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SIT772 Week 4 Submission - Normalization


Source: SIT772 Database & Information Retrieval. Deakin University, Australia 2016


Office Humor - Technology Support Model

A friend and I were talking at work about how we need to have one model for support for tools and stuff.  That got me thinking about how generic support has become.   236 kata lagi


Working on the network infrastructure side of IT has its good days and bad.  A good day consists of making configuration changes or performing upgrades that go unnoticed by end users.   130 kata lagi

Information Technology

Information Technology Course and Prospectus

Information technology is a great subject to study for a few reasons. First, because there are available with a vast amount of different and specific fields that you can go into. 282 kata lagi

Information Technology


Database Design

  • Analyse entities from requirements
  • Verify business rules
  • Identify relationships (Cardinality)
  • Draw ER diagrams
  • Refine entities, attributes (Normalization)
  • Define Data Dictionary
  • Implement SQL
  • Normalization > What?
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3 Things a Client Taught Me About Project Management.

Every once in a while you get one of those clients that hires you for your expertise, experience, and skill and then proceeds to spend all of their time telling you how to do things “right”. 233 kata lagi

Information Technology

Acid on phones

Why do people need to wreck new wonderful things? Here a guy on YouTube tests if you can put acid on a Iphone 7 and if it gets broken. 52 kata lagi

Information Technology