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Direct Speech and Reported Speech

Direct speech and reported (or indirect) speech are two ways of writing something that somebody has said. Depending on the type of writing and the effect they wish to create, writers can use either direct or reported speech. 220 kata lagi


150. Verbs with Indirect Speech

Verbs next to indirect speech often indicate the kind of message that it is communicating


One of the characteristics of indirect speech is that it rarely forms a sentence by itself – it tends to have some words alongside it that are not indirect speech (see… 1.559 kata lagi

Academic And Professional Writing

German Subjunctive I- Indirect Speech

Have you ever heard of Subjunctive I? You might have heard of Subjunctive II: “Ich würde eine Weltreise machen, wenn ich mehr Geld hätte.” (I would travel the world if I had more money.) 947 kata lagi


[Reading]겨울이 왔어요!

겨울이 왔어요! 저는 추운 날씨를 싫어하지만 눈을 좋아해서 겨울을 좋아해요. 겨울이 오면 저는 항상 가족들하고 스키장에 가요. 저는 어릴 때부터 스키를 타서 스키를 아주 잘 타요.

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