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Lush is definitely one of my top three favourite shops – and spending my money in there doesn’t make me question where it’s going! I know that my money will be put towards a good cause, as Lush work to make their products as environmentally friendly as possible! 987 kata lagi



Welcome back to LivingLushious! Ready for another review?!

So today I am going to talk about my favorite moisturizer from Lush, and that is Imperialis… 302 kata lagi

Lush Cosmetics

Indonesia Menjajah?

Indonesia pernah menjajah negara lain! How butthurt are you  hearing that statement? 892 kata lagi

Bard's Tavern

Lush Moisturisers Review: Celestial, Imperialis and Vanishing Cream

Recently, I’ve been on the hunt for a new moisturiser and have been trialling three samples from Lush (Celestial, Imperialis and Vanishing Cream… 885 kata lagi


Trying out Lush moisturizers, trying NOT to buy the entire store

As I mentioned in an earlier post, my last trip to Lush resulted in my taking home 3 different facial moisturizers to try. These are literally going to last me AT LEAST through the winter, but I’m hoping that by the end, I can find one that I like, and so replace my current Caudalie moisturizer that is really hard to get shipped here. 693 kata lagi