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A Man's Dead Best Friend: Revisited

I wrote this a few years ago, but was asked to reprint it by someone.  New material will be added in a few days.  Enjoy this oldie, but a goodie.   1.249 kata lagi


Consuming and Re-Narrating 9/11: America’s Popular Horror Flicks

The United States has always enjoyed creating films centering around the destruction of New York City, however post 9/11 one would think that destroying the cultural epicenter of the United States of America after a direct attack on it would be insensitive. 1.636 kata lagi


'I Am Legend' (2007) and the Farewell Sam Moment

What at first is thought to be a cure for cancer, turns out worse as the genetically created virus becomes a deadly strain that kills most of Earth’s population and the rest into mutated creatures that can only come out when the sun is down. 599 kata lagi

Z: The Films

PO - "The Year They Came Home: How the Horror Genre Can Save Its Own Skin"

“The horror genre is one beloved by many and heavily criticized by others. Its followers are devout, welcoming anything from the wide release, direct-to-video and foreign markets in spite of any hint of being formulaic, as long as the film checks off a number of criteria. 211 kata lagi

Opinions And Blatherings

I Am Legend - Richard Matheson

On those cloudy days, Robert Neville was never sure when sunset came, and sometimes they were in the street before he could get back.

It is a good number of years since I had the misfortune (or bad decision making?) to go and see “I Am Legend” at the cinema.

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BOOK - I am Legend - Richard Matheson

You’re probably thinking, “‘I Am Legend’, Danger? Really? I read that in 7th grade!” Bear with me. I thought I read it too. Turns out, I either have book amnesia (a real thing, probably) or I was mistaken (likely). 536 kata lagi


The Decision of 2007

There will always be a memory in my life that might forever redefine my judgement in the quality of cinematic films. My tendency to get sucked into the hype of a movie just by looking at the trailer changed after a tandem lesson during the late naughts. 714 kata lagi

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