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Friends, this post, Steady, is written in conjunction with the five minute friday community.  Our leader, Kate Motaung, chooses a word (a theme for our writing), we set our timers for five minutes, and then we write.   213 kata lagi

Practicing His Presence

‘Trumped: The Musical’? Ron Howard Hopes Somebody Does It - Cannes Lions

Ron Howard spent time on stage at Cannes Lions today for a discussion with New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and WPP CEO Martin Sorrell. While he… 552 kata lagi

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Imagine God

Hi there, Joseph McKinney Jr. here. For the past six months I have been making daily devotionals for the church in João Pessoa. I want to share some of the thoughts with you. 179 kata lagi

Minister's Message

BBC - "You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one." Tusk.

European Council President Donald Tusk has quoted lyrics from John Lennon’s Imagine to suggest the door remains open to the UK staying in the EU. 103 kata lagi

Imagination;imagine a nation.
Where we have all found our true nature, 
 made peace with all elements.

Rooted in source,
 warm and co-operative.

Flowing yet still, 
 boundless with grace. 

© Krishdga   03.03.17

《 Này, Em nữ tính chút đi 》| BTS | pjm.t/b

Bạn là một cô gái mạnh mẽ, cá tính và năng động. Lúc nào cũng tự thân giải quyết khó khắn, bạn không giỏi những chuyện như làm nũng, nhõng nhẽo hay giận hờn vu vơ. 256 kata lagi