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Mother had started weeping. I had tried very hard for the past 5 minutes to ignore the quiet snuffling and erratic breathing coming from her direction but could ignore no longer. 1.576 kata lagi

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"Let's talk about dialogue," she said

Quotation marks are used to show the exact words of the speaker. It’s called a direct speech.

She said, “Let’s meet by the coffee stand tomorrow.” 589 kata lagi

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[Grammar] Indirect speech (question) 간접인용 : 의문문

This post is about indirect speech for question. We have learned indirect speech for statement here(click) which is -(ㄴ/는)다고 하다.  The indirect speech for question is 냐고 하다. 166 kata lagi


How to use quotation marks properly

Quotation marks, also called quote marks, quotes, speech marks or inverted commas, are used in a number of situations. Their main use is to show the start and end of direct speech and passages by other writers. 911 kata lagi


Long Paragraphs Aren't Cool

PERHAPS the train breakdown last Tuesday made us all cranky, The Straits Times included. In their July 10 editorial, Disruption Deja Vu All Can Do Without… 1.123 kata lagi

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Quoted Speech 'n Reported Speech

In order to give information about what people say or think we can use quoted (direct) speech or reported (indirect) speech. 721 kata lagi