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Homemade Mac and Cheese and Ice Cream Cake

I have missed a couple Sunday’s, so I am going to give you two recipes today! We celebrated mom’s birthday today so it was a perfect time to make some homemade items. 416 kata lagi


saying adios//

Saying adios to summer once again! But what better way to end off the summer season than with a delicious ice cream from Sweet Jesus? 68 kata lagi



headed out for peach desserts, strawberry moons, midnight flirts

sleeping in and sunset drives, figs & fires, dawn arrives

afternoon storms like clockwork fall, berries, beaches, tides that call… 62 kata lagi

"Tea & Happy Things"

Asked and Answered

Popular with international celebrity nanny types the asked and answered approach states that if your kid asks for something, say: ice cream, and you say no, and then moments later when they ask for ice cream again, you simply say “asked and answered” like some sort of automaton programed with a level of sarcasm dialed up to eleven. 257 kata lagi


Velvet Mudslide Mocktails

As I said in my Australian Snacks post, I really love the Tim Tams Chocolicious bites especially the gooey caramel and velvet mudslide flavors. 142 kata lagi


Peanut Butter “Ice Cream” (NO frozen bananas!)

Not to toot my own horn here or anything, but I have to say, this is an ice cream recipe that I am extremely proud to have developed. 324 kata lagi


Dog Lessons

Lots of things in life are good, like ice cream! Yum!

My Newfie, Ebony (1998-2009) particularly enjoyed the treat after a swim in Lake Erie at Port Clinton, or Marblehead Lighthouse State Park miles across the lake from the amusement park, Cedar Point. 139 kata lagi