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Keep It Simple

Simplicity will stand out, while complexity will get lost in the crowd. -Kevin Barnett

American Thanksgiving has just passed and we are on the bullet train to Christmas! 598 kata lagi

Ipads In Kindergarten

Does summative assessment drive Units of Inquiry?

During a planning meeting for every Unit of Inquiry,  there’s a question that’s always pops up

“What are we going to do for the summative task?” 590 kata lagi

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Teaching kids about democracy

My ballot paper for the New Zealand flag referendum came through this week.

Choosing a national flag isn’t something I feel particularly passionate about.

Teaching kids how to exercise democratic rights? 205 kata lagi

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StoryCorps assigns nation's students Thanksgiving project; Are you in?

We at Extra Credit would have to say this  sounds like the coolest, national U.S. History assignment ever.

The assignment comes from StoryCorps, the outfit that began in 2003 with a booth in New York’s Grand Central terminal and has spent more than a decade gathering snippets of history as told by one person being interviewed by another person they know. 121 kata lagi


The power of visualising writing

Draftback is a highly useful chrome extension.

Writing is a secret process. The audience can’t see how a writer writes, they just see finished product. 140 kata lagi

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A Place for All Abilities at Camp

Our amazing Program Manager, Erin LaVine, shared her thoughts about the article as it relates to camp and True Friends. “As someone who is one of the first to share stories of people with disabilities achieving great feats, I find this article wonderfully written and eye opening.


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New Digital Instruction Possibilities

Back to School for Parents: Help Your Student Reach New Heights

A new school year chock-full of school plays, athletic events, and parent-teacher conferences is well underway. 272 kata lagi

Digital Learning Solutions