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$100K Investment in AgVoice, a 22TechPark Startup

AgVoice service selected by The Yield Lab to participate in selective nine-month ag technology accelerator program

Innovative voice recognition service to receive $100,000 in funding, plus networking, mentorship and ag-specific curriculum for duration of program… 479 kata lagi

Peachtree Corners

HTML as a Second Language

It is so cool to be able to enter a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers into a text editor like Notepad, then open a link in a browser and see content you’ve created come to life. 965 kata lagi

Library School

Three Key Takeaways from the President’s FY17 Budget Request

Although it probably feels like FY16 just arrived (in part because, well, it did just arrive), industry received a timely reminder this week via the… 340 kata lagi

Market Intelligence

QStride To Hire 10 BI Pros In Downtown Detroit

DETROIT — The IT consulting and staffing provider QStride announced plans to hire 10 business intelligence professionals for its MicroStrategy Development Center, located at the One Woodward Avenue building in downtown Detroit. 245 kata lagi


Serangan Cyber Makin Canggih dan Berani

Jakarta – Cisco Annual Security Report 2016 yang meneliti ancaman intelijen dan tren cybersecurity mengungkapkan, hanya 45% dari organisasi di seluruh dunia yang memiliki keyakinan penuh atas postur keamanan mereka, terutama karena saat ini serangan cyber sudah semakin canggih, berani, dan tangguh. 669 kata lagi


Trafik Internet 2016 Tembus Zettabyte

Jakarta – Trafik internet global terus melesat. Bahkan, tahun 2016 ini diprediksi, trafik internet yang wara-wiri bakal malampaui satu zettabyte.

Menurut laporan Cisco Visual Networking Index, selama lima tahun ke belakang, trafik internet selalu melonjak. 164 kata lagi



India Has Given Facebook Free Basics A Big Big Thumb Down.

“This can prove to be risky in the medium to long term as the knowledge and outlook of those users would be shaped only by the information made available through those select offerings,” the ministry wrote. 339 kata lagi