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91. It has been said, “You are what you eat.” Rewrite the phrase: “You are what you _________.”

“You are what you repeat.”

The first time you do something it is possibly an accident. Anything following that is usually a choice. I talk about choices often. 189 kata lagi


Letter by Commissioner Hahn in reply to the letters from Ministers Gjosha and Vasili of Albania regarding IMO

Dear Prime Minister,

I need to draw your attention to issues related to the International Monitoring Operation (IMO), following in particular the inquiries by two members of your Government. 1.018 kata lagi


What is wrong with 'Marvels Legacy Heroes'?

I’ve had this post brewing in my brain for a while now but it’s the announcement of Marvels latest super, mega, world changing, crossover ‘Generations’ that has given me enough impotence to write it down. 1.096 kata lagi

What is 'The Best Justice League Ever'?

I’ve told you who the best X-men team would be, now with a movie on the horizon and a relaunch of every book under the sun I’m gonna lay down for who would be the best…………….. 1.087 kata lagi

How to 'Bring Back Firefly' (IMO)

So here’s how it is: Firefly got cancelled so the cast went and made a movie to carry on their tale. It was witty and clever, dark and yet hopeful. 1.064 kata lagi

DNVGL: Ballast Water Management – How to comply with the IMO Convention

With the ratification of the IMO Ballast Water Management Convention on 8 September 2016, the convention will enter into force on 8 September 2017.

With only some months to go, this Technical & Regulatory News from DNVGL, is intended as a supporting document for the BWM implementation phase, focusing on compliance. 12 kata lagi


What is wrong with Pewdiepie?

For a while now youtubers have come under attack from the regressive left, we’ve seen them stripped from the rankings for questioning the status quo as SJW’s march blindly on under their one banner. 472 kata lagi