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Nutrient Dense Food Profile: Eggs

Eggs are considered a nutrient dense food primarily because of the yolk. That golden middle is where the magic happens. In generally eggs contain 6g of protein (about the same amount as 3oz of meat). 419 more words


WEEKLY EVENTS: May 29, 2015 – June 4, 2015

Dear Denver, why you make it so hard to live here?  I have just started the home-buying process (after living here for 10 years, through the time it was actually affordable!) and already I am feeling fairly demoralized. 1.998 more words


Ice-cream takes a new twist

Ice-cream has always been a guilty pleasure of mine, but as people begin to get more creative, the idea of ice-cream is expanding. A fairly new spot, After’s, as transformed the way ice-cream can be eaten. 113 more words

Cookie Monster

No-Cook Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

It seems as if we skipped spring and landed square in summer up here in Maine. It has been unseasonable warm and muggy. Our house doesn’t have central air conditioning, but we set up a window unit in our bedroom so we can sleep comfortably. 687 more words


Almost Summer in the City

I saw my first ice cream truck yesterday. Was too late to catch it on the move so I missed out on the song. Which I still love hearing. 99 more words

The Best Ice Cream Sandwich

Did this week take it out of any one else?

Or, more accurately, did any one else have far too much fun over Memorial Day weekend? 205 more words


Clean peanut butter & banana ice cream

Summer is coming so bring on the ice cream! 

If someone had told me that making ice cream could be this simple I would never have believed them! 170 more words