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The class of antiretrovirals that acts at the step indicated by the large red arrow is:



c) Fusion inhibitors

d) Protease Inhibitors… 7 kata lagi


Aptamers and Scaffolds

Aptamers and Scaffolds

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator


Antibody Alternatives

Nucleic acid aptamers and protein scaffolds could change the way researchers study biological processes and treat disease. 3.683 kata lagi


C-section babies could benefit from microbial transfer from mom's vagina

Partially restoring mom’s good bacteria in C-section babies

Babies delivered by C-section differ from babies delivered vaginally in the makeup of the microbes (microbiome) that live in and on their bodies. 744 kata lagi


The Immunological Basis of Asthma & Its Treatments


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory lung disease characterised by variable, reversible airway obstruction and recurrent episodes of breathlessness or wheezing. Both the causes of the disease and the cellular machinations at play are complex, numerous and incompletely understood. 7.818 kata lagi


IVF is on my mind…

While I have been reading and keeping up with everyone’s blogs, I have been un-interested in writing about myself. There was nothing interesting to report. That has changed in that we have some progress after all of my second opinions. 947 kata lagi


Rising star in microbiome research focuses on basics in the lab

Taylor Feehley just defended her PhD thesis on how gut bacteria interact with the immune system, work that someday could help prevent the development of food allergies. 593 kata lagi

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