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T cell exhaustion during persistent viral infections

Why does the immune system fail to clear some virus (and other infections) and allow a state of chronic infection to occur? And when it does, how are immune responses different from a non-infected individual? 188 more words


Lisa Elliott

An expert in the area of bacteriophage, Dr. Lisa Elliott established AusPhage in July 2014 in the face of growing concern regarding increased antimicrobial resistance in bacteria. 212 more words


Welcome... My first post

Hello and welcome!  I decided to start this up to chronicle my journey through public health school, science, and fitness.  Please see my “About Me” 18 more words


Trikatu and Intestinal Dysbiosis

try taking Trikatu (consists of poppa like, ginger root, and black pepper) 15 minutes before your meals to increase Hydrochloric acid (HCL) production.

Notice that the is opposite from what your medical doctor will prescribe. 46 more words

Holistic Practices

Publication of the month: How much of our immune response is based on your genes and how much is influenced by your environment?

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Our favourite paper this month is collaboration between Stanford University (USA) and the Karolinska Instituted (Sweden). 1.079 more words


Let them eat dirt.

New Englanders have very bad memories.  That’s the only explanation for why anyone lives here.  Every year in the fall people reminisce about how bad last winter was, and hope that the winter to come will be better.  549 more words


Selection Theory

The world is filled with things that we take for granted until they either fail us or end up featured in an exam. The immune system is one of these things. 806 more words