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Not Wiping the Board

I wonder how much time I spend these days not wiping the board? Latterly, everything is projected in a sort of modern-day clanking smoking Heath-Robinson technical adventure, and I haven’t written on the board in months. 262 kata lagi

In The Classroom

I Am No Prophet, and Here Is No Great Matter

I revised my syllabus for Muslim Spain: Literature and Society for this semester, the third time I am teaching the course, to spend a little bit more time at the start of the term setting out the foundations of Islam and Islamic history, in both anthropological and historical perspectives in the Arabian Peninsula and the eastern Mediterranean before following the remnants of the Umayyad caliphate west into Spain. 667 kata lagi


writing is a math problem- without solution

if nobody reads what was written-

none of us will have the answers…



I was talking to my students yesterday about savantism, mostly the extreme sort where individuals graft extreme ability onto severe impairment.  There are those who have extraordinary memory (like Kim Peek, the inspiration for the movie Rain Man), those who have extraordinary musical or artistic talent (Stephen Wiltshire, for instance, who can draw hugely detailed panoramas of cities to scale after a short tour in a helicopter) and those who can calculate calendars for thousands of years into the future and past at the blink of an eye. 270 kata lagi

Teaching “Captain Love” by James M. Chesbro

The first major assignment in my first-year Composition class is a literacy narrative. One of the biggest leaps I’m asking the students to make in the sentences they construct is to shift their guarded writing objective from trying to “prove” a thesis, to the more courageous attempt of trying to reveal a sense of humanity in themselves as narrators and the people they write about. 846 kata lagi

My Favorite Essay To Teach

Print Books Still Play an Important Role in Learning Experiences

In my time blogging at Exploring the Past I’ve gone on a sort of mini-crusade against conventional understandings within popular media about millennials’ relationship to digital technology and the ways they acquire knowledge. 542 kata lagi


In the Classroom: Teaching About Slavery

Over the last year important if uncomfortable questions have been raised about how to approach the topic of American chattel slavery with children. I’ve been following the conversations closely and they have informed me greatly as I prepare to begin my own teaching of the topic with my 4th grade students this week. 998 kata lagi

In The Classroom