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Cremeria De Luca

We travelled to Five Dock to try the infamous gelato burger and sample some of the colourful flavours at Cremeria De Luca!

The gelato burger can be had with 1-2 scoops of ice cream, and sides of pana and nutella sauce. 227 kata lagi


Summery Ice Lollies

Summer has definitely hit Maastricht, perfectly in time with finishing off at University for the year.

When the weather is hitting over 35 degrees multiple days in a row and showing no signs of dropping, all means of keeping yourself cool are acceptable and encouraged. 248 kata lagi


Frozen Yogurt Ice Cream

For the start of the Fourth of July weekend I invented a new (to me anyway) frozen confection. It’s a frozen yogurt-ice cream hybrid. Sweet and tangy at the same time. 70 kata lagi




Zingy and refreshing while still maintaining a creamy element.  This ice cream was actually a lovely success and I can see myself making it again during the summer months, maybe a triple cone with raspberry and mango?   151 kata lagi


Easy as Banana Ice Cream

I have to admit, I was a bit dubious about making this as I have never made ice cream before. I found the recipe through a Buzzed article, this is ice cream that only has 2 ingredients, yes really! 167 kata lagi


Ice Cream to Popsicle Conversion Ratio

This past week saw me back in Raleigh again still trying to finish up a project that should have been finished back in January. While I am anxious to complete this project, I cannot say that I have not enjoyed the extra time I have had to spend down in the area, more specifically the extra number of times I have had to visit Maggie Moo’s, also known as the greatest source of ice cream on the face of the planet. 722 kata lagi


A soggy dessert recipe from Eleanor Roosevelt

My quest to make another U.S. President-inspired July 4 recipe started out promisingly enough when I found First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt’s contribution to The All American Cookbook: Favorite Recipes of Famous Persons. 240 kata lagi