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Okay, I visited my university, Stockholm University. Just to see the companies working on speech recognission software in some form. I spoke to scientist and promotion staff. 681 kata lagi


Oh... my new work place is totally IT-fied

Oh, I did some Googling… wondering why I didn’t do that before? Because it’s my old school. That is why. Shit they are totally IT-fied. I did know you could study IT, media and art in my school… but then I didn’t think much more about that. 365 kata lagi


Infrastructure-as-Code Is Still *CODE*

After working in a DevOps environment for over a year, I’ve become an automation acolyte. The future is here and I’ve seen the benefits when you get it right: improved efficiency, better control and fewer errors. 141 kata lagi

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DesktopSnowOK isn't the most useful program around, but you can make it snow in August...

DesktopSnowOK is a program that is very small in size, requires no install, and is configurable in the sense that you can control the quantity of the snow falling and the speed. 60 kata lagi


Chapter 9: Information Obesity


Abdulrahman Al Lily, Assistant Professor, Department of Educational Technology, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia

Fields/domains that the notion belongs to

Information science, information technology, sociology, computer science, health education… 469 kata lagi

Microsoft Cloud Society Program: Expand your knowledge with free online courses/certifications and boost your career

A digital revolution is in the making: As per IDC, one in three IT positions are expected to be cloud-related by 2020. Here is your opportunity to get future-ready with… 78 kata lagi

Information Technology


Transcription, generally, involves the converting of a video or an audio file into a written format. However, much more is involved in transcription. There are three different types of… 575 kata lagi