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tool mini-review: untermensch UEFI Windows Secure Boot injection tools

Back in 2013, Untermensch wrote a series of tools to help with Windows8 UEFI Secure Boot testing.

Since I mostly use Unix-based platforms these days, I haven’t dug deep into this tool. 148 kata lagi

Dependency Injection (DI) in {{AngularJS}} Contd.– Part 17

This post is in continuation of my last post DI on AngularJS. In previous post, we first discussed about DI in details with an example of implementing it in JavaScript. 1.051 kata lagi


Learning angular - Angular is not defined

Just started with Angular 1.4 and typescript in visual studio and wanted to create the project structure on my own without using generators. Got all my Nuget packages with type definition files, added a simple np-app with module in TS file. 132 kata lagi

Star trek kepler " rissa"

Previously on star trek kepler
  The uss Kepler is a scientific reserch vessel. It is jointly operated by star fleet science division and the federation science council. 586 kata lagi

Star Trek

Cream Week ~ Day 3 ~ Shave of the Day ~ Head/Face

Day 3 of Cream Week and I really needed to mow down a lot of growth on my dome so I grabbed a cream I have used before for such an occasion, Yardley Gold. 358 kata lagi


Cream Week ~ Day 2 ~ C. O. Bigelow VS Omega ~ Shave fo the Day

So it’s Day Two of so called Cream Week. Last night while rummaging around my den I found a seventh cream, Yardley Gold, so I’ll have a different soap each day this week. 335 kata lagi