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Salted butter biscuit ice-cream

Haagen Dasz is known around the world, but in Japan they take things one step further. All year round you will find limited editions or seasonal items. 118 kata lagi


Pumpkin Ice Cream

Not another pumpkin product! Well, in a word, Pilgrim Joe’s Pumpkin Ice Cream is fantastic. It’s basically the love child of soft, creamy ice cream and a home-cooked pumpkin pie. 33 kata lagi


Fire and Ice-Cream Book Review

I don’t read as many books as I should, but I plan to change that in the upcoming weeks. Not all will end up with a review, but I just read this book and thought I would share. 337 kata lagi

My Thoughts

Blogtober 20: Friday feels

It’s Friday! Finally!

This working week has been a bit of a drag so having an early finish this afternoon was LOVELY.

I took Toby to the vets for his check up and then returned to the pages of my book for the remainder of the afternoon. 50 kata lagi


Thursday Doors - October 19, 2017

See the gray rectangle toward the top of the building?

Yep…that’s a door.

I think it takes a special employee to clock in on time every day….when faced with this obstacle!! 19 kata lagi

Edy's Pumpkin Spice Latte Ice Cream

Available at: A grocery store near you
Cost: Around $4 a gallon

Notes: This summer, my sweetie and I made a pilgrimage to the Ben and Jerry’s factory in beautiful Vermont. 93 kata lagi


Black, delicious and… instagrammable!

This was the cooler trend of this summer: 


The black color of this strange ice cream derives from charcoal, and this beautiful creation is made with midnight-black, almond-charcoal flavored soft serve ice cream. 194 kata lagi

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