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Lewat Go-Food, Go-Jek Mulai Kurangi Penggunaan Plastik Sekali Pakai

Jakarta – Go-Jek, melalui layanan pesan-antar makanannya Go-Food, mulai berupaya untuk mengurangi penggunaan plastik sekali pakai. Dalam hal ini, ada dua inisiatif utama yang akan dijalankan oleh startup pimpinan Nadiem Makarim itu. 322 kata lagi


Cheap Japanese Foods in Yogya

Yogya is a city for students in Indonesia. So many good rank of schools are located in Yogya. Accommodating the student’s needs is a must. One of it is you can find so many restaurants, cafe, or warung (small shack food sellers) which have cheap menu for the students. 402 kata lagi

Daily Journey

El lugar donde la radiación es más alta que en Chernóbil y Fukushima Estados Unidos condujo en el país insular más de 60 detonaciones de armas nucleares.

BBC Mundo. Tony de Brum tenía 9 años en 1954 cuando pescaba con su abuelo en las Islas Marshall, un archipiélago de más de mil islas en el Pacífico, a medio camino entre Hawái y Australia. 1.313 kata lagi


Communal Conflict and Security Debates in Indonesia

Past Communal Conflict and Contemporary Security Debates in Indonesia” (DOI: 10.1080/00472336.2019.1619186) is the sixth article for a special issue on post-reformasi Indonesia due out later this year. 252 kata lagi

Unlike other airlines, AirAsia holds cabin photo contest - The Jakarta Post

Jakarta – Indonesia

Leading budget carrier AirAsia has organized a contest for cabin photos, the winners of which will be announced on July 24. AirAsia will present the winners with tickets to Lombok or Labuhan Bajo.

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Solo hiking: Dieng Plateau

The call of solo hiking has been getting louder and louder recently. Over the years I’ve been lucky enough to have groups of friends to go on adventures with and never really had the chance to go solo, until now. 1.445 kata lagi

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