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German Subjunctive I- Indirect Speech

Have you ever heard of Subjunctive I? You might have heard of Subjunctive II: “Ich würde eine Weltreise machen, wenn ich mehr Geld hätte.” (I would travel the world if I had more money.) 947 kata lagi


[Reading]겨울이 왔어요!

겨울이 왔어요! 저는 추운 날씨를 싫어하지만 눈을 좋아해서 겨울을 좋아해요. 겨울이 오면 저는 항상 가족들하고 스키장에 가요. 저는 어릴 때부터 스키를 타서 스키를 아주 잘 타요.

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Reporting Speech

The process of writing news as a journalist involves reporting what people say. There are two ways of doing this, either by direct speech or indirect speech. 110 kata lagi

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What You Say Isn't Always What You Mean

I love using witty commercials to get a conversation going with my clients about the importance of social skills and these two Citibank commercials are perfect! 379 kata lagi

For SLPs

Directly speaking, how INDIRECT is your teaching?

“Boys and girls!”

“I’ll begin when you’re ready.”

“I’m busy.”

“It’s time to do your work.”

If you work with children, you probably have heard teachers or parents make similar comments. 476 kata lagi

For SLPs

[Reading] 어제 친구하고 싸웠어요.

어제 저는 친한 친구하고 크게 싸웠어요. 어제 저녁을 먹을 때 친구하고 여행 이야기를 했어요. 우리는 내년에 같이 한국에 가기로 했어요. 그런데 친구가 갑자기 한국에 안 가고 싶다고 했어요.