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What Italy means to me

So, to start this post I want to add that I’m in fact NOT Italian, so anything I might tell you about Italy could be a lie made up by my oblivious mind. 326 kata lagi


January Food Diary

As one of my new year resolutions was to ‘eat more’, I have so far been very successful in keeping this one.

Lobster – Burger and Lobster… 82 kata lagi


Ben & Jerry launch vegan ice cream while UK campaigns for vegan pizza

I’ve been an aspiring vegan for more than a year now, partially for health reasons, inspired by Dr Joel Fuhrman, partially for sustainability reasons. This means I eat lots of veg and fruit, avoid dairy completely (lactose intolerance helps!), eat fish and eggs occasionally, and a couple of times a month eat a bit of meat. 210 kata lagi


What Claire Ate: January 28th, 2016

I’m starting to get a bit of backlog here so I’m just gonna blast through these. Hope you don’t mind!

(I had to buy a lot of… 49 kata lagi

What Claire Ate

Life Back Home

After spending four months in Europe, three and a half of which were spent living in Dublin, Ireland, I must say that the cliché is true: my life has changed and I, more or less, am a different person because of my time abroad. 388 kata lagi


Restaurant Review: Snowdays Shaved Cream Co. (few locations around NYC)

Official site:

When I first came here I was hesitant to order the wrong thing. After coming back a few times, I’ve realized that that is impossible. 104 kata lagi