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Renhui Jiuzhang 2015 Exam 1 Q3

Suppose satisfy show that

From this post on I will try to adopt a more casual tone in expounding the solution, with explanatory text mixing with the solution. 556 kata lagi


InMyOpinion: MCU Movies From Worst to Best (#7 - 1)

Don’t forget to check out #13-8 on my list!

7. Avengers: Age of Ultron

This movie is a bit of a mess.  The editing is a bit crazy because it feels like the original cut of this movie was 5-hours-long.   997 kata lagi


Australia TST 2013 Exam2 Q3

Find all values of such that there exists a function that satisfies the following properties:

1), if and only if .

2), .

Answer: . 276 kata lagi


InMyOpinion: MCU Movies From Worst to Best (#13 - 8)

Like most of the world, I am a big fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).  I’ll admit that while I have always been a geek/fangirl, Superheroes and comic books weren’t always my thing.   978 kata lagi


IMO 2011 Q3

satisfies  for all real numbers and . Show that for all .

First, set gives us inequality for all .

Let the inequality be denoted by . 418 kata lagi


New Report: Hausas Clashes With Akowa Indigenes In Imo

At least six persons have been feared dead and several others injured in a blood spilling clash between the indigenes of Akowa in Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo state and Hausa people living in the community. 186 kata lagi