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The race to save Romania’s forests: how illegal loggers lay waste to the wilderness

Heavy rain clatters on the windscreen of Ion Holban’s four-by-four as he shifts through the gears to make it up a steep dirt track deep in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, a wilderness where pristine forests host bears, wolves, lynx and wildcats.

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Environment vs. economy: Mapping the forest environmental frontier

To some, the forests mean combatting illegal logging and associated trade, avoiding deforestation and degradation, conserving biodiversity and protecting wilderness.

To others, the forests mean timber as a renewable raw material for uses such as construction and bioenergy, forest-based climate change adaptation and mitigation and transitioning toward a forest-based bioeconomy. 641 kata lagi

APEC Tightens Illegal Timber Trade Controls

Issued by the APEC Experts Group on Illegal Logging and Associated Trade

Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, 22 August 2017 — Shipments of lumber, furniture and other wood products sourced from the Asia-Pacific’s protected but dwindling forests are worth hundreds of billions of dollars annually and on the increase. 558 kata lagi

EPA corruption and the felixer

Hearing news of the alleged illegal interstate waste dumping, aired on Four Corners last Monday, was a bit of a blast from the past. As it transpired the EPA’s director of waste management, Steve Beaman, was one of the first EPA employees I encountered back in the early 1990’s. 415 kata lagi


$15 Billion Worth Of PNG Logs Are Sold To The US Annually

August 11,2017

Source: Post Courier Online

A recent article in the National Geographic magazine has put Papua New Guinea’s tropical forests at risk of being taken over by foreigners. 189 kata lagi


Uncovering Sources of Stolen Cameroon Woods for International Markets

A Greenpeace Africa investigation published recently, has uncovered “a trail of stolen timber” en route to Cameroon’s main timber exporting company, Compagnie de Commerce et de Transport (CCT), for onward evacuation to the international markets. 471 kata lagi

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