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Importance of Pressure control

In order to meet the standard of Euro VI, US13 and future emissions legislation,a range of Ultra High Pressure Common Rail fuel systems with up to 3000 bar pressure is developed by… 282 kata lagi


"Suck, Squish, Bang, blow"

For the first post of this blog i thought i would start of with the fundamentals, suck, squish, bang, blow. These four separate cycles are the fundamental stages the internal combustion engine goes through to make power. 481 kata lagi


Why Common Rail Injectors Fail

Common rail systems is an advanced diesel technology which operated at pressures around 4 times that of traditional diesel injection systems.Meanwhile it is equipped with much tighter part clearances and tolerances.Because of this,it brings much greater power, efficiency, and cleaner operation. 624 kata lagi


invoice confirmation (Virus)

Good day,

Please find attached invoice for the past months. Remit the new payment
by 30/05/2016 as outlines under our payment agreement.



FILE : invoice0879657_pdf.ace… 75 kata lagi


Delphi low-cost common rail fuel injection system

Delphi Automotive is now developing a low-cost common rail fuel injection system for heavy-duty diesel which is aims for emerging markets.This system will use the latest technology to deliver improved fuel economy and allows upgrades to meet future emissions standards. 317 kata lagi


World-first injection technology in Volvo VEA Engine Family

In order to cut fuel consumption in new diesel engines,Volvo launched VEA,a world-first i-ART technology in new engine family,in 2013 autumn.For i-ART,it doesn’t use a traditional single pressure sensor in the  262 kata lagi


Angularjs - dynamic config constants using $injector

Create two independent constants files as below:

‘use strict’;

angular.module(‘akhouri.constants’).constant(‘constantOne’, {
baseApp: ‘constantOne’,
pageNames: {
var1: ‘akhouri:constantOne:var1’,
var2: ‘akhouri:constantOne:var2’

‘use strict’;

angular.module(‘akhouri.constants’).constant(‘constantTwo’, {

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