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Foodie Adventures: Little Damage

The other day a few co-workers and I decided that before work we would try this ice cream shop in Downtown LA (DTLA). Ugh…I hate DTLA and every time I think of DTLA I just want to give up on my life. 540 kata lagi


Shiso Tavern

There has been a trend in my restaurant visits as of late – more frequent visits to the suburban ones and an avoidance for dreaded Washington D.C. 731 kata lagi


What's the scoop on ice cream and weight loss?

Hot, hazy summer days were made for ice cream.

Are some ice creams are healthier than others?

Stop looking for “healthy ice cream” right now. … 592 kata lagi

Who is Going Vegetarian?

We all have had that one friend that was about 200-300 pounds in high school or college that declared the vegetarian lifestyle but we did`nt… 283 kata lagi


Take Me Out To The Ballgame

One of my all time favorite summertime activities is going to watch a good ole’ game of baseball. My love for the game first started when I was barely old enough to hold a bat. 436 kata lagi


Healthy Ice Cream?

I don’t know, I don’t really eat ice cream, but just this one time i couldn’t control my sweet tooth. So, if i’m going for junk food i’ll try to be healthy [… Right *face palm*] 22 kata lagi


Bits of Happy Series - #2

Watching my 3 year old son wildly licking every inch of his face he can reach, to get every bit of smeared ice cream around his mouth.

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