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Gurukripa (powai,Mumbai)

This place is located on saki vihar Road …this road connects andheri East with powai … 408 kata lagi

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NRI (Not Really Indian)

When Indians migrated to other countries, they adapted recipes of their homeland with the ingredients available in those countries. This gave rise to an interesting cuisine which was Indian at heart, but had a dash of foreign flavour to it. 544 kata lagi


Restaurant review - Gunpowder London

Gunpowder is a home style Indian Kitchen, serving traditional recipes in tapas style in Spitalfields, London.

I went with my friend and we decided to try a variety of dishes. 168 kata lagi


And this is how

Then mix it well

and finally add the oil

and this is how you make the pickle

and this is how you preserve something 500 years old… 177 kata lagi

Fish curry(Maharashtrian style)

Maharastrian style Fish curry…..One of my favourite dish as I love seafood so much. Sharing my moms method to make this fish curry which is spicy and very delicious. 302 kata lagi


paneer | indian cheese

Hello, so you’ve never had paneer before? That’s a shame. This creamy, mild cheese, ubiquitous to northern Indian, Pakistani and Bangladeshi cooking is a staple in our household. 693 kata lagi

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Quick pickled radishes

The word ‘pickle’ tickles my fancy. For starters, it rhymes with ‘fickle’, ‘trickle’ and ‘sickle.’ (Not a word that I have had many chances to use, up until now.) Its origin appears to derive from the Dutch word ‘peckel’ which historically referred to a vinegary brine or spicy sauce, not an actual pickled vegetable. 561 kata lagi