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Try to Keep Up….

Got to visit the FBI today – which is FAR better than being visited BY them. For those of you that have followed me for any length of time might be aware that what keeps the internet on and the bills paid is being an Environmental Consultant. 711 more words


Day of the Seafarer: Dubai alliance aims to educate a region

IHS Maritime’s Richard Clayton looks at how the GCC is targeting the education and training of local labour to cement the region’s maritime and offshore future… 125 more words


Blogger Gets 1st Page Ranking on Google For Porn Thanks to New Algo

Courtesy of SEO Blog

A couple of weeks or so ago there were definitely some changes made to the Google algorithm, Patrick called it a… 382 more words


Here they are!

The past few days of ‘agriculture school’ has been like ‘Backyard Blitz’ getting ready for the lovely couple to arrive. Preparations finished late yesterday for their grand arrival in the evening – here they are :)

More pics to follow soon…

IMO Adopts Polar Code Enviro Provisions

Ships trading in the Polar Regions will have to comply with strict safety and environmental provisions specific to the harsh conditions in the Arctic and Antarctic, following the adoption of the environmental part of the International Code for ships operating in polar waters (Polar Code) and associated MARPOL amendments to make the Code mandatory by the Marine Environment Protection Committee (MEPC) of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). 90 more words


Training yourself for any Math Olympiad --- RMO, INMO, IMO

Although you might have an expert coach or branded institution coaching you for the math or physics olympiads, the best thing is to be your own guru. 384 more words