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2018 Honda Goldwing-Long Beach Motorcycle Show

Honda unveiled their all new 2018 Goldwing and Goldwing Tour at this years Progressive international Motorcycle Show. This is not an update of last years model, no sir. 28 kata lagi


Chapter 13:The big reveal

Joe dropped Karen home,Trying not to be seen by her brother and his very big client.He tried his best to keep both the lives way far from each other that they never ever be at crossroads!But Universe had some other plans. 355 kata lagi


Why you like what you like: Ruminations on interests and how they may have actually chosen you.

Upon the discussion of a book that a friend and I disagreed on (I liked it; she didn’t), we naturally moved onto my favourite topic of discussion: Partition. 1.027 kata lagi

Recollections & Reflections

The Hindi Movie in Africa

Anjali Gera Roy, Writer of the Year 2011

Writer of the Year JAL, No. 8, 2011


Despite the long history of Hindi cinematic flows to Africa, the researcher is forced to depend on anecdotal evidence to testify to the popularity of Hindi films in Africa. 4.204 kata lagi

The Africa Forum

Yayavar -2- ।।मेेरे मन अौर मत उड़।।

Hello everyone! Here I’m with my second poem from my a yr old, poem collection Yayavar..  I had wrote this poem on 1 Nov. 2016. Hope you all enjoy it.. 40 kata lagi

Kerala Garam Masala

‘Garam masala’ is such a generic term, and it is ubiquitous in Indian cooking. But every region (and every family, even) has a subtly different version. 110 kata lagi


Most Weird laws of India : You Must Have Not Even Heard of Them

 Most Weird Law in INDIA

India is a large country with different kinds of people from different backgrounds. To keep the country running in a good condition, we have to implement some laws. 128 kata lagi