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Easy Way to Reach Bukit Lawang

So my blog was in a hiatus.

I guess I grew tired of telling a story in a form of writing for some times. I had only two posts for the month of January, good enough to let me stay in… 1.038 kata lagi


My Chinese New Year Journey

Those are pictures I took on the ship which was taking me back to Jakarta. I wanted to take more pictures, but I realized the result were, at best, inadequate in comparison to what I perceived at that moment. 242 kata lagi

NOT-brainy Article

A Lone Couple, a Desert Island, and Turtles

Isn’t there a line about finding heroes in the most unlikely places? This is the setting of Daeng Abu’s and his wife Daeng Maida’s inspirational story: a desert island off the coast of Sulawesi in Indonesia, disabilities in Abu being blind and facing leprosy, their days spent raising sea turtles and speaking against the cyanide and dynamite fishing that is devastating Indonesia’s reef. 409 kata lagi


Cara Memilih Mahkota

Sesungguhnya, penampilan seseorang akan lengkap kalau menilai tidak hanya pakaian dan sepatu, namun juga rambut. Mahkota manusia adalah rambut mereka. Tidak hanya wanita, tapi kaum adam pun juga harus memperhatikan model rambutnya. 491 kata lagi


West Ambrym burns; Indonesian plan to suppress West Papua leaked; où sont les modérés ?

People of West Ambrym are suffering greatly from bush fires which have been running out of control, destroying coconuts and food gardens. An area extending inland to some 5 km in places has been ablaze since early January. 420 kata lagi

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