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Calibrating Your New Hygrometer (Salt Test, Tried, Tested & True)

Luckily, as nature would have it, when salt and water are in a saturated solution at equilibrium, the resultant humidity is 75%. This gives a fantastic reference point to calibrate our hygrometer. 260 kata lagi


Tiny House Forecasts Weather

Before the information age, it wasn’t quite as easy to glean information about the weather. Sure, there were thermometers and barometers and rhymes about the sky, but if you lived in or near Germany back then you might have also had access to something called a “weather house” which could help predict rain. 193 kata lagi

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Alat Pengukur Suhu Manual / Thermo Hygrometer

Main Features:
Fine and clear dial with easy to read scale
Hooking hole available with adjustable port
High quality steel stainless exquisite dial
Lightweight and small size design make it more convenient for you… 77 kata lagi


HTC-1 Alat pengukur suhu / Thermo Hygrometer Digital + Clock

Merk Victor HTC-1
Fungsi HYGROMETER THERMOMETER adalah untuk mengukur kelembapan dan suhu udara. Baik digunakan di:
– Penyimpanan alat fotografi: kamera, lensa, drybox
– Habitat dan budidaya tanaman (eg: jamur) 99 kata lagi


Saussure Hygrometer

A rare hair hygrometer to the Saussure design.

Signed: Hygrometre selon Saussure,

sold by

Ed. Sacre  a Bruxelles

Arched brass frame with scale of relative humidity devided into 100 degrees with the ends marked Secheresse and Humidite. 49 kata lagi