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Quoted Speech 'n Reported Speech

In order to give information about what people say or think we can use quoted (direct) speech or reported (indirect) speech. 721 more words


Reported Speech Details

Reported speech lesson
Statements | told/remarked/pointed/confessed/reported + that + sentence

Shiela said, “It is going to rain in another minute.”
Shiela told that it was going to rain in another minute. 930 more words

Indirect Speech

Reported Speech Practice Questions

practice questions
Set 1

Ram said, “I am fine.”
Peter said, “There is no one here.”
Akhil said, “That’s a wonderful idea, uncle.”
The dog thought, “I will get a bone today.” 1.458 more words

Indirect Speech

Reported Speech Rules

Rules for reported speech
Core Changes – Be Forms and Tense

Is, am – was
Are – were
Will – would
Have/has – Had
Have been – Had been… 454 more words

Indirect Speech

Indirect questions

This is the presentation we saw in class. For more information, please check this article, where you have another explanation and some online activities.

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