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I wrote this piece a little while ago, I didn’t like it when I first read it back but now I kind of do, so I thought I’d share. 738 kata lagi

I Am Legend (2007) - IMDb

Will Smith takes a lone stand against humanities final virus in this suspenseful action thriller. Left with no one but himself and the infected, he must find the cure and himself. 115 kata lagi

Francis Lawrence

The Purple Cloud

Alone on Earth following the release of a deadly cloud of cyanide, you find everyone you ever knew or loved gone. Everywhere you look lie cadavers; victims of a poisonous cloud wasting away in the poses they died in. 449 kata lagi


Here's What Happened When I Was Sent to Movie Prison

There was a cloud of anticipation hovering over my abysmally poorly attended press conference. Various theories about my short disappearance (that I bribed low-level journalists to spread) suggested that I had died and resurrected in the spirit of Easter. 1.145 kata lagi


Best Horror Audiobooks

This is a list of six great horror audio books. I haven’t put them in order of best to worst as it is too difficult to choose a favourite. 561 kata lagi

Book Review

I Am Legend

I Am Legend, Richard Matheson; 1954

A friend agreed to read Station Eleven on my recommendation if I read I Am Legend in exchange. Otherwise, I probably never would have approached this one, if only because of lingering trauma from the dog in the Will Smith movie version. 282 kata lagi

Stephen King