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Lacey Act Corruption-Based Risks Should Prompt Wood Importers to Branch Out

The Lacey Act, a century-old U.S. statute, provides a unified set of penalties for possession of illegally procured animals or plants from the U.S. and, after amendments five years ago, those procured in violation of foreign laws as well. 917 kata lagi


RFA report - some reasons why conservationists can't stop logging

The National Parks Association and the Nature Conservation Council have recently released a report titled  ‘Regional Forest Agreements – have they achieved their aims’. Not surprisingly, the report focuses on how the RFA’s have failed to achieve their aims.   632 kata lagi


Ang Epekto ng mga Ginagawa natin sa Ating Kapwa at Kalikasan

Ang Epekto ng Mga Ginagawa Natin

Sa  Ating Kapwẳ at Kalikasan

Ni Apolinario Villalobos

Ang mga ginagawa natin araw-araw ay nakaka-apekto sa ating kapwa, sa loob man ng tahanan o pinagtatrabahuhan, at sa labas ng mga ito. 767 kata lagi

Apolinario Villalobos

A tiny forest tribe built a DIY drone from YouTube to fight off illegal loggers

The engine started, the propeller began spinning, and with a high whine the drone shot into the air—before quickly crashing to the ground. It took a few more tries before the drone flew straight, but when it did, it soared into the azure skies above southern Guyana’s grasslands, and the small crew on the ground cheered. 1.087 kata lagi

FfA News Round-Up

Satellite Maps Shows Explosion in Paved Surfaces in D.C. Region Since 1984

(Washington Post, April 13) – It’s no secret the D.C. area has witnessed a development boom since 1984. 1.491 kata lagi


Massive Deforestation Discovered in Brazil's Cerrado Region

A new study shows deforestation, already prevalent in the Amazon, has expanded southward into Brazil’s Cerrado, a vast region of tropical savanna.

In coordination with researchers at Brown University and the Woods Hole Research Center, … 56 kata lagi


Satellites & Illegal Logging

Satellite Technology Aims to Combat Illegal Logging in Real Time

A cutting-edge satellite-based alert system could help policymakers and conservationists put a dent in illegal logging… 320 kata lagi