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Discovering the Art of Giving and Taking

The angles of Borobudur rising out of the mist seem to leave them suspended in “The Balance of Stupa,” a painting brought out the monument’s circular dimensions. 1.223 kata lagi

Art In More Ways Than One

Eddi Prabandono: Inspired By Transportation and Change

The sight of a Vespa motor scooter towering overhead seems improbable, even when witnessed firsthand. The bike’s running board, elongated into a series of loops running from the handlebar and front wheel to the scooter’s trademark rear-based engine and seat, are a surrealist flight of fancy worthy of Salvador Dali and the melted clocks of the Surrealist great’s masterpiece “The Persistence of Memory.” 1.188 kata lagi

Art In More Ways Than One

Pesona Pantai Gemah Tulungagung

Halo sobat, ketemu lagi dengan CMP di artikel-artikelnya. Sebelumnya CMP ucapkan selamat mengawali aktivitas di minggu ini, semoga dulur2 sekalian tidak bete karena hari ini adalah hari Senin. 348 kata lagi


Kue Gemes dari Sulawesi

Hi fwens, kali ini kita mau bertemu temen-temen Kue Gemes kita dari pulau Sulawesi.

Kue Cucur berasal dari Manado, Sulawesi Utara. So, marijo torang  basantai ramai-ramai deng tole. 35 kata lagi

Jajanan Pasar

In Reliving Past, Victims Defy Sense of Impunity

For millions of East Timorese, Indonesia’s 24-year occupation of their country seemed an interminable nightmare.

“My husband, a school principal, was killed by Indonesian soldiers a month after they invaded in November 1975,” says a woman identified only as M.F. 1.075 kata lagi


Flores: Land of the Dragons

We came to Flores on a recommendation from friends who said the diving was some of the best in the world. Nick and I will never turn down an opportunity to dive so we made sure to pencil in at least a week of exploring on the Island. 1.074 kata lagi


Interpreting Asian Identity

The looming figure inexorably commanded one’s attention, not least because of the shiny metallic head capping it off. Titled “Archeomoto,” this aluminum and fiber glass resin sculpture by Indonesian sculptor Nus Salomo portraying a cuttlefish or giant squid making its way out of the deep would fill fishermen and sightseers with dread. 847 kata lagi

Art In More Ways Than One