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2017-05-16 - Day 6 - Clothesline Math

Over the weekend I created my first tent series for Clothesline Math. In my Integrated Math 3, I want students to explore the input/output of trig functions and their values from the unit circle. 250 kata lagi

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Nelpon ke Semua Operator Hanya Rp1/Detik, Mau?

Kang Aep merasa berdiri di persimpangan yang membingungkan. Sebelah kanan ada sungai yang begitu lebar, namun ada perahu tambang yang siap menyeberangkannya. Sedangkan di sebelah kiri adalah jalan beraspal yang menembus ke hutan. 874 kata lagi


2017-03-28 On The Spot Ahhhaaaa

Although I have many blog posts on the tarmac ready for lift off, this entry takes special priority as I had a powerful Ahhhha moment that lasted two full periods. 630 kata lagi

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Mission Accomplished

As I publish this reflection, I fear that this moment may turn into something along the lines of another famous moment….

I am very honored to have met #IRL (in real life) the person that inspired this learning goal for me this school year: Having students produce a weekly learnings podcast for public consumption. 254 kata lagi

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