ~ Head/Face

Day 3 of Cream Week and I really needed to mow down a lot of growth on my dome so I grabbed a cream I have used before for such an occasion, Yardley Gold. 358 kata lagi


Cream Week ~ Day 2 ~ C. O. Bigelow VS Omega ~ Shave fo the Day

So it’s Day Two of so called Cream Week. Last night while rummaging around my den I found a seventh cream, Yardley Gold, so I’ll have a different soap each day this week. 335 kata lagi


Optimizing Injector Performance in Water Wash, Chemical Injection, Gas Treatment and More

Incomplete chemical reactions, wall wetting, corrosion, damage to downstream equipment, excessive maintenance, premature failure and outages are just some of the costly problems that can result from quills or injectors that are not optimized for specific operating conditions. 137 kata lagi

Five gadgets I want in my kitchen for summer

Not sure what I have a bigger weakness for: kitchen gadgets or cook books.  

Lucky for me, my local public library allows me to thumb through and try out recipes from new and popular cook books before pulling the trigger on a purchase.  

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GAS is GAS is GAS....

I was recently listening to Dan Sadler, Head of Energy Futures for Northern Gas Networks talking to the IGEM about a project under (early) development to convert part of Leeds to Hydrogen delivered through the existing gas mains (it can be done and apparently safely and economically) thereby decarbonising the heat generated by boilers etc. 683 kata lagi


This is one of those images that inspires the, “What is that?” reaction from the vast majority of the populace. The diesel mechanics that have dealt with a CAT know what it is.