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First Semester is a Wrap!

I’ve been at site for nearly 6 months, and I’ve just wrapped up my first semester. We did a lot of things. Honestly, it’s kind of a blur, so going through the photographic evidence feels cathartic. 1.515 kata lagi


Flights Cancelled As Mount Agung Volcano Erupts In Indonesia's Bali

Bali’s airport has cancelled flights after the Mount Agung volcano erupted overnight, spreading ash over the south of the Indonesian island.
The national disaster agency said the eruption lasted four minutes and 30 seconds and spread lava and incandescent rocks about 3 kilometres from the crater. 28 kata lagi



Pernikahan Tata Janeeta dan Mehdi Zati terancam bubar. Pasalnya,   Tata Janeeta (36)  mengajukan gugatan cerai kepada suaminya yang berprofesi sebagai model tersebut.

Pekerja humas Pengadilan Agama Jakarta Barat, Abdul Hadi, membenarkan bahwa penyanyi pop bernama asli Shinta Dewi itu telah mengajukan gugatan perceraian. 192 kata lagi

Who are we - The Jakarta Edition

Who are we? Can humans be described in a single word or a single sentence or even in one paragraph. Countless books have tried that and continue to do that. 122 kata lagi


Cost for Bali, Indonesia - 6 days

Here you go, the price in Indonesia is the accurate one but the price I convert to Malaysia Ringgit is rounded to RM1 if there is cents. 84 kata lagi


Bali Guide 2019

Bali, Indonesia

Planning to go to Bali? Then keep reading.

A lot of people have been asking about our itinerary, about the place and how much we’ve spent for this trip, so there you go. 943 kata lagi