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Variola, Variola, Send Smallpox Right Over

A few days ago Science magazine published an editorial on a recent PLOS one article studying Smallpox vaccines. In the original article Canadian researchers claimed that a Smallpox vaccine derived from the Horsepox virus might be a better alternative to the current vaccine. 521 kata lagi

Types Of Multiple Sclerosis

Time heals all wounds except relapsing-remitting MS.

And primary-progressive MS.

And secondary-progressive MS.

And whole bunch of other age-related illnesses, like glaucoma, age-related macular degeneration and malignancy. 263 kata lagi


Primary and Secondary Lymphoid Organs

For Immunology – Chapter 2 (Day 2) Learning Objectives

  1.  Primary lymphoid organs have “niches”.  Summarize what happens in ____________ niches.  It may be helpful to include diagrams with your answer.
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Lymphoid Cells (Immune Cells Part 2)

For Immunology (Chapter 2 Day 2)

  1. Immunology nomenclature is replete with acronyms combined with numbers.  What is the background story for clusters of differentiation (CD)?  What are some reasons immunologists may prefer that protein markers be on the surface of the cells rather than in the cytoplasm?
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Endocrinology (part 3 - adrenal glands)

Some observations from chapter 3 below.

“The normal adrenal gland weigh 4-5g. The cortex represents 90% of the normal gland and surrounds the medulla. […] Glucocorticoid (cortisol […]) production occurs from the… 1.685 kata lagi