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Islamic State Claims It Can Buy Nukes From Pakistan Within A Year

By Lora Moftah, ibtimes.com
on May 23 2015 3:18 PM EDT

The Islamic State group claims it could buy a nuclear weapon through Pakistan within the coming year in the latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq. 340 more words

Muslims WorldWide

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Now this is just what we need if they use it on those that let this happen it would be no real loss!

Stay quiet dhimmis and don't do anything stupid

Sharia law, the Conditions of Umar, dhimmi status, and Pam Geller and Robert Spencer’s effort to push back with cartoons are contrasted with Mohammed Atta’s admonition to the passengers, “Stay quiet and you’ll be OK.” … 340 more words

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I agree with this 100% the Muslims have be trying to take us out for almost 1,400 years and unless we can turn the tide quickly they will win! WE ARE IN A RELIGIOUS WAR where we like it or not! America Wake Up!

Muslim youths burn Kano court to protest blasphemous comments

Rampaging Muslim youths today May 22nd reportedly burnt a Sharia court located at Rijiyar Lemo area of Kano, Kano state this morning over a ‘blasphemous comments’ an Imam, Abdul Nyass, a sect member of Tijjaniyya, a Muslim sect group made against Prophet Muhammed during one of his sermons at Goron Dutse General area of Kano metropolis last week. 31 more words


First Imam to Earn Catholic University Degree

CAIRO – A Portland Muslim imam has made history by becoming the first Muslim to graduate from a Catholic university.

“I was looking for a place to be accepted as myself and to be the true face of Islam, though I am not the best follower,” Abdullah Polovina, who leads a congregation of Bosnian Muslims in Portland, told The Oregonian on Monday. 163 more words


Muslim Leader Who Said Israel is ‘Enemy of God’ Invited to White House

by Joe Kaufman

Regardless of the circumstances, when a representative from CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a group with close ties to Hamas, is allowed into the White House, a serious, indeed dangerous, problem exists. 841 more words


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If Obama isn't a Muslim then he is doing an awfully good job at making it look like he is!

Islam Liberal & Sekuler: Peringatan Imam Al Ghazali


Apa sebenarnya yang dimaksud dengan ilmu? Ilmu-ilmu apakah yang harus dipelajari, dan untuk apa mempelajari ilmu-ilmu tersebut. 1.446 more words