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Exciting News.

One of my longer-term students (he shall remain nameless, in case the information is confidential; or in case it was a mistake) was promoted in class today. 341 kata lagi

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Are e-portfolios past their educational used by date?

This post is perhaps a tad hypocritical.

I have not one but two e-portfolios. I’ve used e-portfolios in class for the last few years.

They’ve been around in education since back when I was coding html sites in the 1990s. 735 kata lagi

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6 ways to make 'no hands up' work

My school has a policy of ‘no hands up.’

Put simply a teacher doesn’t ask a question to the class and then pick a student from the several that have their hands up. 338 kata lagi

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Problem Solving

I did a little problem-solving in my tutorial yesterday. Or rather, I got my student, Akihiro, to do a little problem-solving. I asked him to join nine circles in the form of a square with as few straight lines as possible (five is easy, four is excellent, three is cheating but resourceful), and to find a way to work out which of three identical light switches controls a bulb in the attic of a house, when you cannot see the bulb in question and when you can only look once to see if it is on or off (problem in full… 217 kata lagi

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Harkness discussion in Elementary Schools

This a classroom idea I stole from Chad Walsh and Sam Sherratt at Time Space education, the Harkness discussion.

Put simply it is a discussion where classroom discussions are tracked by a teacher (or a better yet a child). 99 kata lagi

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I didn't have my 'own class' this past year - thoughts on team teaching

One of the things about teaching in a recently established school is that you have to be flexible.

This past year I’ve been teaching the bulk of my time in one class and then releasing my team leader’s Year 3 class while another teacher teaches the first class. 546 kata lagi

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Grad School

Tomorrow is the first day of grad school classes.  I feel like I’m already failing to live up to my own expectations.   442 kata lagi

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