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Unsolvable Case.

the anachronous existence
of self
where is death?
place me at the top shelf
wake me up
when I'm gone.

-- Tomic Riter

Cousin's Indian wedding, oct. 2017

Last weekend my cousin got married and it was a real traditional Indian wedding.  Indians don’t just have one ceremony and then you’re married, it’s a little more complicated in our culture. 447 kata lagi


Ayurveda for Money

I usually don’t pick calls from unknown number but if I get a call from an unknown number after 7pm I pick up. Today I got a call and it was an automated voice message. 182 kata lagi


Tomato Chicken Balti

Jump to Recipe A great end-of-summer dish if you have lots of fresh tomatoes available, since the sauce uses lots of them in the rich sauce. 337 kata lagi


Make-Ahead Indian Menu

On the principle that many curries taste better the next day anyway, the Indian menu we served this weekend was composed primarily of dishes we made ahead. 284 kata lagi


Festive Shopping Idea with Myntra!

myntra pay cash on delivery which saves me from a lot of hassle. The product is always up to the mark and as advertised, I cannot imagine anything better. 641 kata lagi