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The K2 _ first impression and recaps

Hi .. Ji chang wook IS BACK and also in a kick ass drama like Healer ..I didn’t want to think of Healer while watching the first episode because Healer had its own unique vibe . 1.880 kata lagi


Drama Updates: The K2 Ep.1-2

I waited until I finished watching episode 1 & 2 of The K2 before I weigh in on how it performed.

For public opinions, it seems the whole cast is being praise for their performance. 895 kata lagi

Korean Dramas

The K2: first impression on episode 1~2

For a drama that claims to be an action thriller, the opening week of The K2 certainly delivers on that front.

There’s a hell of a lot of… 941 kata lagi




The episode 1 is up! I watched this as soon as i saw that ji chang wook is the male lead  but I just don’t like that fact that Im yoona is the female lead, I don’t hate it i just don’t like it ya get me? 112 kata lagi

Snow Globe

Title                : Snow Globe

Author            : Pianpo

Genre             : Romance, YURI

Length            : TwoShot

Cast                :

Jessica Jung, Im Yoona, Kim Taeyeon

Guest Cast     : 4.274 kata lagi

Prime Minister and I: A Review

Sooooo, I just finished watching Prime Minster and I. Seriously, I finished it like 20 minutes ago. Though it took me quite a while to finish the drama because of school and exams (wohoo), I honestly loved every moment of it. 285 kata lagi

The K2 더 케이투 - 2016 Kdrama

Starring Yoona, Ji Changwook, Song Yunah and Jo Sungha as the main characters in this highly-anticipated action drama, I must say…I’ve been impressed with what they have shown so far. 394 kata lagi