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Predicting Heart Transplant Rejection Before It Happens

Gene Yang ‘19

After a heart transplant surgery, heart tissue biopsies must be done multiple times to survey for signs of transplant rejection. Although this heart biopsy is currently the gold standard for the detection of acute rejection, this procedure is both risky and invasive. 284 kata lagi


Can Getting Mono Increase Your Risk of Developing an Autoimmune Disease?

The number of people infected with the infamous “kissing disease” otherwise known as mononucleosis, each year, especially at the high school and college age is astounding, and it seems as though everyone has a friend of two who has had the awful illness.  239 kata lagi

Sisterly Love

Why is it, no matter where I am, no matter what I’m doing, I always feel I should be somewhere else?

When the girls wake in the morning I feel like I rush us to get ready and out the door. 509 kata lagi


T Cell Differentiation

For Immunology Chapter 11 Day 2

  1. What are the three features that define helper T cell subsets?
  2. Figure 11-9 is confusing. Redraw it with a separate pair of DCs and naïve T cells. 
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