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Rethinking the *dreaded* Unidirectional Webinar

I recently had the opportunity to engage in extended professional learning around the design of more interactive webinars and wow— did I walk away with a whole new perspective. 557 kata lagi

In The Classroom

Kyle Simonsen on My Favorite Essay to Teach: Susan Orlean’s “Meet the Shaggs”

Susan Orlean begins her essay “Meet the Shaggs” by noting that “depending on whom you ask, the Shaggs were either the best band of all time or the worst.” Unless you are asking my students. 768 kata lagi

What are my strengths, Akka?

Today, as part of preparation for the upcoming board exams, I made my class 9 and 10 students go through the motions of goal setting. We spent an hour, each class, figuring out our monthly goals between now and June 2017 when we will appear for the all-too-dreaded (by me) board exams. 536 kata lagi


From Surviving to Thriving-Managing Stress in the Social Work Setting

As we approach the middle of the semester, the pressures are ramping up. Multiple assignments are due in the same week, while our responsibilities in the field start to increase as well. 520 kata lagi

Dd Week in PK3

This week in PK3, the students learned all about the letter Dd. Each day, we read a story that contained words that began with the letter Dd. 66 kata lagi

In The Classroom

Benjamin Batley on Anthony Bourdain: The Punk Rocker of Food, Culture, and Travel Blogging

The reason I use punk rock as a comparison to this blog is because it is unconventional and doesn’t follow the typical norms of travel and food writing. 803 kata lagi

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Reservoir has some Nice Ducks, Ripples, Observe Students Before Math Class

        Looking through N-200s windows streaked with rain and swaying eucalyptus framed by gray stretching horizon to horizon, students in their math classes reported that the reservoir by the Bol park path had some nice ducks and water ripples. 173 kata lagi