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Old-fashioned Maraschino Cherry Ice Cream Recipe

Happy Memorial Day!

Memorial Day in years gone by was often celebrated by parades and local festivals – and incredible homemade ice cream. An old-time favorite was Maraschino Cherry Ice Cream. 432 kata lagi


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Any ice cream fans here? Mmmmm! We are definitely ice cream lovers! There is always a half gallon in our freezer and cones in the pantry. With summer only a few weeks away, I've been thinking about when I was a kid and having homemade ice cream. I saw this post by Sheryl at A Hundred Years Ago, and my mind automatically went straight to childhood. I love how she describes how families celebrated holidays in the past. How fun! Her recipes always remind me of my grandparents because they are from 1916. My grandpa Abbe was born in 1916, which means his siblings were little kiddos when someone put their Maraschino Cherry Ice Cream recipe into the world.  How cool is that? Cherries in every form remind me of all the stories Dad has told me about the cherry trees of his childhood. Grandma Wilma had lots of cherries! Here's to summer, family celebrations, potlucks, and of course, ice cream! Thank you for letting me share, Sheryl! Can't wait to make this!

May 28 Ice-cream

毎回クラスが始まる時はHello SongとCircle Timeを行っています。今週のcircle timeはもっと広く、深くしました。お天気の Is it sunny today? No, it’s not. から It’s not sunny. と答えを勉強しました。雨の日はrainy, umbrellaをさすね!そして雨の日の英語の定番童謡 Rain Rain Go Away も歌ってみました。今日は何月?って、KEYSを加入したばかりの子たちも含めて、皆自信満々でMay!!!!!!!!!と答えました。Calendarを使って、January~Mayまで復習しながら、新しいtopicの days of the weekも歌ってみまして、いつもより長いcircle timeですが、楽しかったです。 53 kata lagi


FREE ice cream

Did you know that you can get a free Dilly Bar (ice cream bar) at Dairy Queen? Just fill out a survey online and keep your receipt. 104 kata lagi


Not So Blue If I Have This Ice Cream

Next stop on our list is Blue Marble Ice Cream in good ole’ Brooklyn, NY.. Okay our first impression?? Their décor rocks, it’s kinda farmy with white-paint wood and a painted cow pic but back to the real news, the reason y’all are all here! 219 kata lagi

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