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Chocolate Chip Cookies from Royal Bakery Windhoek

We all know that I  own Royal Bakery Windhoek (Website coming soon). When I made the no-churn ice cream it was also a chance for me to work on my cookie recipe for… 76 kata lagi

Proudly Namibian

2/25 Ice-cream

今週はphonicsでp j i m xをやって、皆が各自で各字から始まる単語を考えて言いだせたんですね!例えば:i-i-iguana, i-i-ink, m-m-mouse, m-m-monkey, p-p-peanuts, etc. そして、prepositions: on, in, under, by を復習した上で、betweenもやりました。 その後、”Sam`s Magic House”を一緒に読んでみて、where is grandpa? is grandpa smiling or crying?をきいたりして、スムーズに答えられましたね!今回”Happy Birthday”のテーマで、storyを一緒に読んで、birthday cakeを示しながらhow many candles are there? 28 kata lagi


2017 Project 365, Day 57: Magnum Almond

Photo #57: February 26

Ate some leftover spaghetti plus ice cream today, and a friend pointed out that they’re birthday party staples. =p Anyway, here’s my small treat for achieving February’s target number of lessons: my favorite Magnum flavor, ALMOND! <3

#Get to know me........

Thanks to Anxious Mom for the idea of this #Gettoknowme challenge  ……  If you haven’t visited her blog then what are you waiting for? But don’t forget to come back to my blog!   895 kata lagi

#FreeBook, blog awards, and other failures #humor, #SundayBlogShare

No, seriously—you really should not have.

It seems to come in waves, but lately I’ve received a number of shoutouts/awards from lovely, wonderful, and (obviously!) perceptive readers. 1.568 kata lagi


There are #sundaes, and then there are Signature Sundaes. Here's Cookie Jar filled with all the cookies!

There are #sundaes, and then there are Signature Sundaes. Here’s Cookie Jar filled with all the cookies!

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