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The challenge for pervasive system developers here is to detect the user intention so as to remove any ambiguity in the user’s expression of a pervasive action.

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Enggtutorials website will cover subjects listed below;

  1. Design and analysis of algorithms
  2. Principles of modern compiler and design (Compiler design)
  3. Smart system design and applications (AI)
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Computer Engineering

Your Laptop's Bad Battery

Newer laptops tend to have internal batteries; you can’t see the sucker without taking off the base/bottom cover. That being the case, it’s no wonder that so many people send their computers to me for a battery swap: something that used to be so simple you could do it yourself in five minutes (at most). 676 kata lagi


Is Information an Important Essence?

“This is the age of the internet” that’s what people call about when they talk about our era. When talking about the internet, few people would mention the huge wave of information it contained. 326 kata lagi


Core Competencies in IT Services Industry

(by Jayashree Lalitha)    

Staying ahead of competition and holding the major pie of market share could be the paramount goal of any organization especially in the growth phase of the business. 948 kata lagi

Corporate Management

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Wicak Amadeo

Internet sedang merobohkan tembok-tembok tinggi persekolahan. Belajar semakin tidak membutuhkan formalisme persekolahan. Google sedang menggusur guru jika guru hanya berfokus kepada pengalihan pengetahuan. Era belajar mandiri (otodidak) dan home schooling sedang kembali menjadi arus besar. 521 kata lagi

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