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Identification of pertussis specific effector memory T-cells in preschool children.

Whooping cough remains a problem despite vaccination and worldwide resurging of pertussis is evident. Since cellular immunity plays a role in long-term protection against pertussis, we studied pertussis-specific T-cell responses. 258 more words


What Are Those Weird Chemicals In Vaccines?

If you’re like me, you’ve taken a look through the list of ingredients in vaccines and wondered what purpose certain substances like mineral oil, bovine serum albumin and aluminum hydroxide could possibly play in priming the immune system to fight off diseases. 659 more words

Singapore scientists learn the art by which the body fights

Scientists from A*STAR’s Bioprocess Technology Institute (BTI) have uncovered two crucial signaling molecules, DOK3 and SHP1, involved in the development and production of plasma cells which help the human body fight against pathogens. 304 more words


Cytokines : Can't Live With em' Can't Live Without em'

So I have been taking immunology this semester & we have finally embarked upon discussing a long awaited topic – cytokines !!!

They’re necessary for mounting a successful/ effective immune response but they are also linked to a number of diseased states as well!  76 more words

Celebrating A True Pioneer: César Milstein

Today marks what would have been biochemist and Nobel laureate César Milstein’s 88th birthday. Credited (along with his postdoctoral fellow Georges Kohler) with developing an extremely efficient method of producing monoclonal antibodies, he is regarded as one of molecular biology and modern immunology’s founding fathers. 315 more words


Tuesday Feature episode 4: Professor Dan Davis

Professor Dan Davis has had a startling career so far. In the last year or so his first book, The Compatibility Gene, has received rave reviews and was even chosen as one of the… 1.125 more words

Tuesday Feature

New Diagnostic Approach Could Aid Antimicrobial Stewardship Efforts

Issues in Antimicrobial Use

We face tough decisions every day as medical professionals. Among the most critical of these tough decisions is the proper use of antimicrobial drugs. 777 more words