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I wake up on a Sunday morning. The time just after sunrise. I think it’s the best thing to happen for the day. Waking up right on time. 534 kata lagi

A perfect Thanksgiving

I can’t say I have ever had a perfect thanksgiving, my perfect Thanksgiving would go something like this. I wouldn’t wake up until after 10 and I would wake up to my handsome man who is sleepy eyed and cuddly. 229 kata lagi

Do you even dare?

Below you will find no.2 of two images in the ongoing ‘Imagine’ series within which the artist reminds himself to imagine various things by writing what is to be imagined on a piece of yellow paper and placing it in a manner that will allow him to see it every single day. 36 kata lagi

Silhouette of my daydream

I wrote this piece as a gift to my father. It’s based on the most beautiful and the only one memory I have with my Baba(Dad).

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Imagine, book review

Title: Imagine
by: Emma Mactaggart
illustrated by: Ester De Boer
Publisher: Boogie Books

The gloriously creative indulgence of simply sitting and day-dreaming has given rise to the greatest creations in human history!

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