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Products La Crosse Technology 302604S Silver Indoor Digital Thermometer

Humidity is becoming the main concerns when you’re thinking about peaceful way of life. Too much humidity tends to make the entire living conditions challenging and also this hinders natural living. 298 kata lagi

Vaporizers for Allergies

Vaporizers for Allergies

A vaporizer is able to provide some relief to allergies especially at night.

The indoor humidity should be at about 40 to 50%. 331 kata lagi


humidity and hello!

As is often the case with these things, debate exists as to who first invented the hygrometer, the device that would be able to inform me, without sympathy, that the humidity right now is a sticky 66%. 368 kata lagi


Changes in the Atmosphere: Observing Changes in Humidity

Though summer has not officially arrived in my area, we have been experiencing summer-like temperatures and weather.  Yesterday, the high was 90°F, ten degrees above normal.  868 kata lagi


Soil Moisture Meter for the Arduino

Some time ago I needed to measure the water content of soil in various places around the island where I live. I built my own probe from two nichrome wires cast into a small plaster of paris tube about 1cm in diameter. 342 kata lagi


Humidity and Your 'Ukulele

The mortal enemy of wooden instruments: humidity. It’s good to be aware of the, “living situation,” of your ‘ukulele and what makes your instrument happy or unhappy. 159 kata lagi