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50 Days Of Soundcloud #12

“Formula Modernia”


Feel free to check out some books:  today’s featured titles include Disappearance, only 99 cents, which if you enjoy the action bits in books and you like apocalypse fiction you’ll enjoy;  62 kata lagi


50 Days Of Soundcloud #11

“Waiting For The Sign”

I want to say this was 2005, at the tail end of doing these sorts of faux-guitar sludge-heavy electronic tracks with creepy Apple Talk forced melodies. 123 kata lagi


Album: 300 Degrees - Free Fall

Litvanyalı prodüktör 300 Degrees‘in yeni albümü Free Fall beklentilerin çok üzerinde bir çalışma olmuş.

Chicago House müziğinin temel yapı taşlarından ve alt türlerinden olan… 45 kata lagi

TR Garage

Baltra- "Up 2 You"

Inserting any sense of wistfulness into the DNA of a song that’s meant to move uninhibited isn’t exactly easy. The sentimental has a way, sometimes, of slowing things down. 101 kata lagi


Oneohtrix Point Never- "Leaving the Park"

Oneohtrix Point Never’s Daniel Lopatin already won the Cannes Soundtrack Award for his score for the forthcoming crime flick Good Time so there shouldn’t really have been much of a question about how good it would actually be. 162 kata lagi