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Soil Moisture Meter for the Arduino

Some time ago I needed to measure the water content of soil in various places around the island where I live. I built my own probe from two nichrome wires cast into a small plaster of paris tube about 1cm in diameter. 342 more words


Humidity and Your 'Ukulele

The mortal enemy of wooden instruments: humidity. It’s good to be aware of the, “living situation,” of your ‘ukulele and what makes your instrument happy or unhappy. 159 more words


Review: Cheap Digital Hygrometer - £6.95!

As readers of my blog may know I currently have two different makes of digital hygrometer, the Angelo, and the Western Caliber Iv. I like both these hygrometers, the Angelo because it is cheap at around £14, but it is quite large and its calibration is not adjustable, the Western because its small and it can be calibrated, but it is expensive at £25. 227 more words


Zwei neue Spitzenprodukte von Comet Systems

Ab sofort haben wir 2 Neuerscheinungen von Comet Systems in unserem Shop:

Web Sensor P8552 – Netzwerkthermometer und -hygrometer

  • schließen Sie bis zu 3 weitere 2-Zustands-Komponenten z.
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Housed in a yellow plastic case with lid and bulb protection. Available in Mercury or Red Spirit. wed_and_dry_bulb_hygrometer.

Technical Description: -10/+50°C & +20/+120°F