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Churned Creamery

If there is one thing you should know about me, is that I LOVE ice cream. Nothing is better than your favorite ice cream flavor nestled in a cake cone just screaming “eat me!” However, what drew me to Churned Creamery is their “crocream” and the fact that they churn their ice cream on site! 361 kata lagi


On the subject of ice cream, I wanted to talk about one of the most crazed dessert franchises in Southern California right now. It’s all over your Instagram feed, they are a hit vendor at Coachella, and by now you’ve most likely heard of their famous “milky bun.” I’m a huge fan of bloggers like @dailyfoodfeed and @foodwithmichel and when I saw these warm, glazed doughnuts stuffed with ice cream ranging in colors of pink, blue, and purple, I knew I had to try them. 374 kata lagi

Dec Week 3 Ice-cream

今週はクリスマスの単語と歌をいっぱい勉強しました!Christmas Party のゲームで使うのが楽しみ!

そして新しい教科書 Sam’s Magic House を始まりました。Sam’s Magic House はこのクラスとピッタリのレベルの本です!初めてのストーリーとゲームでも全員積極的参加し、「英語で話す」率が高くなりました。今週はまず単語を覚えてください。


BR(英検の本): Unit 21 Occupations

Christmas words: Santa, reindeer, snowman, Christmas tree, bell, Merry Christmas, hat, belt, coat, boots, bag, gloves, beard… 6 kata lagi


Sprinkles Disney Springs

The only thing I hate about being in Hawaii is the travel time from Hawaii to anywhere on the U.S. “mainland“. Travel time from Honolulu to Orlando? 85 kata lagi


Traveling the world through Alex D. Hawkes' recipes

Traveling the world through Alex D. Hawkes’ recipes… more recipes to come.

Garlic Soup with Salsa Fria (Mexico)

Key To This Pie Is In The Color… 22 kata lagi

Alex Hawkes

You can never have too much #sweet and #sour, that's why we made Sour Watermelon Italian Ice! #watermelon 🍉

You can never have too much #sweet and #sour, that’s why we made Sour Watermelon Italian Ice! #watermelon 🍉

Ice Cream

EIO Patisserie - PIK, Jakarta

EIO Patisserie is a premium patisserie located together with Saine Daise restaurant. Even from the outside, the cafe/patisserie exudes elegance and exuberance. Glass walls and gold and cream-colored themes really brings out the classy look from this place. 651 kata lagi