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Eiger dan Marina

Selamat malam Sobat blogger :)

Malam ini aku pengen ngeshare poto2 aja nih tentang aku, Marina dan tas bolangku hihi…

sekian, maap kalau jiwa narsisnya keluar hihi

PT Badak NGL


No, it is not a heart-telling of an innocent girl for her lover – an unfaithful boyfriend. Instead, it is devoted to my patients whom I greatly respect and dedicate my time to. 903 kata lagi

'Syrian Rebel Groups Pulling in Foreign Fighters' by BBC

Throughout the Syrian civil war, one of the major concerns of Western powers in particular has been the inflow of Sunni foreign fighters, who come from the wider Arab world, Western Europe, and as far afield as Kazakhstan and Indonesia.


Landscape Level Restoration of Peat Forest in Kampar Peninsula

By: Dr. Petrus Gunarso – Conservation Director, APRIL

As we are all aware, Indonesia’s peatland areas are some of the most sensitive and endangered ecosystems in the world, while the Kampar Peninsula landscape is one of the largest peatland areas in Southeast Asia. 534 kata lagi


Pasar Ekstrim certainly lives up to its name!

Tomohon was certainly one of the nicest places I visited in Sulawesi, but there was a dark side to the town. Much of this dark side was focused around the so-called “Extreme Market”, and walking around one afternoon gave me a chilling realisation that the name of this market was indeed very accurate! 313 kata lagi


Day 26 Kuta to Ubud

We have breakfast at 8 AM. It’s too hot!
We have taken a taxi to Ubud.We have left our things to Kunyit Gootama. It’s a lovely place!!! 140 kata lagi