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Peruvian Loggers Allegedly Extracting Cedar Illegally from Ecuadorian Frontier

According to a recent report, Peruvian loggers are crossing the border into Ecuador and illegally extracting Cedar from the Yasuní National Park. The Peruvian loggers are… 286 kata lagi


The blood beneath the yoga mat: Ecolodge #2

Part I:

In 2009 I traveled to Cambodia again for my clinical training project with the Cambodian mental health organization, TPO. I traveled alone, having long before gotten the hang of moving through southeast Asia successfully without knowing anything more than how to say hello and thank-you in three languages. 711 kata lagi

Rhino Protection Units Catche Illegal Loggers at Way Kambas National Park

As reported by the Way Kambas Rhino Protection Unit

Based on tips by local villagers that live in the surrounding areas of Way Kambas National Park (WKNP), a group of… 131 kata lagi


Illegal logging and the protection of forests

In the National Afforestation Program, adopted 7 years ago, Romania stipulated the increase of forest surfaces between 2010-2035 by 442,000 hectares. This is a mission which analysts sarcastically label as impossible.

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미얀마는 최고로 많은 양의 불법 목재를 압수

미얀마는 이번 회계 연도에서 불법 목재양의 최고를 기록하였습니다. 그러면서 미얀마 정부는 급속하게 사라지는 산림을 보호하기로 결심하였습니다. 2016년 4월이후로 미얀마 당국은 40,000 tons의 목재를 압수하였고, 새로운 정부가 선출되기 1달전에 전국적으로 벌목 금지를 공표하였습니다. 29 kata lagi


Balada Pengakuisisian Hutan Adat Sembalun

Sejak dahulu Masyarakat Adat Sembalun melakukan sebagian besar aktivitasnya di hutan adat. Pengakuisisian lahan hutan adat melalui sistem Gross Governoor membawa dampak pengerusakan hutan adat. Pengelolaan hutan adat oleh pemerintah… 644 kata lagi