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Book Review: Richard Matheson's I Am Legend

Please note that this review contains SPOILERS.

Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend is a groundbreaking novel for its time (1954). It is the granddaddy of at least three different popular fiction (sub-) genres, zombie, post-apocalyptic and medical/science thriller. 736 kata lagi


Short and Not So Sweet

Week 2: Short Story

Zulu fetish dolls, disembodied voices, a collection of the undead descending on a funeral home so that one of their number can have the funeral of his dreams, teenage girls turning the tides of war, and many other weird happenings. 267 kata lagi


Question, Man

I glance back at the sound of footsteps. There’s a man approaching rapidly from behind me. I just got off the bus, and I’m assuming he did too. 303 kata lagi


Throwback Thursday - Last Man On Earth (1964)

Between this blog and my previous one, Professor Damian’s Public Domain Treasure Chest, I’ve been writing about movies for quite a while now. Because of that, there are a lot of posts that have simply gotten lost to the mists of time. 763 kata lagi


I Am Legend (2007): Good Performances in Bad Movies

Just because a film is bad does not mean there is nothing good about it. Quite often actors and actresses will put a good turn in something that is average at best (see my retrospective for… 531 kata lagi


Six Days Alone in a Cold War Bunker

OK – you are probably wondering what’s going on here – after all, this is essentially a blog about cyber-security. However, it’s also a crazy adventure blog & a few weeks ago I spent six days sealed in a Cold War bunker – now that’s a crazy adventure…. 1.716 kata lagi

Looking back at... I Am Legend

In 2007’s I Am Legend Will Smith does not save the Earth. He has very much done the opposite. A virus mutated from a cure for cancer has, as far he is aware, either killed all human life, or turned them in to some horrible vampire/zombie-like creatures that have killed the few that were immune. 469 kata lagi