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The Sacred Waters of Bali and the Importance of Community

The Balinese have traditionally been careful stewards of their water, with a network of temples, rice terraces, and irrigation canals connected physically, socially, and spiritually to guard the passage and use of fresh water across the island.  1.738 kata lagi


New Millenia, New Foot Forward for Indonesia

New Millenia, New Foot Forward for Indonesia (Randyjw; August 24, 2016)

Toleration and acceptance of Judaism has been considered a hallmark of the Southeast Asian people, as categorized through the perception of the official Rabbi for Judaism in Indonesia, Rabbi Tovia Singer. 383 kata lagi

Lereng Anteng Panoramic Coffee Place

Location : Punclut – Bandung, Indonesia.

Open Hour : o8.00 – 22.00 WIB

Nah, ini dia salah satu tempat paling HITS di Bandung sekarang ini. Seperti judulnya diatas namanya Lereng Anteng. 534 kata lagi


#cyntakesoverjtown (Part 1)

Hello beautiful people!

Let’s be honest here! It’s been quite some time since I updated my blog and I have a pretty good reason for it. 463 kata lagi

Tarim Kota Wali

Kota Tarim, yang terletak sekitar 35 km di Timur Saiun. Di satu sisi kota ini terlindungi oleh bukit-bukit batu terjal, di sisi lain di kelilingi oleh perkebunan kurma. 1.912 kata lagi