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Like a Good Priest

I did not have pen in hand when a bemused radio announcer commented after playing Bach’s 4th Brandenburg recently, so the following quote may not be perfectly exact. 180 kata lagi


Sajdah Tilawah in obligatory Salah


Is it permissible for an Imam to recite a verse of Sajdah Tilāwah in Ṣalāh? 90 kata lagi


Either ALL Muslims Really ARE Terrorists, Or Barack Obama Is Truly The Terrorist-In-Chief And The Democrat Party is A Terrorist Organization

There’s just something about our slimebag president and how he changes his facts every day to suit his new talking points.  Obama goes to a known-terrorist mosque… 1.215 kata lagi

Conservative Issues

Marrakesh Declaration: Muslim and Christian Leaders Issue Religious Freedom Declaration in Morocco

ICC NOTE: Persecution and violence among Christians and other religious minorities within Muslim countries are astronomical. The rise of the Islamic State has only made this fact more prominent. 370 kata lagi

Prayer Uproar