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Ars Technica reports on testimony by Mediacom, a large US cable company, explaining why they should not be required to stop capping data usage:

People thus shouldn’t complain when Internet providers impose data caps and charge more when customers go over them, he wrote.

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Students hack the U of S

University of Saskatchewan students will become cyber criminals on Oct. 1 as a kickoff to Cyber Security Awareness Month, which takes place throughout October.

Spokesperson Jody Gress said this event is a first for the university and students have shown so much interest that organizers were forced to turn some away. 75 kata lagi

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Healthcare IT Outsourcing: Yay or Nay?

The pressures that are put on businesses to be successful is immense, anyone that has ever had a job knows this to be true. There is always someone above you who is asking for more, and someone above them is putting that same pressure on them. 717 kata lagi

Here is an Overview of Machine Leaning


Data Science and Machine Learning is somethings we all should be aware of. Attached is a podcast with a course overview I am taking to get started. 739 kata lagi

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Creating Space for Your Interests

By Alvin ’18

Northeastern University School of Law (NUSL), is a unique place for many reasons. At the top of the list are its dedication to… 416 kata lagi


Create Task Schedule to restart the Server 2008 R2

You can get really funky on the Command line by scheduling a reboot every weekday at a specific time. This is very simple solution or quick start task schedule on server 2008 R2 server. 79 kata lagi


Think Different

One of the best memes ever.  Spread the images to all corners of the Trumposphere.

The irony that Tim Cook of Apple supports a woman who ordered IT minions to obstruct justice – OMG – is it possible for the Trump Rebellion to be more Apple than Apple?   73 kata lagi