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Get Ready For War-Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part II Posters-Movie News

There will be a big panel for “The Hunger Games” coming up for San Diego Comic Con this week.  Yet Lionsgate isn’t waiting to start getting people hyped up for their upcoming big finale (coming out this November).  213 kata lagi

TV Reviews

I Am Still Legend

About a year ago I posted my feelings and thoughts on the audio version of Richard Matheson’s I am Legend.

For one reason or another, one today did I complete listening to it properly. 205 kata lagi


I am Legend: Rebuke and Reaffirmation of Prejudices

10 June 2014

The changes in cultural thought and the advances in technology that have taken place in the 40 years between the writing of Richard Matheson’s I am Legend and its latest adaptation in 1994 have forced many changes between the text of the book and the movie. 1.448 kata lagi

Literary Criticism

Of Batwing Capes Part II: Vampires in Literature

Two months of radio silence: my most recent creative endeavor, while generally passive, has proven immensely time- and energy-consuming nevertheless: free time seems to be gobbled up wholesale by (on good days) quietly reading in bed, and more often by indulging an insatiable need for marathon-level naps. 1.424 kata lagi


5 Movies That Didn't Have To Suck

Every movie has the potential to be amazing. With proper casting and writing anything can be a fun watch from the random sci-fi actioner (Edge of Tomorrow) to the cheap cash in (Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones). 1.259 kata lagi

TV Pick of the Day - Wednesday 20 May

Film fan Zoe Butcher has three potential picks for tonight’s viewing… 315 kata lagi