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Banana&Papaya Vegan Ice Cream

Good morning world! I love ice cream and I love smoothies, so this vegan ice cream is the best of the both worlds and its my favourite breakfast! 366 kata lagi


Ice Cream Sandwich

Eric left the store and stood in the heat of the sun. The giant firey orb was bearing down with all its burning rays, while the sidewalk underneath cooked him from below. 167 kata lagi

Short Story

A Mini Binge

I’m writing this from my tablet so I’m not sure how it will end up looking, hopefully ok!

I somehow ended up having a mini binge at work tonight. 361 kata lagi


Bingsu: A Love Affair

Staying on the theme of summer and heat, I want to tell you about one of the best things Korea has to offer in the summer. 470 kata lagi


How to ruin any food: Ice cream toppings: fruits

Thanks for joining me again this week, tonight we’re going to finish ruining ice cream toppings!

Last week you’ll remember that we tackled ruining ice cream syrups ( 880 kata lagi


250 empty cartons

Twice in my life, I have fallen into the addiction of ordering things online. I confess. The first instance was in college when I was on a crazy naturopathic diet, and one of the normal snack foods I could still eat was popcorn. 903 kata lagi

Ice Cream