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Teacher Created Texts in Book Creator

Literacy is one of the greatest gifts a person could receive. -Jen Selinsky

My kindergarten students are becoming voracious readers and most of them are ready for some fresh book selections. 408 more words

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7 Go-To Websites for Class Planning

As a language assistant, I’m heavily reliant on online resources (like videos, ideas for warm-up games, presentations, etc.) and am grateful that the possibilities are endless once I type whatever topic I’m looking for into a search engine. 604 more words

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A Repository of Personal Treasures

Those that I record are wonderfully generous to share personal family photos with Story for inclusion in the Learning Lab.

These images (and I receive many, these are just two that I chose to share) support the audio narrative. 122 more words

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Speech Night, Study Skills Pay Off

This is Speech Night season for the elementary students at our schools and for pure pent-up energy and excitement, you cannot match a homeroom of our students in those anxious moments just before the start of the presentations. 433 more words

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Framing Learning Through Essential Questions

On February 24th, many dedicated TCDSB Literacy Reps came together in area groupings to engage in an introductory dialogue on essential questions. Using some of the talk strategies described in the book… 294 more words

Data-driven Instruction in the Classroom

Data-based Instruction in the Classroom: Improve Learning for Every Student 

Diverse learning needs make it difficult for teachers to help all of their students. Some students learn quickly and some learn slowly. 246 more words

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Chapter Hosts Documentary Screening

Angela Fazio is co-president of Kappa Eta Chapter at St. John’s University.

We recently held a viewing of the TEACH documentary and invited all NYC Chapters as a way to collaborate with other chapters and inspire dialogue that goes far beyond the classroom. 163 more words

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