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Thrill now on board to Busan

There hasn’t been any successful Asian horror-thriller lately until Train to Busan arrived.

Train to Busan follows Seok-Woo, a busy fund manager who barely has time for his daughter… 513 kata lagi


The Willoughby Book Club Unboxing #2

So, another month, another package from The Willoughby Book Club! This is my second package in my three month membership and, once again, it was lovingly wrapped. 314 kata lagi


2016 Reading Challenge Book #6: I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

*Contains spoilers*

I also read this book weeks ago and failed to write a post or make a video about it.

I’m sure you know the basic premise of the story by now. 282 kata lagi

I Am Legend: The Review

Director: Francis Lawrence
Cast: Will Smith, Alice Braga
Plot: Robert Neville (Smith) is the last survivor on Earth after a disease turns humanity into cannibal monsters and dedicates his life to finding a cure. 718 kata lagi

Reviews From The Past

Zombies: An Origin Story (Part 2)

The story of zombies as unwilling somnambulists serving voodoo masters still appears in popular culture today, mostly in comics or comic based TV shows, like the show  1.340 kata lagi


Dietario: "Z is for Zachariah" (Craig Zobel, 2015)

Z is for Zachariah es una bienvenida adición al hoy un tanto superpoblado canon de las ficciones postapocalípticas, en este caso abordado desde el tono menor de esa ciencia ficción que se acerca al cine independiente americano clásico y que se ve antes en Sundance que en ninguna otra pantalla.  975 kata lagi


Damnit Jim, I am Legend, Not a Doctor! A review of I am Legend by Richard Matheson

Let me begin this review by saying I love Richard Matheson. I enjoy his stories and writing style. I have never read I am Legend however because, if I am being honest (and it’s shameful to admit as a horror writer), I tend to avoid zombie and vampire stories. 1.022 kata lagi

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