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Dalam perhubungan lelaki dan perempuan pastinya perlukan komunikasi dan pemahaman. Lebih-lebih lagi bila nak mengharungi bahtera rumah tangga. Suami perlu peka dengan keinginan isteri engkorang. 509 kata lagi


Amazon Shows Two Old Friends...A Priest And An Imam

This ad from Amazon has been getting rave reviews, and for good reason. We see the friendship between two older men. One is a priest, and the other is an imam. 48 kata lagi

My local Masjid in London was a pub once upon a time

The Imam mentioned today in his Jumuah Khutbah (sermon) that he met a brother last week who said: “I used to come to this building over 20 years ago when it was a pub to drink alcohol and drown away my sorrows. 23 kata lagi

Islam In Britain

Harmony through commerce

Never let it be said that the business world doesn’t have a role to play in social justice. In this nice little advertisement from Amazon Prime, a priest and imam have a friendly chat before sending each other the perfect gifts. Happy holidays!