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The Over- and Under-Identification of ELLs in Special Education from Colorin Colorado


This is a great read if you (like all of us) have trouble identifying the needs of our ELL learners. Included in this page is a great video, but more importantly, Case Studies that give us real world examples. Love this!!

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Promoting Respect for Cultural Diversity in the Classroom from The Huffington Post


The above link will take you to a wonderful Huffington Post article that I recently discovered. This is one of the best ways to describe just what it means to facilitate a culturally diverse/responsive classroom.

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Parallel processing and larger pictures

Today, I did something I would have thought impossible a few months ago. As a fledgling teacher almost two years ago, I would plan each class in excruciating detail and then work up a Plan B and C and D, in case things didn’t go as planned. 663 kata lagi


Math, McDermid Community School

This week at McDermid Community School, we learnt how to calculate sales taxes and discounts. After a short lecture with a few examples, I set up four stations for the students to work at. 249 kata lagi

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Sustainability lecture

Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Michael S. Regan visited
the campus for a lecture on sustainability. He has held his position since January 2017. 147 kata lagi

What is Justice?

Sofie Rose Seymour is joyful to be a member of HTF Cohort 2, teaching “Participation in Government & Economics” and “Wilderness” at the Urban Assembly School of Applied Math and Science in New York City. 40 kata lagi

Spring Clean-Up with Litterati and Google Maps

It’s finally March, and that means the official start of the seasonal cycle in the Omushkego culture. In the Omushkego Cycle of Life (Ininiwi Pimatisiwin), there are six seasons, beginning with Spring, or Sikwan. 776 kata lagi

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