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My freshmen readers from this past school year. It was the first time in several years students stated that they enjoyed reading.

Teacher. Yep. Like so many of us who are pulled in 36 different directions at once, that’s one of the many roles I have.

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36 states require schools teach CPR - not Florida, but PBC doing it anyway

High school biology class in Palm Beach County just got a little more hands on: Every student in the course is going to learn Hands-Only CPR beginning next fall. 212 kata lagi


"Which is Greener?": Connecting Fractions, Percents, and Ratios in Sixth Grade

Math should tell a story — through the structure of units, and the structure of a year. There is no singular correct narrative; instead, I find joy in weaving different paths through different mathematical ideas depending on the group or grade. 1.502 kata lagi

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Research from The Educational Forum: Orienting Schools Toward Equity

Today’s blogger is Rachel Garver, a doctoral candidate in Teaching and Learning at New York University. She writes here about her research on racial and economic inequality, school segregation, and policy implementation… 433 kata lagi

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Water Play Day - A Summertime Treat!

Friday was our first weekly Water Play Day of the summer. The children (and teachers!) were all so happy and engaged in wet, wonderful play. Bubbles, ice blocks the children had made previously out of milk cartons and containers, scrub-a-dub-dub tubs, boating, blocks, and of course sprinklers and hoses. 8 kata lagi

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A Time For Endings And Beginnings

June is a time of both endings and beginnings.

I was at my oldest daughter’s convocation in Halifax on the weekend; having your first child graduate from university makes you very sentimental. 506 kata lagi

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Meet Our Team: Ms. Jamie

Meet Ms. Jaime in the Young Explorers’ (2.5-3.5 year old) classroom! Her teaching partner says that Jamie is a joy to work with – and that everyone should hear her read aloud voice. 240 kata lagi

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