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Illegal wildlife trade on the rise

“The rise in demand for products derived from animals and plants, such as elephant tusks or precious wood, is causing an increase in illegal logging and poaching in natural World Heritage sites.” – IUCN… 214 kata lagi

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O’Neill’s illegal logging: 1120 days and counting… — PNGexposed Blog

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill clearly has no intention of ever reversing the huge SABL land grab and giving the stolen land back to its customary owners.

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Johan Eliasch fined for illegal Amazon logging

A company belonging to a Swedish businessman has been fined $275 million for illegally cutting down Amazon rainforest.  141 kata lagi

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Quarrying at Niah National Park

A couple of months ago I visited Niah Caves near Miri in Sarawak. You can read about my trip on my Malaysia Traveller website.

This cave complex is one of Malaysia’s most impressive natural wonders and it was nominated for UNESCO World Heritage status in 2010, though it has not yet achieved that honour. 426 kata lagi


Private owner shows how to conserve nature

Recently, I have found an interesting story about an American Mr. M.C. Davis who spent over $90 million to buy 54 thousand acres (ca. 22 thousands hectares) property in the southeastern U.S in order to convert it to the largest private conservation project east of Mississippi River. 1.048 kata lagi

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Problem of the illegal logging finally solved! Norway takes a bad way!

Problem related to the illegal logging is repeated continuously in mass media, but honestly, it looks that nobody wants to solve this problem forever. After I read article about Norway as a first country in the world to be deforestation-free, I decided to express my opinion why such programs do not work, will never do and even act completely contrary to planned expectations. 854 kata lagi

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