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Adepta Sororitas - Heavy Bolter Retributors

Retributors and heavy bolters are like peanut butter and jam.  The two were destined to be together. 108 kata lagi

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Lush update

A few years have passed now since I reviewed Angels on Bare Skin, Ultrabland as well as the Imperialis moisturiser from Lush. So I thought it might be worthwhile talking about which of these products withstood the test of time. 310 kata lagi


On the Road to Better Skin - The Swapout

It’s been a year of medication and I can definitely feel the effects in my body and in my face.  And while it might take a while to get my body all better again and back to shape, I can be more proactive with my face. 380 kata lagi


LUSH ❤ Facial moisturiser

Hi guys,

Today I wanted to review some new Lush products that I’ve tried recently.

I’ve been struggling with breakouts recently along my t-zone, typically on my chin, so I thought I’d look into some better quality and ‘healthier’ skincare products to introduce to my daily routine. 349 kata lagi

I’ve always been a big LUSH fan! Their cleansers have saved me, their hair products have changed me (for the better). I had high hopes for their moisturizers too!

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Welcome back to LivingLushious! Ready for another review?!

So today I am going to talk about my favorite moisturizer from Lush, and that is Imperialis… 302 kata lagi

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Indonesia Menjajah?

Indonesia pernah menjajah negara lain! How butthurt are you  hearing that statement? 892 kata lagi

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