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Bar-One Sauce

This sauce is easy and utterly delectable and will have you asking for more and licking the bowl! Bar-One is a milk chocolate bar wrapped around a layer of malted chocolate and caramel. 199 kata lagi


Never-ending Paradox

I’ve been on sick leave for the past two weeks, and with all this free time on my hands, one of the things I’ve been least willing to do is write. 434 kata lagi

Hong Kong

OREO shakes!

I know I know. Its getting colder and everyone is drinking Pumpkin spice latte but thing is its still summer where I live and its SO HOT so I thought why not drink milkshakes? 152 kata lagi


October Pumpkin Picks

It seems everyone is posting about pumpkin spice, pumpkin patches, pumpkin picking and carving contests; but then, October only comes once a year.

So we jumped on the band wagon with our picks for October. 83 kata lagi

The Hollow Of Ocala

Very Easy Hazelnut Spread Popsicle

I did it again. I bought too much of a particular popular brand Hazelnut Spread during this year’s Chinese New Year frenzy shopping.  I think I must have bought about 6 huge (1kg) bottles. 357 kata lagi

Ice Cream

Flapjaks (Bali)

Flapjaks berdiri tahun 2009 sebagai salah satu restoran pertama di Bali yang khusus menyajikan pancake dan teman-temannya. Agak telat kalau dibanding Jakarta yang memulai demam pancake sejak 2007. 154 kata lagi