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Day 300 (Indonesia - Flores Day 17)

I left a loving family and struck out on my own once again. From Moni, I rode up a steep incline for about 10km, but 90% of the remaining distance to Ende was downhill. 297 kata lagi


Labuan Bajo is not in South America

Where’s Labuan Bajo? It’s not in South America! It’s a town in one of the thousands of islands of Indonesia. And for a traveller who departs from the west side of the world, it may take more than one day to reach there… 293 kata lagi


Romeo and Juliet

Disclaimer: for the first time, a post isn’t actually about me. Well, it kind of is considering the fact that it is very much happening all around me, and I… 588 kata lagi

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Final Call - 3 [Growing Up]

Author: Ssihobitt

Category: Chapter, Angst, NC-21

Main Cast: Kang Seulri & Cho Kyuhyun

Supporting Cast: Ok Taecyeon

(Cerita ini memiliki alur maju-mundur. Pada bagian awal yang bewarna abu-abu menceritakan MASA SEKARANG. 4.053 kata lagi

Cho Kyuhyun

Bali birthday! 

I had a fantastic day today. As it’s rainy season I really didn’t expect a lot but I can honestly say this is the best birthday I’ve had… EVER. 289 kata lagi


Gereja Santa Maria de Fatima, Jakarta; A Curious Mix of Tradition and Religion

While Indonesia’s major religion is Islam, there are some breath-taking churches and temples dotting the islands. And with history going back to the 4th century, Jakarta as the main port and capital city has some pretty fascinating religious sites. 496 kata lagi