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Modelling with Playdoh

Playdoh is one of my favourite bits of kit when it comes to modelling, mainly because you can quite literally model it!

There are many, many concepts in Science that are difficult to visualise and my students find it helpful to be able to produce their own models to ‘see’ what is often too small observe in reality. 150 more words

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Sometimes you just need to experience

Another day, another field trip.

Field trips are great chance for the kids to experience something outside the confines of their classroom.

In this case and earthquake simulator. 8 more words

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End of Year Roundup

It’s May…teach yourself. -Jen Hatmaker

People, truer words have never been spoken. The countdown is on here and we are doing a serious blitzkrieg to the finish line with 10 days of school remaining. 375 more words

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Zen and the Art of Classroom Maintenance

It’s all getting a bit Zen for me. Yesterday I spent some time discussing Bhutanese management principles in my first lesson (a subject, incidentally, on which I am not expert), and then went into my next class to find someone decluttering the room. 288 more words

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Learning to Listen. Listening to Learn.

I was poking around an old collection of NPR Ed Blogs that I found interesting and came across this article on Language cognition. To read the full reporting click… 401 more words

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Tongue-Tied, and its Opposite

Sometimes my students refuse to talk to me. They are human beings, after all, and not all human beings want to tell you in detail about their job, their day, their problems, their strengths and weaknesses, their evenings, their plans for the weekend, and so on. 405 more words

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What the kids really value isn't always what you think...

This week the children in my class wrote a quick paragraph for their yearbook. Aside from setting up some scaffolds with the class some sentence starters and helping with spelling and punctuation I left the children to it. 214 more words

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